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Merciful Bestower- Merge the Things of the Past #30

Merciful _Bestower_30 Mohini_Didi October 30, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Time to go to Madhuban, it's the season. So many had been saying, in many different countries, US and Canada could manage the ticket double this time. Many had been saying that it is very difficult, especially from Latin America, or their currency is so low. So, when you have to pay for a ticket in U.S. dollars, it's a lot of money. Some even don't earn that much. I remember we were talking with one of the senior brothers that many have reached, like 350 or 400 are there, and that number might continue, but still many are thinking about how to manage tickets and finances. Someone said from Madhuban that next year won’t be better, so that made everyone think that if we can go now, let's go, because we don't know about next year. So much is happening in the world, so much hostility, and things are getting more and more expensive. Baba is giving the reference that it must be something. I remember once there was a war and different situations happened. So it was very challenging to go, but Baba said that with the courage many Brahmins decided to go. Some countries like Poland and Russia, had to put a little money together on a regular basis, so that they could have enough for the end of year to go to Madhuban. So this is just the beginning of the season, and it's appropriate for the Murli of Baba, that we have to make it.

There was a time when we used to talk a lot about a seed form stage, and many ask, “What is the seed form stage?” Just sitting with Baba and this whole homework of merging, is the seed form stage. Everything gets merged in the seed and when this seed merges into the soil, that's where the sapling then the roots and the tree emerges, and all the fruits, everything. So, if my stage is seed form stage, that means whatever happens, whoever said what, every minute there are different scenes of Drama, to merge them, not expanded. In other words, when it is merged, then you don't think about it, don't let it emerge in thoughts, because when thoughts come, then we speak. When we speak, Baba says that it becomes like a rosary from one person to another to the third one and we don't have to do that. So, the seed form stage is a very powerful stage, because just imagine what will emerge from that seed, but when it merges, it doesn't have the same form. Also, that means whatever with the past, I merge it and I'm not thinking about it. So, what it is actually doing is creating that strength and the power, it's very subtle. We look at it as Baba mentioned like the elements and nature. You know it’s amazing, sometimes we don't have enough time to think about all that, but let's say when you cut an apple, there are little seeds, and from those seeds, when you sow them, there is a beautiful tree. So many fruits from one seed, whether it is a mango seed or any kind of seed. Everything is merged in the seed. So the same is when I merge the power, the capacity, which will increase and then when that same seed is sown, we see how it grows. So our sanskars, our nature, everything, when it is in the merged stage, in the seed stage, it will have beautiful sanskars.

Yesterday's homework was that, from your divine image you bestow. I think many of you must have felt a few times today, even for a few minutes, emerging that deity form. From that deity form, you bless everyone, fulfil the desires of everyone, and remove the sorrows of everyone. Our homework is to merge everything, otherwise the same thoughts keep coming, like “This one said this. This one did this. Why did this one have to do that?” Sometimes we have thoughts about what has already happened, but by using our powers, we focus on what I have to do now, what is next, not what has already happened. So how to change that sanskar? The example of the seed stage came to my mind. Even though we know that the earth and sun and water, everything matters, but first it has to be the quality of the seed. That is why whenever we have to sow something, we look at the quality of the seed. So my thought is the seed. It should not be mixed. Everything else is completely merged, then what will emerge from that stage? It’s the divine stage, the pure stage. We are so busy that we don't contact nature much, but the more we do, our vibrations will affect nature. Baba says that if we can transform, we see the change in nature. Our body also is from those elements, so what do I have to do? I think it's a very deep point, and we need to deeply understand, and based on that use the power to merge and become like a seed, ready to be sown, where every thought, every word, every action will be divine, pure, and powerful.

