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Purity - Realize your real self #8

The_Greatness_of_Purity_8 Mohini Didi. August 8, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

Remember Baba's great mantra, whatever is happening is good and whatever will happen will be good. To create the omens in us, we have to invoke them and invocation happens through elevated and pure thoughts. It's very subtle the energy which thoughts create. You will find that you know when you lack purity or when weak thoughts come. We don't have negative or impure thoughts but weak thoughts. These are thoughts where we are not secure or certain. Through our thoughts, Baba has given us the tools to stabilize and create good omens for ourselves. Even if there are karmic accounts we have to settle, it will become as if not pricking the thorn. I pay a lot of attention that as soon as I find some thoughts have come, I immediately transform the thought and say, ‘I am the creator’. When there are weak thoughts in the mind, the external obstacle comes and we get busy in removing external obstacles not realizing it's coming from my weak thoughts. We all have to be very careful and attentive, not allow any situations or obstacles to come. Many times I have noticed that if something has to happen, some kind of subtle thoughts start coming. Every moment in life if you notice that this happens, immediately change it. With our purity, our faith in Baba, I can change it.

Many Baba's children ask, if drama is fixed, how can we change it? You have the opportunity to create. If I stay with my own original self, there will be feelings of what could happen in the future and we don't get scared or say whatever is in drama. We take care of that through our pure and powerful thoughts. Many times I'm doing something with a little needle and I say be careful because it's very sharp as I'm thinking it, I'm pricked with it. There is no gap. Just imagine I am thinking and then it's happening. Can I break it somewhere and not let that happen or did drama let it happen? It's a big question. One time a sister was bringing some guests from the airport and it was snowing. She saw a very slippery slope and thought if it's drama let it go. The van went down. When she came, she asked if she was right or wrong? I said you were wrong. She said if it's in the drama, the car will go. I said no, at least you should have tried to stop the car so that it doesn't slide. Luckily nothing happened, but keep this in mind. There is very little gap between feeling this could happen and it happening. You can quickly change your decisions. I feel that God, drama gives us an opportunity to take care of ourselves, we can do it.

Habits are also a big thing. Every day I think this is something I should avoid eating. There is a saying that the biggest war is between tongue and stomach. Stomach says no, tongue says, I want it. It’s a battle all the time. This is where I think that our power of purity, practice of going into my eternal self, so that the power emerges and I can discipline or transform my habits. What is determination? Determination we say okay, I'm strong, I'm not going to do it. As much as you are in your purity, somewhere you will find your habits are changing. When Baba is saying that knowing yourself as you are, in a real, true way is, I am a pure soul. Then that impurity doesn't arise. It's the weak thoughts which make you sometimes go back. The pull is to be what you were. I have to move forward. Thinking is another habit. Immediately notice that these thoughts are taking me back into my old sanskars.

When you practice the original-eternal self, in the purity of the self there is strength, power because eternal will take you to the original. From here we go home and that is our eternity. Then we go to the original and that is deity. Keep reminding yourself of that drama while spinning and going forward. We continuously remind ourselves to move forward, because that's where time, the cycle and drama are going.

Brahma Baba was a soul like us. He was fortunate to be the chariot of ShivBaba but his quality of efforts were such that there was no change in the sense of up and down, never. We still have a little tail and the big tails. What do we do? Burn the tail like Hanuman did. Not only will it burn, the tail finishes and also burns the devilish community. There is so much connection of ‘sometimes’ instead of being consistent, so not only your tail finishes but whole Shri Lanka was burned. There is a lot of connection of my true self with the world outside. Just for a few seconds imagine that I am not keeping the tail of ‘sometimes’. As soon as you have determination you want to do it, you will immediately feel Baba's help, because Baba is waiting for us to become elevated, to be uplifted. He wants companions. He wants pure souls for His task and you will feel joyful because then He makes you an instrument to do something. One is my own thoughts, my plan, my service but as soon as your impurity and tail of ‘sometimes’ finishes then Baba immediately uses you and makes you an instrument for some special service, which you would like. Drama brings a lot of different opportunities because you're looking for change but also you become worthy. We never give up our efforts, our purity, love for Baba, loving nature, good quality efforts and then Baba could use us and very beautifully the new doors of service begin for us and that also what you like to do. Not in a routine, but whatever Baba wants, Baba will make it happen.

Tomorrow pay attention and bring transformation in your world around by being an eternal and original self.

Om Shanti

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