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Merciful Bestower - Merciful towards the self and others #2

Merciful _Bestower__2 Mohini_Didi October 2, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Yes, a lot of churning, a lot of practice! If we listen to Baba carefully, I think we get the answers. Baba said to bring the soul or souls close to Baba, which I think is the part of being merciful. So it's not what I'm sharing, but I am bringing the soul close to Baba, because Baba is the One who is the Bestower, and Baba is the One who removes and clears everything. Baba also said that you take out from your treasures and share with others. So, I'm not sharing my treasures first, but I'm bringing the soul close to Baba. So, tomorrow is the day for us to practice. The whole day, we will look at, “Did I bring the soul close to Baba?” Then, share from our treasure store. Baba is the Great Donor, the He is Ocean of Knowledge, virtues, powers, and Baba said that Brahmins have the right to all those treasures. I thought that's something very simple because when I bring someone close to Baba, then I also have to stay close to Baba. Baba is taking us, connecting us with the source, more and more remembrance of Baba, being with Baba, in the company of Baba, thinking of Baba. I think we used to use the word ‘Baba' more than we do now. Baba will make it happen. Baba, you are the One who will get it done. It's how we consistently keep Baba in our mind, in our intellect, in our heart, in our thoughts. As much as I am close to Baba, that much, I can bring others close to Baba. Baba also is reminding us a lot about the treasures we have. We have knowledge, virtues, and powers.

So, we are being Merciful and a Donor. Baba even uses words not only just ‘donors’ but ‘great donors’ or ‘Mahadani’. So what will be my awareness? These days one of the necessities or the habit is to keep all the treasures in a locker. You cannot just leave it anywhere. Whether it's jewellery, money, or anything. So maybe we can do the same with our spiritual treasures. Baba wants us to open it and distribute and give. There is no fear. If you have a treasure store of virtues, even the knowledge, the wisdom that you have, can’t be stolen. So this may be internally, as Baba had been saying, that everything is merged in us, maybe we have to emerge it more. We have to keep our treasure store open. There was a time when they always shared the story of the kings who left their treasure store open, so that anyone who comes to their door, they always share with them. Actually, deeply within, what Baba wants us to do is bring changes. Ok, we have to give the seven days course, so that is systematic. You have to give talks, workshops, whatever we do, but while doing that now at this time is not only speaking the words. I gave the lesson of the soul but in soul consciousness. Actually, they should also be able to experience soul consciousness. When I'm giving the introduction of Baba, I should give in such a way that they should experience Baba. So, I think that Baba is indicating to us what kind of service we should do at present, the method to do service. Especially these days, everyone who comes has some problems, has some difficulties, and if you give something from the heart, it will touch them, and they will receive. They will experience it at the same time, and then naturally when they receive it, their heart is full. Then they also want to share with others.

So, when Baba keeps saying to give from your treasures, you are the donor. So I think we have to look at when we are serving, are we taking out our treasures? It is a treasure of knowledge, but knowledge could be just information, and knowledge could be bestowing life. Am I bestowing life, or am I just giving the knowledge as information? A lot of people do say, “I learned a lot, I got all the information.” Some will immediately feel that, “I got the third eye, maybe I have become sensible and I'm able to understand all three aspects of time.” They find the truth there which we are giving, and that could be maybe when we give from our treasures not only from our intellect. I think reflection on that aspect is also very important. When we are doing that, I am merciful on my own self, in the sense that my realization, my understanding, my closeness to Baba, stability of the stage, all that has to be done. So it is definitely mercy on the self, and then you find your treasures are increasing more and more. I think that it does require attention, more effort. Like we are so many here, and everyone has one's own activity-duty, I only have to speak in the afternoon now like every evening. So, whatever is happening, my intellect, my thoughts are with the point, with what I have to say, and stay peaceful because I have to talk. So whatever everyone is doing if they had to talk, maybe they would be in the same state of mind as I am. When we have to do something naturally there is concentration, practice, attention, remembrance of Baba.

So if everyone thinks, as Baba said that every moment some service must happen, from the vibrations, from the words. So one who is merciful will always be a bestower, whether it is on the self or others, but if I am merciful, I will be a bestower in a natural way. It’s a kind of the combination of being merciful and being bestower and both should be very natural now. It's not that I have to make a lot of effort and that that's the stage that will be required when the world is going through so much difficulties, hatred, violence, conflict. Whenever I have a thought, the thought is of a bestower and that I am being merciful. That's where Baba is saying that there will be distaste. You will not have any other interest but just being merciful and bestower. Tomorrow we will all make efforts and see what the clarity and experiences are.

Om Shanti

Questions and Answers

Question: Om Shanti Mohini Didi! I was remembering that here in the US I had read something on just mercy. There were two quotations that struck me in terms of mercy which I will share with you. One is: “Each of us is more than the worst thing we've ever done” and the second quotation is, “We all need mercy, we all need justice, and perhaps we all need some measure of unmerited grace which means we all need that grace from God.” So, I was looking at mercy as being a fortunate circumstance or a fortunate encounter with Baba, and when we have this fortunate encounter with Baba then we begin to understand mercy at two levels: one is at the level of His relationship with us, not so much our relationship with Him but His relationship with us. Secondly, mercy in relation to the law, a Godly law. So Mohini Didi, my first question is in relation to this Godly law of karma. How does mercy fit into this law of karma which is an absolute law, but mercy is connected to forgiveness, how does it work? How does mercy and forgiveness work within the context of the law of karma?

