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Purity - Pure and Elevated Attitude #22

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

The_Greatness_of_Purity_22 Mohini Didi. August 22, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

Baba has been talking about the Greatness of Purity. We understand and follow purity, but purity of senses and sense organs is deeper, subtle. Baba took purity of awareness, ‘smriti’, yesterday. Now Baba is talking about ‘vrutti’. Effort is always on two levels, one is inculcated at present to start practicing to put three dots - soul as a dot, Supreme Soul as a dot and drama as a dot, full stop. If you practice, the attainment will create the right stage and that stage will help to transform what we hold in our attitude. Baba said to have an elevated and auspicious attitude towards everyone. I think many of us practice that and we have to continuously keep practicing. When that practice is done then there is transformation from ordinary to elevated. Sometimes we could say very ordinary, simple things, they're not very auspicious. Many ask what is auspicious? It’s like sharing the blessing, may your trip be successful, free from obstacles, you will accomplish what you are aiming at. In a very simple way for every task, whatever is within the attitude comes across through our eyes and our words. “Vrutti se drishti”. ‘Vrutti” also means what we say. Baba said in Murli yesterday, siddhi means for your own self, for everyone, give them blessings so that whatever they are aiming at in personal life or for Baba’s task they should be able to accomplish that.

There is a lot of power in attitude and then it's in drishti. There is an example of a saint who was doing tapasya under a tree. There was a bird on the tree and his droppings fell on him. He looked at the bird and the bird was destroyed because he was so angry. Whether it is the attitude of love, attitude of compassion, kindness in a way it comes from our sanskars. It’s ok to have whatever sanskars we have from the past, but I can now create sanskars created by actions. When the quality of action is elevated, it is of generosity, it is altruistic, then automatically the sanskars which you are creating are beautiful sanskars and those sanskars will then make our attitude powerful. Attitude is something very subtle, not visible. It can create, it can uplift, it can really help in many different ways. The purity at the level of attitude is very important, then your drishti and whatever words you speak will be like blessings. All the knowledge has to be merged in my attitude. I like the word Baba said in the Murli, “dharnayukt vrutti”, knowledge being inculcated or changing into attitude. We look at everyone as Baba's child, as a loveful soul no matter what sanskars the soul has. What do I have to look at? The eternal sanskars, loveful, peaceful. If the soul has a lot of anger, what will you say? We keep saying through our words, you're very peaceful, very peaceful. Then there is realization, there is transformation and that's what is called serving or spiritual relationship. What are we doing in a spiritual relationship? We constantly keep sharing by being elevated and auspicious. We are not talking about a few words of being auspicious, just one day, we’re talking about all the time. Just imagine at the confluence age, our life is a life of elevated and auspicious attitude, very clean, very powerful because confluence age is the life to serve.

Some of the rewards of service you get in the golden age, but some you get here. If there is an obstacle and someone in the family is not well, but you keep serving whatever your duties are and don't miss any, you will find that there is a reward waiting for you immediately. You keep your commitment, you keep doing what you have to do. Recently, I was seeing a soul and she was sharing very good news. I said I knew because when you do seva there has to be an instant reward for that. Baba will make your life easier so that you can keep serving all the time. Never for any reason give up seva because it's creating elevated actions and these elevated actions are not only, as I said, a reward for the golden age, but right now. Your situation, your circumstances will be very favorable for you so that you can continue to do your study.

Keep reflecting on attitude, see your attitude and keep inculcating what Baba is saying, like three dots. Baba said all the knowledge is in a little point of light. Light comes from your own light. The answer for your questions, the solution for your problem, clarity to make the right choices, everything comes from your own inner light and that's what I am, a point of light. Inculcate this and make your attitude elevated and auspicious.

Om Shanti

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