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Mohini Didi - Set a Programme for the Powerful stage of your mind #22

Elevated_Mind_and_Subtle_Attitude_22 Mohini Didi May 22nd,2023

Om Shanti!

Baba has taught us to keep ourselves well. Sometimes I think Baba, as the Ocean of Knowledge, gives us unlimited service, unlimited methods, unlimited attainments and our love and respect for Baba is that we do it. We create the stage that Baba wants us to create. Baba just explained that a very simple method is to apply a dot. Is it difficult? Baba says that you want to apply a dot but it becomes a comma or question mark. When you're putting a dot, sometimes your pen just slips a little and a little tail here or there and doesn't become exactly like a bindu. That means that it requires some practice. It's not easy to stop our thoughts and that is why some of the practices are needed. Three bindus, first is soul consciousness. This practice of soul consciousness is so important, it's recharging, coming to the original stage. Beautifully you feel a lot of concentration. I'm just a point of light, I am a being of love, being of peace, just a point of soul consciousness. The other point is Baba. You don't have to struggle, just say “Baba”. Many things you cannot accomplish, surrender it to Baba. Your intellect cannot have enough reasoning to make you satisfied. As much as you go to the Source, in all relationships, He has to help me as Teacher, he has to help me as Guru, any relationship with Baba. Then drama plays the whole day. There’s what we plan, what drama plans, then there is God’s plan. Things happen according to drama. Even though we know what mistake we made or what was the right way to do it, when it's done what do you say? It's drama, learn the lesson from there. When we play the part, to make this drama perfect or relevant, that's like another point, just put full stop, it's drama. Then what's the next scene? It might have been, it shouldn't have happened, so you can change it.

The homework that Baba is giving us for tomorrow is that as you have your physical timetable fixed, set your timetable for setting your stage so that you don't get upset. When you are not set, even when you're sitting on a chair, you're not comfortable, you keep moving, you won’t be stable, then you can’t concentrate. I looked at this point and said Baba has already set a timetable, all we have to do is to follow it accurately. Amrit Vela, we have time set, then we come for meditation, murli time is set. Then every hour 1-3 minutes, if you can make it, 5 minutes and take one virtue or one bindu and set yourself in that. Not just sitting in silence but doing practice just to mention it 10-12 times a day. I take a practice to set my stage, powerful stage, loveful stage, any stage so Baba has given us a timetable. That said, we have to follow that timetable. There is ordinary effort, that means you are an effort maker, but there is no aim. I have to be powerful, I have to change or I have to be complete. There has to be an aim. When there is an aim then what will you do? You create a stage and then write a chart at night time, how many times did I practice? Also always remember that whatever you're doing, you will create an atmosphere. If everyone sees you every time, very loveful, very peaceful, very humble and very sweet, it's really setting a good example. Once you have concentration, you also will attract and pull others. The true service is to spread vibrations and that's only possible when you are very powerful, in a particular stage. It's like just by becoming a flower, fragrance spreads. It will pull, everyone will look at it. It is the same with cheerfulness, our stage of lightness. Just decide on about 8-10 virtues. I realized today that if you do not create the powerful stage very often then by night time you are OK, but not necessarily that you earn any income or increase your capacity or the percentage of your virtues. Then situations will always be bigger than what you can handle. Situations are never big, but lack of power, lack of virtues make us feel like it's so big, so difficult.

I like Baba’s example. If we look from above, when you look down at something the higher you are, what is down below is very small. When your plane has gone up, when you look down the houses look like little matchboxes. It is from our higher stage when we look at the situation, it looks small, you can manage, it won’t affect you. Tests will come, but if you study well, the test is not big, you are so ready. Just be the way Baba is telling us, do it and see after a day or two, you will see the change.

Om Shanti


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