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Power and Love of the Almighty Authority #19

Embodiment_of_Solution_19 Mohini_Didi September 19, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay? Everyone is well? There is a tradition whenever they have to begin something, they say ‘Shri Ganeshay Namah’, salutation to Shri Ganesh & symbolically also they draw something similar to a swastika, and in between they put the dots. We know that it is the symbol of four ages and the knowledge of Swadarshan Chakradhari (spinner of the discus of self-realization). In the middle, they put Ganesh and it was explained very beautifully. Yesterday Santosh Didi from Mumabai shared with us that they had a big celebration there, worshiping Ganesh, a 3-4 stories high statue. It’s like awakening of the inner conscious, and awakening creates wisdom. Generally we are so caught up into reasoning, facts, everything external. If you go a little bit beyond that then there are insights, signals, and deeper understanding. That’s where one becomes wise and sensible. So Ganesh is symbolic of that. What we are sharing with others, we always have to be very sensible. So that’s what is going on here, there is a lot of celebration going on. So just to be part of the community, we try to understand the spiritual significance of the festival. I think everyday in India, there is some festival or other. Either they are fasting or they are eating all beautiful dishes, even Brahma bhojan. So we celebrate with everyone.

So, our power is from Almighty Baba, and our homework is to become free from problems, become an embodiment of solutions, and make others like this also. So we have power and love of the Almighty Authority. If I have 100% faith, then His power works. When I keep Him as a companion, His power works. However, what do we do? We start depending on other companions. We start asking for power, taking strength from others. If you really have your intellect like the Dadis, they always said, “Almighty Baba is with me.’ So, always have the thought, “Almighty Baba is with me.” Baba is saying that when you have the Father’s love in your awareness, what is the problem compared to Father’s love? Basically, since we belong to Baba, our worthiness increases. We have skills and many specialities, but Baba makes us worthy, as instruments, we get more qualified, or we are able to serve in so many ways. Baba’s love and power increases. Baba says that there is so much difference between love of Baba and problems. One is like a mustard seed, the other one is like a mountain. So what is a mustard seed, and what is a mountain? So the problem is a mustard seed, and we make it mountain. You all heard Jagdish bhai saying yesterday that when you keep describing, keep talking, keep mentioning the same thing, it becomes a problem. It’s over, it’s done, it’s Drama. Let’s move on, move on to another scene. It keeps taking us backward, keeps taking us behind, sharing all those different situations, this happened to me, then describing it fully. We have to move forward.

So, in order to become eternal, always keep with you the power and the love of the Almighty Authority. You consider yourself to be alone, and Baba says to never consider yourself to be alone. Let there not be even a second in your life without your Companion. Yesterday, I was remembering Baba and I hve been thinking how to make remembrance consistent the whole day, even when we are busy, we are doing things. So, then I had three or four thoughts; one was how deeply one should or maybe there is awareness of ‘whose child am I?’ If there is proper recognition of Baba, then Baba is Almighty, the Ocean, and many of Baba’s qualities will come in front of us. So in the morning if you begin with that awareness, then while doing any task, think, “Whose task is this? Who has made me an instrument?” So, deep within, there is remembrance. I am following Baba’s directions, Baba’s Shrimat. That is remembrance. “Whose task is it? Who do I belong to?” So even a few aspects if they are within me so there can be consistent remembrance. So a stage will come where we will feel as one time Baba had said that awareness is like a switch; when you want light, you don’t fix the switch, but you turn on the light. So in yoga, I have to make effort, every time am I fixing the switch or am I turning on the switch? If I am turning on the switch, that means there is remembrance and I am emerging or invoking Baba.

So, we all can look into that. How can I be in Baba’s remembrance and company for 24 hours? When there is company for 24 hours then beautifully Baba says that Baba’s love and Almighty Baba’s powers will be experienced constantly. Then, where there are powers, there are no problems. So, internally remain obstacle free. First the obstacle will come within and then it will happen, it emerges, a scene of Drama or a situation. So that is why we always have to be in the awareness; “Who is my Companion?” So whatever is happening doesn’t attract me, does not create any thoughts, it’s like a scene of Drama. We observe the scene of the Drama, but we don’t take anything from there. So, looking at Baba, I think if we are able to play it properly then our awareness really becomes very powerful. I am sure that each one of you is doing some homework. That means often revise it, very often think about it. You will find the benefit in your remembrance or in your awareness. Your stage might definitely feel stronger in Baba’s company. So let's do that homework tomorrow.

Om Shanti


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