Mohini Didi: It’s very complex, but according to the Drama, or we can say from Baba, we will get opportunities, and in those opportunities, even whatever I did in the past, if I do better or something good then somewhere all that past is forgiven. I was sharing this story about Durga and the lion of Durga. They were having a conversation because the lion is telling Durga, this devotee now is in so much suffering and praying to you so much. Why don't you give something at this time? She said, “No, I cannot, you have to wait.” Then Durga changed form into an old woman and went to this man and asked for something and this man had only one meal. So he still gave it to this old woman and then Durga was pleased and said, “I had to take a test before I give something.” That means even if there are karmas, and because of that there is poverty or whatever the situation is, that person is praying or basically believes in God and is asking for mercy and help. So God will give him an opportunity to see that if that person has something, will give, will do a good karma, then start giving freely to that person. Each one of us should remember that whatever more is needed in me, there will be an opportunity to do something better or good and I should do it. That is where not only karmas will be forgiven, but the fortune can also change completely. I always used to feel in my life that God gives you a chance and don't miss it, do whatever you can do. So, forgiveness is very natural, and then you get more than what you have, in the sense that your problem is solved, or you get whatever is needed. Baba said nicely in the Murli that if you are serving altruistically, then the facilities will come naturally and easily. Let us create that stage where you naturally get whatever is required for service.

Question: This morning, Baba was referring to Himself as the Bestower of Support. Is He the Bestower of support as a Father, Teacher and Satguru? Being the Bestower of Support, God is looking at us with a merciful heart ?

Mohini Didi: Yes, Baba is looking at our eternal stage and also looking at what we have to become. So, my eternal stage is love, truth, and I am becoming a deity. So I think that Baba is looking at both the images. I also have the aim now and I am practicing. Baba’s support is in the form of strength or sometimes energy, enthusiasm, and power. Whatever it is needed, I think that Baba grants us, provides us. That is His sustenance in a way.

Question: Right, that's sustenance. So how must I look at someone who I am having difficulties, having mercy for, let alone forgive me, forgiving them. How could I look at them despite the worst thing they have done? They are more than the worst things they have done. How do I look at them, the way Baba looks at me?

Mohini Didi: My love to that soul and it's from the love, we call it mercy, but I think love is such a great power that you know somewhere from our heart, we should give love. We should not keep thinking, “This one always does that, this one is always like that.” Then, I have already lost my power. This is the time, whether it is within the Brahmain family or for lokik, I think that's just our pure love like Baba’s drishti and Baba's love is helping me. That's the only way I could help and I should help because after all it's a family and we all are together. So, when there is that pure love then I won't be strong, in the sense of disappointed or hard on that soul, and it won't help. That's why I feel that one has to be very merciful, loveful, to help that soul and in a way you are also helping yourself too. You are trying to maintain your own stage so that you can help other souls.

Question: As the Teacher, how does Baba show His mercy in the sense and also become a Bestower of Support? I think these two things go together. As a Teacher, He's compassionate and He's understanding. So how does the Teacher have mercy for souls in distress? How does Baba, the Teacher, work with us with that compassion and deeper understanding?

Mohini Didi: You know, in the lokik world, teachers have compassion towards students. Ok, the student is brilliant but not able to get what is being said and not able to retain. We'll have lots of personal relationships with that student to try to understand the impact of that person's personal circumstances on the intellect. When I came to Baba, I started making a lot of changes in my life, like not eating in the school canteen and not wearing very dark clothes. So my professor of Political Science said, “I will take you home today, you come with me in the car.” So I said, “Ok”. She said, “What's going on? Is something bothering you?” I said, “Why?” She said, “Because we see you sitting alone and eating, we see you very quiet.” So I said, “No, it's a kind of spiritual awakening happening.” She was so compassionate and she maintained that relationship with me for a long time.So I have seen many times and even for us instead of scolding you know, pay attention you should be doing better, but talk to the student and try to understand where there is a problem. So that's what Baba does. As you know, there were so many who came to Baba who were not very intellectual. Baba worked on them with a lot of compassion, not only as Father but also as Teacher, where they were able to attend regularly, they were able to do their duties properly, even if they did not give lectures. So making someone worthy of whatever may not be very high status, but at least worthy is what we saw Brahma Baba doing with his compassion as a teacher.

Question: Well, I wanted to ask you about Satguru but I think my time is up. I think I even went over the time but maybe you could take it up later. I was fascinated when Baba said that as Satguru, He gives us blessings and of course blessings are seen as a gift of grace from God at the time when everything else is failing us. So, it's like an unmerited help that comes to us, and unmerited grace we don't expect. We are not even deserving of it, but it comes into our life. This blessing that Baba says He gives to us as the Satguru, He gives us the great mantra. I was interested in blessings in the form of mercy, because a blessing is a blessing, but can a blessing also carry mercy with it? If you don't have time to answer maybe you could take it up later.

Mohini Didi: Yeah, we can continue tomorrow.

Question: OK, thank you sister Mohini.

Mohini Didi: Thank you Gayatri!

Om Shanti


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