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Right To Receive Imperishable Respect #10

Elevated_Self_Respect_10 Mohini Didi June 10, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone okay? That's good, at least we have learned that we want to keep ourselves okay. Then in this retreat, we have been talking about keeping ourselves full. One thing we enjoy at the Confluence Age, and we must do it more as Baba is saying, that you don't need to battle or labor, but enjoy. Think about how since Baba came, God came, He started giving us respect and that becomes our self respect.Think about the first time you got drishti? How did Baba look at you? What intoxication emerged? What kind of power did you feel? Baba knew our part of the whole cycle. So, Baba started respecting us based on our part. God respected us as sovereigns, emperors, empresses of the Golden Age. So, I look at myself, respect is what God gave me, and I see the vision of that respect. I am slowly saying it so that we feel it. Just remember in the beginning when you came to Baba, at whatever age. Could be a teenager, 20s, or whatever. Baba's drishti uplifted just the thoughts. The way I used to think for myself and the way Baba looked at us. We changed the way we think of ourselves. Even Momma, her drishti, she looked at us as how we begin our part in the Golden age. I remember one time in one of the Murlis, Baba was asking, “From where does the cycle begin? Golden age or Confluence age?” Confluence age, right? So we begin in the Confluence Age, knowing Baba. We are His children, Baba has adopted us. So, if Baba has adopted us, what are we? We are sovereigns, emperors. So, internally there is deeply creative self respect, and no one should be able to upset you and provoke you to leave your seat. People have different opinions, and they will say different things. Look at Baba's blessings as what Baba says for me. Baba knows our part of the whole Kalpa.

Of course, India was different, so when I came to the US, it took time. Big cities, big country. So we used to wait for service, and it didn't happen. So Baba said to go to different places. He can't come because of distance and time, but you all can go. So someone kept telling me directly that because you are Indian it can't happen. We need someone, the right color and language. I said, “I'm so happy to hear this but Baba has to tell me this. Baba sent me and I cannot leave until Baba tells me.” Then, of course, Baba said, “Just sit like Dadi Janki said don't move from there.” There's only one year, I didn't go to Madhuban. It was that year, then I got my visa. I always thought that God has given me direction and when He tells me, I will do it. So, it's not a question of who made me sit, or whether it is right or not. Can God be wrong? So, our self respect is based on whatever we are doing, and that is based on God's directions. There are a lot of people who seem like they want to give up their seat very often. I don't think I'm worthy. Maybe I cannot do it. I said, “Why do you think like that?” I'm worthy, Baba has given me this seat. Baba has made me an instrument. So this self doubt doesn't come in self respect. When there is self respect, you trust the self, and you play your part in a very royal way.

So, in the Confluence Age, the respect that Baba gives to us becomes our self respect. Then from here we start playing our part. We know that everyone will respect and also worship later on. It's not that there is a subtle desire that everyone should respect me. You don't demand or ask for respect, but you remain in self respect. Once Baba said that as much you keep moving forward towards your stage of perfection, that much, everyone will love you. You are not seeking love, thinking like, “Why don’t people love me? Why don't they respect me?” That means you are not in self respect. So, whether it is my giving respect to others, or my receiving respect from others, everything depends on self respect. We used to worship, right? Then we become worship worthy. At the Confluence Age, there is no worshiping, and there's a lot of pure love, pure feelings like worshiping. So the Confluence Age self respect makes me rightful to experience, to get respect in all the four ages. We have noticed that even in the temple, devotees are not directly alone who bow at the feet of idols. There is a priest who is Brahmin whose pure life is different from common people, who will take from you what you have brought to offer and then he will offer and give it back to you. That's what we call prasad. Look at our self respect. God sustains us, fills our aprons, makes us worthy and most importantly Baba says, “I serve you as Father, I serve you as Teacher, I serve you as Satguru, I give you company as a Friend, as a Companion.” Baba makes himself available and present to be with us all the time.

So, tomorrow our homework will be Confluence Aged self respect, and respect from God. Recognize your part for the entire cycle. I have to be that at present so that I can play that part. Be in that self respect and look at everyone with that respect, as Brahma Baba looked at us. I still feel it, the first time Baba gave drishti. So what is real service these days? It's to look at everyone with respect so that the soul is touched, the part emerges, and the soul is able to be in self respect at the Confluence age.

Om Shanti

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