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Purity – Belonging to One #25

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

The_Greatness_of_Purity_25 Mohini_Didi August 25, 2022

Om Shanti!

Happy Sadguruvaar to everyone, and also Happy Dadi’s day! I’m sure you all had a good day. Amritvela with Dadi, the whole day with blessings that we have received from Dadi. How many of you have met Dadi? Most of you have met her. Dadi’s lightness, Dadi’s smile, Dadi’s power, Dadi’s blessings, they are beautiful experiences. When I came into knowledge, Dadi was in Bombay. Then she came with Ramesh bhai and Usha Bhen to Delhi. Luckily, it was in the center where I was that was hosting them. Dadi lived a natural, very yogi life, as if there was no effort required. One thing is that she was accurate in her studies, in her yoga with Baba, of course dharna, and always ready for service, because of balance. She always used to say, for everything, in study, one should be number one. We asked Dadi, ``How did you become number one?” She said, “Because I did everything.” Not thinking about anybody in the class, but she would be there, on time. Everything she did was accurate. The most important is her slogan of “None but One.” She always used to say, “I love everyone, but my yoga of the intellect is with one Baba.” We could feel it. She talked with everyone, she used to entertain us. She had joy in life and a lot of enthusiasm.

So, this belonging to One, or what we call ‘Ekvrata’, is that I just belong to One, then Baba has a right on me. Whatever He has to say, there was never in her mind any kind of doubt. Like wondering if Baba loves me or not. No. She knew that Baba loves. Once she was sharing that Baba used to make her take some tests to see if she had any doubt about Baba’s love. So, Baba would give drishti to everyone and skip her, or give toli to everyone, but not look at her. She would smile because she knew that he was testing her. “Do I get upset?, or do I say that Baba doesn’t love me?, or do I have any weak thoughts?” So, deeply within her heart, there was just one Baba. I have seen her so many times, traveling with her, during hospital days in the end, but there was just Baba in her heart. I remember that the nurse who we had appointed in the end, started telling us that she looks at Baba the whole day, and it feels like she is going, she is leaving. So, just one Baba, I think that is most important, in our intellect, in our heart, all the time in our awareness. That was Dadi. So, again Happy Dadi’s day!

Om Shanti


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