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Purity of Vision and Attitude #8

Elevated_Mind_and_Subtle Attitude_8 Mohini_Didi May 8, 2023

Om shanti Everyone!

Baba wants our level of purity to be 100%. Not only purity in actions or of words, but purity of thoughts, attitude and drishti. We start our day with Baba in the morning. Baba wakes us and we sit with Him. Just sit with Baba and there will be an experience, there will be feelings. I am with Baba.

Many in their lives have had to struggle in the family. In society the normal way of living is to get married, have children and live with the family. As soon as we come to Brahma Kumaris, everyone knows that they have to live a celibate life. Then within the family there’s a lot of conflict, a lot of pressure from society, how will you live your whole life alone? Luckily we have such a big, unlimited family. It is true, it's not difficult to live pure, but to live alone and not have a family was a very big issue. We are in an unlimited family, but Baba says that is not enough, if you are celibate, your purity should be purity of attitude and purity of drishti.

In Hindi we always say vritti and drishti. That means, in our attention there shouldn’t be any kind of attraction towards your own body or the body of others. “I look very good in these clothes…in these kinds of ornaments…I look great in that.” Our attention shouldn't go to making the body attractive. When that is in my attitude, then others will look at the body. That's body consciousness and when you have body consciousness, then others also look at you in body consciousness. It is a very subtle attitude of body consciousness, Baba is calling it impurity. Whatever Baba says, we immediately check ourselves. Baba also says you should always have pure thoughts because that's the foundation and you should have pure feelings in your attitude for every one. Your intellect and attitude should be knowledge full.

We listen to knowledge but need to churn it, have conversations of knowledge, become an embodiment of knowledge. I think we still need to do that and whenever we see each other we share points of murli. We are becoming the embodiment of knowledge and that knowledge is actually power. Then mind, intellect and attitude, nothing will remain in there, there will be complete purity. Knowledge is power, knowledge is light. Baba wants our feelings towards everyone to be that everyone lives a good life all the time, good feelings, good thoughts for others. This comes from compassion, it comes from love and in a very natural way in soul consciousness. Be knowledgefull and be powerful. It's not that we just keep everything pure and clean, but we have to make it full also. How many of us remember points of knowledge from murli the whole day? Then you have to do karma yoga. Our intellect is in action, but because there is not knowledge in the intellect it goes in many directions and then it affects us.

I was thinking of the dadi’s, they really had that life in Yagya. When I came, everywhere there were people and the dadi’s were sharing points of knowledge. I wish we could create that again. The whole day we only talk about that. We can become an embodiment of knowledge and embodiment of power. I'm really happy that you're getting these Avyakt signals. When we look at every word and reflect together on those words at least for many, experiences emerge and then it is so easy to be free from wasteful thoughts. I know at work it might be difficult but many of us are at home, working from home or full time in Baba’s service. That means anyone who calls us or talks to us, we will share a point of knowledge. As Baba said, you don't have to be an embodiment of thoughts, but you have to be embodiment of awareness. Not sochta swaroop, but simriti swaroop. Even the smriti of little things, that Baba is my teacher, Baba is my satguru, Baba is my friend, Baba is the Ocean of Knowledge, any thought about effort or about Baba. That means that knowledge, revision of knowledge and conversation of knowledge will definitely help us. We are making effort to make ourselves clean and pure, our attitude and drishti clean and pure, but it has to also be elevated. Sharing knowledge is important. It's not that you have to give the course all the time. Amongst yourselves or as I said if anyone calls, you share a point of knowledge. We should maybe try from tomorrow that our conversation is of knowledge and we are embodiments of power. The attitude and thoughts we have with the power of purity will bring benefit to others, that others should feel. We always think good of others, that gives the feeling of belonging.

Om Shanti!

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