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Merciful Bestower - Always Remain Full and Overflowing #21

Merciful_Bestowers_21 Mohini_Didi October 21, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

There is a saying that when making an idol there is a lot in the beginning of hammering to make the right kind of nose, right kind of face, and lips, then there’s the last finishing touch. I feel when Baba has given us this homework, it is more like giving the finishing touch to our image of perfection. It’s like hammering, but whenever there is any indication, then we know what we have to do.

Baba has been talking a lot about bondage. I had been thinking about what bondage is. It’s the soul doing actions through organs that has become bondage because that was in body-consciousness. Any action done in body-consciousness is a bondage. Baba keeps talking a lot about liberation and liberation in life. That has to be the experience of the confluence age. One of the biggest influences of bondage is our way of thinking, thinking out of compulsion. There is some kind of pressure. Whatever situations, circumstances happen, as Baba said, be an embodiment of love. When you are an embodiment of love, the vibrations, the way you think, the way you speak, definitely will have influence. Always remember everyday, as we are on this journey, “I have to become complete. I have to be perfect”, and also a bestower. To get free from bondage, I think deep silence is important. Sometimes when I think I have to be Lakshmi-Narayan, it doesn’t inspire me. Sometimes you say, “but it’s such a high destination. Will it happen or not?” Don’t think further. As soon as these thoughts come, just go in silence. Be with Baba. When you think, then you will find it more difficult. The more thoughts will build up. Baba said it could become a mountain from the mole. We want to make a mountain into the mole. Baba is the one who will help me, Baba is the one who will make me. Baba is the one who has told me and we all are sincerely making effort. Baba is the one who is with me. This deep silence will recharge your intellect. When you are recharged, or totally charged, that could also mean your battery is full. When you are recharged and you are full, there will be brighter light. That means you can have more light, you can see it clearly. We have to use many different yuktis or methods.

Whatever Baba asks, Baba said you promised, but the benefits should also be experienced. Externally, we do what we have to do, but internally, there shouldn’t be any laboring. We are Baba’s royal children. Our trust is in Baba and surrendered intellect, surrender to Baba. “Yes, Baba will make it happen.” I know every morning at 4:00, a beautiful song comes on, that you come and do everything on your own. I like that song very much because since morning, you have to surrender your intellect to Baba. You are the one who makes it happen. Our Dadi Prakashmani, when she was given this responsibility, every morning when she woke up at 3:00, she would say to Baba, “Baba, together, you and me, we will take care of this yagya.” It was a big responsibility. She said she will remain light the whole day, that “I am doing it in Baba’s company. I am doing it in Baba’s company.” At that time yagya was very small, compared to the yagya today. Today also, in Shantivan when I go, everyone says, “Baba is getting it done, it’s Baba who is getting it done.” It’s so much, so big. Whether day to day, taking care of everything, the food has to be cooked for 5000, even though there are many, it's a lot.

Creating the presence of Baba, company of Baba, this total trust is very important for one’s own inner spiritual growth, and one’s own personal lightness, and also total trust. Trust is a great power. If I have to remain full, I have to be very attentive. What is affecting me, what is the influence? Sometimes it could be, not your own thoughts, but thoughts of other souls too. So how to protect myself, how to make myself full? Even when you are doing very well, some souls don't have very positive thoughts. That could have an influence too. Only being with Baba under the canopy of Baba, we remain protected from all these subtle influences which could become leakage of power. To remain full, we have to just seal everything. Nothing, even the vibrations, don’t reach me. The only vibrations I have are Baba's virtues, Baba’s company. These situations get created according to drama, for us to be more pulled by Baba. We cannot be careless, it’s not we should have tension, but just lovingly, very often, call Baba. Very often, invoke Baba. Very often, be in the company of Baba. I think the more we do it, then Baba is taking care of us, Baba will do more and more. As Baba had been saying, “I am with you. Children, I am with you.” That mahamantra is very important for everyone. Baba used to always say the journey is up and down. It’s a very steep climb also. We know, we take one step of courage and Baba helps, He comes forward many steps. Remain full to be a bestower, just give whatever anyone’s need is. I think that’s where a lot of blessings also come. Be complete on your journey, and be full to be a bestower. I feel like Baba just keeps giving us such beautiful directions. We will become, Baba will make us, and we help each other, support each other, cooperate with each other.

