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Remembrance of The Father with Love in the Hearth #06

Honest_Heart_6 Mohini_Didi December 6, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

It’s so beautiful and so well connected to listen to Baba, and also listen to their homework. One is definitely a clean heart, honest heart, but what else is in the heart? The feelings in life, any kind of feelings, are in the heart. You say that I really feel it from my heart. Sometimes we use the words “Oh, I could feel it from the bottom of my heart.” So today, Baba talked about feelings, five aspects. Baba uses the word bhavna for the feelings, that means towards everyone. Baba says that one bhavna is towards the task and the person who is doing the task. It’s so interesting, you will be able to do it, you have courage, just kind of helping the soul. With that bhavna that I have for the soul, there is strength, and there Is power. Then Baba said to have bhavana and benevolence towards everyone. Help the soul to increase courage, zeal and enthusiasm. So, that's the true cooperation you give, when you have bhavana. Bhavna we always understood, but today, Baba is saying that all these feelings are in your heart. So, naturally you know that whatever you will do from the heart will be successful. Now your heart is full of feelings and true feelings. Then you remember Baba with those feelings. Not like, “Baba this should become like that”, but just pure feelings for the soul. So, you look at Baba and actually you're passing those feelings from Baba to that soul. That means I have that bhavana for everyone, not only for some and not for others. That's again honesty. Baba is wonderful in what he wants to make us, what kind of heart he wants us to have, the heart that is full of bhavna. So even when I will remember Baba, and I have bhavna, Baba said that there will be contentment. Also, whoever you are keeping bhavna for, all their desires will be fulfilled. I think that if we could keep this kind of pure bhavna towards everyone, we all can progress together and there will be a lot of harmony.

Understanding of feelings is very important. So, when I am remembering Baba, I am full of bhavna. In bhavna, you are extending cooperation to other souls while speaking. I am kind of imagining how we could help each other by keeping bhavna, and that's what Baba is saying, they do it from your heart. Do it with feelings, not just with the intellect, or I have to remember Baba. That means every day now we listen to Baba and inculcate that point. Tomorrow I am taking the homework and in this homework I am filling myself with all types of bhavna for cooperation, for benevolence, for progress of that soul. I am looking at how I keep my heart full with all different aspects of bhavna. Then there will be what's called the true heart, because you know the word truth is very simple. After listening to Baba, it is not that truth is only truth. Let's say I have true love for you. So what is true love? Benevolence. What is true love for you? Mercy. What is true love for you? Cooperation. So, one is my love for souls, another is my love for Baba. Really remember Baba from your heart, and heart has all the love, like we talked about. Baba gives the example of lover and beloved. They have just pure love, no body consciousness, and because of the love, you know every thought of remembrance with love will definitely reach the other person. You can immediately get a connection there.

So, what do I have to do if I want a person to understand my thoughts or if I want to convey some message? If I want to open communication, whatever it is, I just have pure love, remember Baba, and Baba will do what we want. I always remember that it is Baba who has to do it, but what I have to do is to remember Baba. I remember a few times, generally I don't ask Baba anything, but one soul really wanted something in the sense of something to be done. I looked at Baba and I said, “Baba, you will help her”, and I knew Baba would, because it was really from my true heart. So, when we all have a true heart and we remember Baba, then the task that has to be done or the person who is doing the task, will definitely not only benefit, but tasks will happen and it will get accomplished. I think that when I talk, I feel that it really needs to be practiced, to be implemented. So when we do our homework, think about these five aspects and then based on that, remember Baba with a true heart. So, we understand, but we have to practically do it, and when we do it, we understand also. There is a lot of connection between understanding and doing. So all of us have tomorrow to practice, to remember Baba with love, and keep your heart full of bhavna. I am sure there will be different kinds of experiments.

Om Shanti

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