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Silent sound of the Soul - Finish 'But', and 'Sometimes' #6

Silent_Sound_of_the_Soul_6 Mohini_Didi March 6, 2022

Om Shanti!

Good morning from Shantivan! It's spring time here and it is very beautiful weather, not cold nor hot, and all the flowers are blossoming. Yes, everyone looks very well and everyone is okay. Baba is really taking care of us all wherever we are. Shantivan is very busy with a lot of people who started arriving for Dadi Gulzar, and also for Baba's transmission. So, soon you will see big crowds. So yes, the Yagya and Baba have unlimited hearts. Everything is unlimited here, unlimited cooking, and unlimited sharing, everything unlimited. So, that's what our Baba and the family have created.

I think some of us, when we start checking and changing, it is like creating a chart. When you start noticing, I think it becomes very easy to change. One of the biggest changes that is required at this time is that nothing should be wasted, our thoughts shouldn't be wasted, our words, our actions. We have to change it to something meaningful, useful, appropriate, powerful, and of some service. This change will definitely help us to be more powerful, then when there is something wasted, instantly we feel weak. Then you change thoughts and have powerful thoughts or thoughts of Baba's remembrance, any practice. Like I immediately start using eternal and original self practice. So, the power comes back, as if blood has been given back. So you know as we think of the body, the strength of body, same way we have to think about the power of the soul too. Otherwise, if that leakage happens, wasteful thoughts, or wasteful words, then leakage is not good, because one of the aims is to keep yourself full.

One of the biggest questions Baba always asks is, “Are you happy?” So, we say, “Yes Baba.” Then Baba says,”Are you all ever happy?” Some are raising their hands slowly and thinking, “Oh no, but sometimes, because of whatever reason.” So immediately the words “but” and “sometimes” emerge. Then Baba smiles and Baba knows that it's not consistent. So, I think that if we pay attention to remembrance of Baba, reflect, the intellect and mind would remain engaged. When it is engaged, then automatically, it's also happy, it’s full, but when it's not engaged in remembrance or in reflection, or even good thoughts for how to serve others, then the happiness is reduced. Then the words “but” and “sometimes” come. So our homework, our aim, is now to make sure that we reach that stage, to be consistent, and sustaining one's own self. How do I sustain myself so that I am consistent, whether through my own efforts, or sustaining through reading murli, sharing murli points with each other? Baba sometimes says that enthusiasm is the breath of Brahmin life, but I feel that Baba's remembrance is our breath. When there is forgetfulness, or if I am not remembering Baba, you start seeing there are certain blockages that affect not only the physical heart, but it also affects our mind and intellect very subtly. Dadi Janki used to say a lot, that we need to have open heart surgery, open your heart. Let the Surgeon open your heart, not open everywhere. Like something maybe you are not aware of is blocking your flow of consistent remembrance, or enthusiasm. If it's that, then you have to open it by writing to Baba, but also go to a proper surgeon who can help you. Of course, Baba is our surgeon but then there are others who can at least recommend and help. It's not that you sit and start talking everywhere about what is blocking you. Baba says that even if you are not feeling well, and you come to the right person, through blessings and conversation, blockages can be removed and you are healed again. There is a natural flow of churning, of remembrance, of enthusiasm, and we also say sweet, soft words. The same is in our thinking, the sweetness within the self.

So, I think all of us have to check and we will find, if the words “but” and “sometimes” emerge. Always remind yourself that it is very important for us to take the right things from around and also any situation. Ten people will tell you ten different things. So, do we take all ten?, or do we just be a detached observer and then we say, “Okay, let's see what Baba has to tell me?” So we don't take unnecessarily, because when you take in, you have to digest, and this is why the thoughts of “why” and “what” emerge. Why, what, how, no. It shouldn't be like that. So, we are very attentive so that blessings can only stay. Blessings will only work if my stage is good, and I maintain that strength of love, spiritual love, or peace, and don't allow my feelings to change for anyone or for anything. So, there have been very interesting experiences here, a lot of attention on consistent remembrance, consistent love, consistently peaceful, not sometimes. So it's very very good for us all for all of us taking this homework, reminding ourselves that we're not going to tell Baba ‘but’ or ‘sometimes’, but pay attention so that we can be very consistent. I woke up very early in the morning and I was remembering Baba. In the lokik world, in the path of bhakti, they keep the rosary in their hand, they keep moving one bead then another bead then a third bead, and they chant. They chant with the rosary because it helps them to be consistent. For us, we don’t have to take a rosary, but we have attention on every thought. That is remembrance of Baba, love for Baba, and then the same love towards everyone. Whether it is towards the souls or for the environment, everything is consistent. Now is important, our Baba and our Dadi’s were consistent. There will be some obstacles from outside and from within, from some sanskars, karmic accounts, but when there is remembrance, these will definitely be removed. It's not a lot of effort, but it's less effort. I find that when we do consistent, constant effort then it's very easy. Mama used to say, if there is a thread and it keeps breaking, you put a knot then another knot, it takes time and it's not beautiful. So, not having remembrance and then having to start again is a lot of effort.

So, let Baba’s love and peace, knowledge, whatever Baba has given us, through that, we maintain our consistent stage and also consistent effort. Consistent remembrance of Baba so that “but” and “sometimes” can finish. I am really happy to see all of you. Lots of love from Baba and om shanti everyone. Have a good night. We will take a moment of silence.

Om Shanti


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