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Put a Stop to the traffic of thoughts #3

Volcanic_Yoga_3 Mohini Didi Aug 3, 2023

Om Shanti!

Happy Sadguruvaar to everyone! There is so much importance of the thoughts. Every thought creates something. If I think I am peaceful, there will be peace, but if I am disturbed, then what kind of thoughts will come? So, we learn to practice to see that every thought we create is a thought which is elevated, because when there are waste thoughts, the thoughts really come in large numbers, and very fast. Try to observe the traffic of the mind, there are a lot of thoughts. Sometimes the thoughts are in the mind, and sometimes in the intellect. There is always this kind of conflict also between the mind and intellect, but also, it’s a good dialogue. They never stop. It’s very important, like there must have been a time when there were not as many traffic lights. These days they work in a way that if you see one red light, it's all red and then green. So, why did we create traffic lights? To regulate the traffic, and for the driver to have a few moments of relaxation. Sometimes we are in such a rush that we don’t want to stop when there is a red light. It's very useful to have traffic control of the mind, of the thoughts. So, Dadi Prakashmani in Shantivan created every hour, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, just stop. Then have thoughts about that peace. When you are peaceful, there is power, your power to discern works properly, your far- sightedness, and you are able to decide. So, with this practice of stopping for a few moments, you cannot be without thoughts because the mind thinks, but have thoughts about peace, about love, about happiness, because these are the original qualities of the soul. Is there anyone who looks for dispute or disturbance? Everyone looks for peace and happiness.

So, Baba had been telling us that sometimes maybe you cannot stop wasteful thoughts, but change the thoughts. If a thought is negative, make it positive, and you see how the positive power works for you. Internally, the feelings will change, relationships will be better, the environment will be very friendly. All that depends on our thoughts. I know that many people think thoughts that just come in the mind, so what can we do? Who is the one who is creating the thoughts? Someone else? If at present I am creating thoughts, then some thoughts from the past, some situations, some things happened, they keep coming in the mind, but we can change them. That was past, and past is past. I have to live in the present. Why do I have weak thoughts, thoughts of uncertainty? Have self-trust, self-confidence, and your thoughts will be very positive and very powerful. Some practices are always required for anything in life. The energy of the mind which is continuous, 24 hours, is part of the soul and the soul is living energy. So thoughts also continuously keep coming in the mind. So, one of the best practices is traffic control, to control the traffic of the mind. I find that when we can do it, there is more clarity. When we leave home, we always wish there shouldn’t be too much traffic because then we are delayed. So, just imagine if the mind also has a lot of traffic, so what will happen? Especially these days, there are a lot of thoughts, more information, more news, and all these thoughts come in the mind. We should have thoughts that bring to us power, bring to us peace, bring to us love.

Even within the family, if everyone observes this practice, their relationships will be happier. Not only that, but then there is time for relationships. These days everyone sits with their iphone, they are talking. They don’t talk much with each other. Now we have to take care, and for that, the practice is to put a stop to the traffic of thoughts while carrying out any tasks or while talking. Put a stop to the traffic of thoughts, every now and then. Stop the thoughts in your mind even for a minute. Generally, we say, let’s have a minute of silence. So, once we were in a meeting at the UN, and one of the people said, “One minute silence? What will happen?” So, I said, “Okay, let’s try.” This person found that even in one minute so many thoughts come. So, if we do it one minute, then two minutes, then three minutes, then it keeps increasing. Then immediately after one minute he said, “But I got so many thoughts, I couldn’t have silence.” How many thoughts in 60 seconds, at least 60? So, someone took some pebbles and with every thought, they started dropping the pebbles, they found there were so many. So, even one minute of silence is very valuable and needs practice. Baba says that if you remember even for a minute, or Baba is saying that while doing something physically, just stop it even for a minute and practice this, only then you will be able to stabilize yourself in the powerful stage of volcanic remembrance.

So, our theme for this month is volcanic remembrance. Just as it is becoming easier to carry out a task while being in the Avyakt stage. The powerful stage is the seed form stage that is remembrance, should be just as easy. The body needs rest, but what about the mind? For healing, recharging, and productivity. People talk about needing a break, so it's like going into silence. That’s very external, but paying attention to thoughts and stopping is important. People think that I shouldn’t think, they still think. So, use the positive thoughts; I am a peaceful soul, I am a loveful soul, I am God’s child. Positive and good thoughts are always limited. When you think waste thoughts, it's so much. So, for this month, for tomorrow’s homework, look at the traffic of your mind and stop whenever, as many times as you can.

Om Shanti

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