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Silent sound of the Soul - Check and Change #5

Silent_Sound_of_the_Soul_5 Mohini_Didi March 5, 2022

Om Shanti!

So happy, such a beautiful scene where east and west are together. Baba's worldwide family. Wherever we are, in different places, locations, languages, but we are together. So, yes, I am seeing all of you, and I am sure everyone is keeping well. I have pure thoughts that of course we all cannot come, but if you all would have been here, it would be very good. Everything is almost normal, and those who can make it are very happy. More are planning to come now because they got a clear signal that they could come.

So, you all had been doing your homework, and it was very good homework, ”Don’t say why, but fly”. I pause so that I am clear. Getting stuck means the mind is not clear, and we have so many wasteful thoughts. So, God has His qualities of course. He is Almighty and we know what He does, but time is also there, because it is not a human creation. We can say science is human creation, but not nature, not the elements. Elements are eternally there, so time and elements, nature, all have their own eternal qualities. One of the special qualities is to check and change whether it is the season, whether it is time, day or night. Every moment is changing, no one can say the last moment and this moment are the same. Sometimes we compare and think, “It used to be like that, but why is it not like this?” So, in the human mind, the past cannot be the present, even if I say it was very good. So, we can see the difference between time that is eternal, and it is not human creation.

Baba says, “ If you change, the world will change.” So, our theme is check and change. Also, every moment is different, and I should be different. One of the very popular words is,”Don’t do this, this is not right.” Children always hear this from parents and religious people. It does create some fear, and a lot of resistance. However, I say that the best way to move forward is this, the best way to create enthusiasm is this, the best way to be happy and never be sad is this. We always speak well of everyone, and wish that you will always be happy. So, there has to be a lot of internal transformation or change, where I could be better. For me, change is not only going from negative to positive, wrong to right, but from right to right. I always keep in mind every moment that I should be better, more appropriate, and of course, speak less, softly and sweetly. That always requires improvement. I can be better, can be sweeter, can be gentle, and that is the joy, happiness of the mind. As we progress, internally you feel very stable and secure. So, of course checking is instant. As soon as I have done something, or said something, I check that everything is okay, but that little part I need to change. You can see the influence of your sanskars, whether you were impressed with someone or against, and your mind was influenced. Actually, one response has to be to go back to your practice of eternal soul.

I remember once I was in a board meeting of all very highly qualified priests. Some of them didn’t believe in mediation. They said, “We don’t like this meditation of disconnect.” We disconnect and then connect. That's what we do. You disconnect from worldly connections, and connect with spiritual connection. I say, “Don’t be detached, but have a spiritual relationship with everyone, and in the spiritual relationship, be detached.” Sometimes there is subtle attachment, then I remind myself I have to be detached. I have to be lovely, because even the subtle form comes when there is an expectation that doesn’t get fulfilled. Even in a spiritual relationship, one can get disturbed or upset, so I have to be detached. In our spiritual family, we have to be detached and lovely, and with lokiks, we have to have spiritual love for everyone, so you are naturally detached. For me, every minute is a process, let that also become our one nature of the mind, I check and change, check and change. Baba says that some do a lot of checking but never change, and then become very sad and not able to change. If you immediately check, a lot of good ideas come. Then apply them and use them. I am powerful, but I have to be more powerful. I have powers, but I have to be like Baba, master almighty, I am peaceful, but I have to be master ocean of peace. We all want to be happy all the time and forget any unhappiness. So, Baba is looking at the change of moving forward. Some wonder what to change if there are wasteful thoughts. Anything you notice in yourself, pay attention and then change it. This is our commitment to change, because we have to reach our stage of being complete, to be like Baba.

So, our homework for tomorrow is to be introverted and attentive the whole day, but also very light. Introversion brings cheerfulness. When we are truly introverted, we are very happy. Introversion is not control, introversion is looking at your true self. Sometimes there is resistance to change. What is required is the power of transformation. First realization, then transformation. When anything happens, don’t feel bad, don't feel guilty, but instantly realize and think, “Baba, Drama, and change.” So, it is beautiful that Baba has come and given us our self-respect. He doesn't want us to hold anything from the past, or mistakes, and keep feeling guilty or bad. We are all souls following purity, and Baba as our guide is helping us.

I am here in Shantivan. The weather is very beautiful in the morning and evening. It is always full, there are 6000 to 7000 who are starting to come for Baba’s season. It is the wonder of Baba, Drama, but also the family, how they manage everything. Everything goes on so smoothly day and night, whether it is physical facilities, arrangements, or spiritual sustenance. There are so many classes every day. Now all the sessions are on Dadi Gulzar, everyone is sharing their experiences with Dadi. Especially on March 11th, we will have bhog for Dadi, and her memorial will be inaugurated. It is just about to be completed, very alokik and full of energy. To find these energies, healing ones, you just feel so enthusiastic, and everything emerges whether it is hope or love. Anyway, you prepare and plan for whenever we get further dates for this year. So, check and change and have beautiful experiences. So lovely to see all of you.

Om Shanti

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