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Right to the fortune of the kingdom #28

Embodiment_of_Success_28 Mohini_Didi October 28, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone okay? Doing well? This is such a great blessing, because every evening we meet in Avyakti Parivar. You are well, you can attend, or because you attend, you are well, both are connected. So, we had been listening to so many very subtle signals. Baba has been talking about subtle powers, avyakt signals, subtle signals. So, everything is becoming. There is so much expansion in our intellect and it also has to be used in many different directions, but we still remain very focused. Baba says to use time in a worthwhile way. I think that generally, most of us will say we definitely use our time in a worthwhile way. At the Confluence Age, the importance of time is different than in the Golden Age, Silver Age, Copper Age, or Iron Age. In the Golden age, how do we spend our time? Beautifully, right? We wake up in the morning, go for a walk, listen to the music of the birds, it must be very beautiful. Shireen had been asking a lot about the Golden Age. I think that we can experience that even now at the Confluence age. Fresh air, then it's hot, so we get in the air conditioning. Last night we had a full moon here. So, I was walking outside. It was so pleasant, very cool and quiet, and there are about 11,000 Baba’s children already here. This side of Shantivan is quiet unless people come to meet Dadi Ratanmohini or Brijmohan bhai, then there are bigger crowds. So, enjoying even the nectar hours in Shantivan is beautiful. The value of time of the Confluence Age is different. I cannot just say that I am having a good experience of the Golden Age. In the Golden Age it will be more, even if it's happiness beyond our sense organs. The happiness of the Confluence Age is not just happiness. The Confluence Age is this age when there are two purposes. The soul has to become complete, but the other purpose also is to serve, to the maximum, through our words, thoughts and actions. So every breath every moment is spent to serve.

So, Baba is talking about using time in a worthwhile way. What is a worthwhile way? The thought is pure, and the quality and vibrations of purity definitely help us. So every thought is filled with one of the virtues. Like a thought full of love, a thought full of peace. It's only at the Confluence Age that we think in that way. In all the other ages, it is completely different. At the Confluence Age, there is that reward and the return of every second, every thought, and it's not only one to one, but actually, it is one to ten, one to one hundred, it depends. So, let us see what Baba wants us to do in this Brahman life. As a result of using time fruitfully, we claim a right to the fortune of the kingdom, or full time. Full time is starting from confluence age or starting from golden age? Actually, if you are able to have self-sovereignty now at the Confluence Age, that's your kingdom now. You are not depending on anything for anyone for any purpose. There is independence and enjoying your fortune. Baba says that those who use time in a worthwhile way remain constantly healthy for many births. They will not stop breathing while just moving or doing something. They will not have heart failure. Many times, Baba says that the best way to leave the body is heart failure. Dadi Janki always used to say, “Where do you leave the body?” One sister went to do some wholesale shopping for the center and in the shop, she didn't realize she was on the first floor and there was a big hole and she fell through. Had been injured with a lot of bleeding. Dadi said, “Why did she have to be in that shop at that moment?” How you leave the body and where you also leave the body is important. At Baba’s home, vibrations are different. We have the example of Brahma Baba, how he left the body. So we all have to keep our aim, health, breath and every moment has to be used in a worthwhile way.

Om Shanti

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