Om Shanti

Question And Answers

Question: Om Shanti my dear family Avyakti Parivar angels and Om Shanti Mohini Didi. Thank you so much for those powerful thoughts on merging and emerging. I would like to ask Didi, a little bit about today's homework. If you know what would be that perspective of that humble being, that humble instrument that allows Baba to work through the soul so that my ego won't get in the way. Like, “Oh see what a great bestower I am. See what a great server I am, as this chosen divine deity soul.” Any thoughts on that?

Mohini Didi: Even before coming to gyan, I always felt a very deep divinity within myself, and I thought my roots are from God, and He is Divine. I am the creation, I am the child, I am divine. I came to Baba and He said, “You were deities and now you have to become deities”, I was so happy. Then I took a lot of interest in knowledge. Actually it's not a question of deity form, but the divinity that we call divine which makes you deity. For me, it was really very beautiful when I heard that this is what I am, and this is what I have to be. I was and I have to become. So that's where really my effort begins. Then of course, Baba says, “You belong to me as soon as you are born.” Baba gives us the gift of a divine intellect, then also when I start going into trance, Baba told me to maintain your intellect as divine and not be influenced by anything from anywhere. I have to maintain that practice a lot so that it shouldn't happen. So, I am completely different. When I wake up I emerge that divinity, then the forms start coming. I don't think there is ego involved in that as far as I know, because when there is divinity we should not forget Baba. Use the word ‘self pride’ like self respect, pure pride, Baba says ‘shuddh ahankar’ that means there has to be this intoxication or pure pride of who I am. I don't think there is ego in that, that I am the one. Actually there is a lot of self-respect there because you start respecting yourself as a divine being. I think we should continue to increase our power of divinity which is actually purity. As much as we keep increasing, then automatically the power to bestow and to be merciful will keep increasing. I am really proud that being God’s children, recognizing what we are, helping us to become that and ego is far from that. Don't worry about ego, it is really self respect and recognition of the self. There is such upliftment, not only of the self in this faith but of the world also. Then our vision towards the world, Baba said that we have to be merciful and bestower, we have to set an example because there are so many, not only they have to receive, but they want to see how it works.

Question: How do we keep that balance because I find that service is increasing but then I also need to increase my purusharth, my self effort you know to become this deity sovereign soul?

Mohini Didi: If you really follow the time table accurately, it balances everything. We wake up at 3:30, we remain in silence until 8:00 o'clock. When Murli finishes we revise Murli or chat with someone about the points of Murli. Four hours, and then we have traffic control, even if we do three to five minutes. When you start eating food, remember Baba. If we can really also do this while eating, and then in the evening I think generally everywhere around 6-6:30 we start closing our physical all that and we try to sit in meditation from 7-7:30. So even if it is 7 to 9, we have six hours, then it becomes about 8 hours. I don't know why we think that we are doing more service. I was thinking that if you had a lokik job, you would have done from 9 to 5, 8 hours, and Baba always said to have 8 hours of remembrance, 8 hours of karma yoga, 8 hours for your personal time, whatever we have to do. So, recently someone again also asked me this question: “What you're asking about service, whether I should do it, how much I should do?” I said, “We're not doing a lot, if you really see, we have enough time for everything.” I don't know why everyone says, “I'm doing so much.” I said, ”No, you're not doing so much, only while doing, you need to have more remembrance of Baba. While doing, I should have a few minutes to churn the knowledge, revise what Baba has said, that will give fulfillment and then this whole thing of I have a lot to do always, maybe I shouldn't do it, no. Whatever we have to do, we have to do, but maybe while doing, we have to integrate and also the timings that we have for yoga.

Question: Well, I will enjoy playing with my different forms of the goddesses their virtues with their ornaments, but I especially cherish what you had said that by merging I become real, the seed. The word that came out was ‘real’ and somehow that's a word for me that is a touchstone.

Mohini Didi: Silence is often just a minute, two-minutes. Silence also helps in erasing a lot. Today I gave you this. I am also giving you this to remain in that pure pride, Baba has told us what we are, stay in that pure pride and that of your self respect.

Om Shanti

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