Om Shanti.

Question and Answer

Question: Just like you mentioned yesterday, sometimes people don’t feel love even though you’re giving it, but they’re not able to work with it. I think trust might be, even though it might be an aspect of love, it might be a little bit different. I think that people can really sense that. In today’s environment of untruth and deception and everything, maybe tell me a little more about how to genuinely have trust for other people so that they feel it?

Mohini Didi: I think that quality is within you. That means I have a quality of trust, and then I trust. Then that trust won’t be blind trust in the sense that sometimes you trust people and they do something which is not right, so then I shouldn’t lose my trust. That means I maintain the quality of trust, and then also, I’m careful. Careful in the sense I’m not doubting, but I definitely kind of observe, is the other soul operating with trust or not? That soul has to operate in trust, so that I’m trusting, but trust also has to come through the action of another person. Then when you see that no, that is lack of honesty, or maybe that trust could become perfection for that soul. That soul could say, “well it’s alright, Sister Mohini trusts me anyway.” and start doing some things which are not right. Then I still hold onto trust. Trust is my power, trust is my strength. I cannot lose that strength by losing trust, but I’m interacting with others or I’m responsible for trust, so I have to observe that everything is done in trust, that means with honesty, with integrity, all that has to be. I have learned with time to hold onto my quality of trust, but also make sure that there is no deception of any kind, for anything. If we are not, then there could be a big loss.

Question: In this whole thing of this month being a bestower, at one level I think what He’s saying is to be selfless. It seems to me that sometimes you can look at the whole game in terms of the two opposites, whether in terms of the big picture or in terms of your daily life. Either I’m being selfish or I’m being selfless. Then being selfless and being a bestower, you’re dealing with your own selfishness and it may not be selfishness in a sense of you’re greedy or something, but that you’re very self-focused. Selflessness is a different kind of self-focus. Tell me something about selfishness and selflessness, and how that also becomes part of being a bestower.

Mohini Didi: Selflessness doesn’t mean that you don’t take care of yourself. It is important to take care of yourself because if you don’t do it, you cannot be a bestower. That means let’s say, some people are sitting and talking, and there is a subject which I don’t feel I want to interact with and I stay quiet and I’m in silence. Both ways, because I want to be with that power plus I don’t want to create any subtle karmic bondage being in that communication. Somebody might say, “oh, she’s always with herself.” It shouldn’t bother me because that could also inspire them at some stage, where they might start doing that too. So it’s not selfish, right? Selfishness is when you are thinking of yourself, not of others, but when you are with others, thinking your own self is important. It’s very subtle, so I’m not harming anyone, hurting anyone, or taking anyone’s share or I am greedy. Selfless really is that I am able to take care of myself under all situations. I cannot just say, “Oh, I lost myself because of influence, because of the opinions of others.” It’s very important to remain self-focused I think. It’s good you’re trying to help someone, but you have to be strong to help someone. If I’m not strong, then how can I help? If I am paying attention to be strong, you’ve seen that selfishness. It’s not selfish, it’s selfless. Brahma Baba even had such a big family, but he took care of himself. Even though there were so many around, His journey, his remembrance, his churning of knowledge, being with Baba, all that was very personal.

Question: I think it was in the blessing, He mentioned being a “master bestower of self-respect.” The words that were used were love, cooperation, and sympathy, which was a little bit different. Once again the Hindi words maybe seemed to have so many meanings, and so what exactly did Baba mean by that, being a “bestower of self-respect?”

Mohini Didi: When you are giving love, you are helping the soul to be in self-respect. Even when you are giving cooperation, it increases the soul's self-respect. If that is not being realized by that soul or soul cannot appreciate it, you still have sympathy with that soul. I think that it gives them self-respect.

