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Purity - The original religion of Brahmin life #1

The_Greatness_of_Purity_1 Mohini_Didi. August 1, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

We are getting so many treasures from Baba. I like when Baba says, ``What is your service at this time?” Just to share good wishes with others. It's not just our service, but that's what people want. Give your good wishes and that service, Baba says, is consistent. With every thought, every word, just give good wishes. Whatever sanskars or nature a soul has, what do we have to do? We have to share good wishes with everyone.

Yesterday we started “Purity is greatness”. For us, purity is so natural. For so many years we are just living the life of purity. We're really not into any kind of impurity but Baba is saying, ‘complete purity’. Then experience the greatness of that purity. That means I cannot think, act or interact in an ordinary way. If someone says something, I cannot reply in the same way. I have to be respectful and polite. I have to say beautiful things. We have the example of Brahma Baba. Sometimes some mothers or brothers were upset or angry about something and they would come in front of Brahma Baba. One morning after Murli was finished, this woman got up and started saying all kinds of things to Baba. When she stopped talking, Baba called her very near and said, “Child are you OK?” She must have had some frustration, difficulty or whatever there was and she was upset because of that. She was thinking that it must have happened because of Baba, knowledge, or our life, but Baba talked so sweetly with that woman. I was there and I was touched. I said this is called the greatness of purity because you will not have the thought that if she's angry then get rid of her or say something in anger. Never respond in anger. In this way think about your response because purity will not be the same as of any ordinary souls who are in body consciousness.

We say ‘viceless and all virtuous.’ That means the virtues which emerge are from purity. Those virtues will be in proper balance, that's why Baba talks about ‘loveful and lawful’, ‘serious but also cheerful’. Baba explains many balances of virtues to us. We are thinking, observing and internally checking what Baba means when He's saying ‘complete purity’. All of us do our homework and observe ourselves. We take homework so that we pay attention, observe and check our chart and look at what is going on.

Tomorrow’s homework is purity as the religion of the self. Word ‘religion’ is quite powerful and for the protection of one's religion, we do everything. If my religion is purity, I will protect it. You might have to renounce, tolerate or face certain things, but you will do that to maintain your purity. I think when it comes to self religion, purity is more about attitude very subtly. ‘So and so is like that, this person can never change, he has always been like that’, is quite strong. Our Dadis used to tell us these are not blessings. Blessings are - ‘yes, you can do that, very soon you will be able to change, Baba will help you’. When there is purity, there is purity in whatever words you say to others that bring some power or peace, but not hold anything in you towards anyone. I noticed that if something happens and that day was not a very pleasant experience, that stays with the soul. The next time you are in a similar situation, you have subtle fear. There are many doubts, questions and fear. I remember Baba, go through it and find nothing of what happened last time, is there. All of my fear or suffering was because I was holding what I experienced from last time. Our experiences from many different situations, circumstances, remain in our attitude. When I was traveling, I was given an assignment to go to a new country. Everyone was saying that there's a lot of violence, so many things. I had to go, but I found people so lovely, respectful, cooperative and so protective. They just felt they had to protect, they had to help. Sometimes we carry impressions, but that is also a kind of impurity. When we carry those impressions then we start looking at that person, community or nation and start seeing all those things. I think that impressions from the past don't allow us to have a pure vision. I look at a person, he hasn't done anything yet today but that could be very negatively powerful. If I just give good wishes, pure feelings and observe that person and our thoughts, attitude, and purity can change that person. Somebody has had a thought to hurt you or harm you but you have so many pure vibrations, feelings, good wishes when that person arrives, change will happen and then later on he will say,”Oh when I came I thought I would tell you this this, but I just couldn't, I didn't want it to.”

Purity is the natural religion of the self and there is power in purity. Of course there is greatness but also power in purity. Be a little bit attentive to not allowing any kind of impure memories from the past to emerge in your thoughts. Just let go, it’s past, it had to happen but don't carry that with you. Baba said you might have to tolerate, you might have to renounce but purity is your religion, so maintain that. Tomorrow we will look into that and how often that happens that the past emerges for a person, a situation or for your own self. There can be many situations, so from early morning until evening, we will look into maintaining purity as self religion.

Om Shanti

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