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Purity - The Foundation of All Attainments #2

Greatness_of_Purity_2 Mohini_Didi August 2, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Okay, everyone is happy? Today is just the beginning of the month of purity. I think our reflection and churning has begun. We are paying a lot of attention to seeing within and also our interactions with others. Purity is not only the foundation, it’s a power, it is the source of all attainments. It is very important, elevated attainment to have connection of the intellect of the soul with the Supreme soul. The Supreme Soul is ever pure, is the Purifier, and of course, Almighty, the One who grants us salvation. He is our Father, Teacher, and Satguru. So, the intellect needs to be very pure to create that relationship or to experience power. I think tomorrow when you are paying attention, you will see that as soon as there is any influence, any grossness of the intellect, you don’t feel close to Baba. Then as soon as you make your intellect very light, silent and very free, you feel as if you are sitting next to Baba. So, it’s a very important attainment that I can connect with Baba at any moment. It’s not that I have to prepare, then I have to go to Baba's room, and then celebrate the meeting. Anytime during the day, while doing actions, but also during Amritvela, as much intellect is pure, connection with Baba is there. We are able to imbibe divine virtues, Baba’s qualities, Godly virtues and that makes us praise worthy.

All Baba’s children, all surrendered sisters, when I see them, I find their personality has a reflection of purity in the form of greatness, humility, but with a lot of spiritual authority. So, purity actually uplifts you and makes us worthy of worship. That’s how the deities are worshipped. It is through purity that you can bestow life to others. When someone has lost hope, courage, or enthusiasm which is the breath of life, it is through your pure drishti, your pure presence, or a few words that can bring hope, courage, and enthusiasm back. That's called bestowing life. When someone is hopeless or disappointed, they don’t want to live, but with your purity, vibrations, and power, they instantly start seeing their purpose and have enthusiasm to continue. So, purity is nourishment, it bestows life. Also, when there is purity in our drishti, in our eyes, we grant blessings through this pure drishti. It is filled with good wishes, good vibrations. So, you are able to grant blessings to the souls because generally whenever we meet, our first contact is through the eyes. I know a few instances where people have shared their experiences, and they say, “Oh, I just felt this presence of peace, presence of power.” Purity is very incognito, but it has a lot of power. Anything, whether it’s pure air, pure food, anything that is pure, it’s not a question of how it looks, but when you use it you start noticing that there is so much strength and power in that.

So, always feed your mind and intellect with the food of pure thoughts, always. Habits like feeling bad, feeling ignored, habit of whatever way, feeling of not belonging, are your feelings. No one does bad to me, but I take it because of feelings. When there is purity, we don’t allow that to happen. Baba says that even if it is negative, you make it positive. Even if it is sorrow, you make it happiness. Why should I take sorrow? It's very interesting how we keep feeding ourselves with pure feelings, pure thoughts. That is actually aligning with the personality of purity. So, all the time we have to keep increasing the power of purity. Baba keeps saying, “Children have to be like Me.” So, one of the important qualities of Baba is Purifier. You know we use purifiers in the rooms everywhere, but I am a living purifier. It is so interesting how any kind of environment or influence may be there, but through my pure vibrations, I should be able to change anything, intention, subtle frustrations, anything but our vibrations of love and peace. Purity is love, purity is peace. We always say, “Purity, peace, and happiness.” So, what do we do day and night? We always serve by spreading the vibrations of peace. Also, with the greatness of purity, you think good about everyone. Baba has been saying that your true service is just to give good wishes to everyone. It is surprising for some souls, they say, “Oh, you don’t know me, still you give good wishes.” We give good wishes to everyone whether we know them or not! Whatever they are, with pure intellect, what will a pure intellect do? Spread the vibrations of love, of peace, and it is through the power of purity, that you can help souls, and motivate them also. Some souls get very lost or confused. Life is a journey, and when there is motivation, you find it’s very easy to continue and make impossible into possible. We know that God has given us this thought of purity. We didn’t know about purity before. He not only gave the thought, but the power to live a pure life, full of blessings.

So, Baba has specially given us this power of purity. Transformation of self and transformation of the world happen through power of purity. There are so many conferences about peace. You don’t hear anything about purity. So, it’s not that the world has lost purity, but they don’t even relate with the word purity. They think it is normal, natural. How is it possible that I don’t get angry or upset? Baba says, “No, your original self, what you have to become now, is pure. Your original self is peaceful, your original self, eternal self, is love.” So, now at the Confluence Age, by practicing purity, we start experiencing our eternal stage, and then it becomes so natural. For us, to think good about everyone is natural. We don’t have to make any extra effort.

So, we will be reflecting tomorrow, practicing, and also Sister Gayatri explained to us the chart very well. So, even when it is contentment, let’s say contentment is your own stage of purity. If you have power of purity, then Baba makes you an instrument for the unlimited task. Dadi Prakashmani was a number one example of purity. We all know that this is also the month of Dadi Prakashmani. In her life, she never had any desire, attachment with anyone, and never got upset. She said, “I never tell lies.” She was naturally very sweet, generous, kind and the greatness of purity in her personality was experienced by all of us. As soon as you see her, you feel a lot of love, belonging and there is someone who will be able to take care of you. We have living examples in front of us; Brahma Baba, Dadi Prakashmani, and Mamma. So, all of us also have to keep this aim for this month. Tomorrow we will reflect, practice, and if there is any subtle impurity, as soon as you notice, go to Purifier Baba and get it cleaned, get it removed, so you become praiseworthy, worship worthy, like Baba.

Om Shanti


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