Question: You had said yesterday that you would speak a little bit more about this karmic connection in terms of actions, thoughts, and the elements and how the elements all have this aspect of truth in them, which was very interesting. You said you would give us some examples.

Mohini Didi: All the elements have life, If they didn’t, they would not sustain us, like air. Air has power. Air becomes life-sustaining. Without breathing, without air you cannot survive. One of the main qualities within nature is that it is living. That is why if we sow a seed it grows, because it is life. In the sense of anything you look at the elements actually, people say that while watering the plant, do it with love or talk to the plant. That means the plant is responding. It’s responding that means there is life. Many times they say there was a time when people had their gardens, cut their vegetables when you are ready to cook, because it has more energy. These days we keep it in the fridge and sometimes we cut it and leave it. It loses some of its vitamins or whatever it is. I think that the way I understand elements, I respect elements a lot. That means my thoughts, if they are pure, they’re going in the air. They’re spreading the vibrations. The response which elements will give me, will always be very supportive, very sustainable. That is why there is fear of God, but there should be fear of your own action, because what you are giving to the elements, it will come back to you in some way or another. Whether it is hatred, sorrow or violence of any kind, all that will come back in some way. That is why when the soul gets the body, all the elements in their proportion are different, because every element in your body also has some kind of part in your life. That means, it’s very subtle, but one thing we have to respect is nature. You have flowers in your vase, if they are in the water, they stay fresh, that means there is life in that. Otherwise what will they take from water? All elements support each other also. When I was young, my grandparents used to say, what earth requires is just your good actions. That’s what we were taught, that charity and good actions are very important. Whenever anything happens to the earth, you will be supported because you supported the earth. That is why there are a lot of rituals people do, like watering the sun. Sun doesn’t take water, but the sun gives us life. Since we wake up in the morning, it’s a good morning, it’s sunrise, then there is sunset. When it is sunset, they do different rituals. We used to give sacrifices in the fire. They will put in some food or something because the element of heat has given us food. If there was no sunlight, there wouldn’t be any grains or anything. Whatever they give we used to offer to them. People thought it’s blind faith, but I didn’t see it as blind faith. I believed we should do the rituals, I even enjoyed them. When we used to travel, they would give us packets of mixed rice and rice and sugar. When we were on the top of the river, we would throw it for fish. What I’m saying, all these things show that we shouldn’t think I’m living, it’s my life. Life is with all these 5 elements. Live with that respect, not destroying, over consuming, wasting, all that shouldn’t be happening. Something which has life, has certain basic qualities. First one is definitely love, because love is in the nature of every human being. If you don’t get it, then to get it, you become more aggressive, but you’re looking for love. Nature also has this calmness and peace in a very natural way. Nature is also a bestower. It never never stops producing. Once I went somewhere, and they had a lot of pumpkins. I said how come they grow, they said it’s our garbage, we throw the seeds. Some way or other they spread and they grow into all these. So the quality of a bestower is there in nature. For us not to have that is going against nature. It should be natural to be kind, it should be natural to be sharing with others. It should be, and it was human nature one time. Now, we acquired different kinds of qualities. That is why vices were never part of us. Virtues were always part of us. This love for elements, love for nature, doesn’t mean we’re becoming, but internally when you’re passing trees, and in the morning the oxygen which is produced, and the beauty, so many things we can take benefit and get sustained and inspired by nature. If we really are in a good state of mind, we look at everything and even appreciating nature is a good quality. As the soul is going towards the eternal and original stage, so nature will also be doing that. That’s what Baba talks of satopradhan nature. It will be beautiful. It’s like whatever is around you, everything should receive or get sustained.

Question: I wonder if there can be a connection made, and I’m not sure if there could, but between action and which element is going to come back and make me aware of it. Just like they say when you die, it will be one of the elements in particular. Either it will be heat in the body, it will be fever, or you’ll drown in secretions, or air, you just can’t get air. And so is there a connection between particular actions and which element will confront us?

Mohini Didi: There must be, I have to think about it to see where the earth is, which organs are of the earth and which are of the sky, like some sound is of sky. There are certain things, yes.

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