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Remember Who You Are #3

Construct_the_New_World_3 Mohini Didi July 3, 2023

Om Shanti!

How many of you attend Avyakti Parivar in the evening? Children attend their class regularly. It's good because I find that every evening just listening to Baba, connecting with our Dadis, ancestor souls and then going to bed, is something very good. I want to say thank you to all the children and congratulations for staying so quiet.

Peace Village is Baba’s Home. Whenever we come to Baba's home you feel that Baba takes care of you in every respect. Our mothers in the kitchen were so happy, they said they are eating so well and they are very happy to cook for you. Baba sustains us. One good thing is this silence. This month we have determination to remain very cool and calm. Cool, calm and very pure. Internally, sometimes, little waves will come, thoughts will come, but just remind yourself that you have to be cool and calm. When you are cool and calm then you will not have any wasteful thoughts. Internally, each one of us has respect and each one has self-respect. What is respect? Last month we said ‘be in self-respect and respect everyone’, little, big, whomsoever always speak with respect.

The homework which we are taking for tomorrow is to respect everyone. Just have calmness, even in your eyes. Calmness in Hindi is called ‘nirmal’. Baba is saying to never have any negative thoughts for anyone. If there is a negative thought, it will appear. Every time, if a negative thought comes, change it. It's just like when there is darkness, we turn on light. If there is negative thought, change it, immediately turn on the light. That means having a positive thought. Our homework for tomorrow is very good because it is also our Independence Day. There will be a lot of celebration, but internally we have to remain very cool and calm.

Om Shanti


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