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Merciful Bestower- Along with Teachings, Have Good Wishes #29

Merciful_Bestower_29 Mohini_Didi October 29, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone is happy? Okay, had a good day? Very good. These days it is very important to stay happy, not take on any sorrow, difficulty, or effect of any situation. When we are not happy, then our energy is not very high. When it is not high, then everything starts affecting us. Every moment in Drama is past, we are happy. How many of you, may not be all the time, feel you are a deity, or a goddess or a god. How many of you, let me see hands, any of you? So, let’s be practical. I was thinking when Baba was speaking, as Baba is saying, are you able to listen to the call, you listen and what you do? You have to bestow, so I was thinking maybe we should fix a certain time, well calls can be anytime, but to be that image of goddess, image of deity. So, let’s say we do at Amritvela somewhere even for 15 minutes, emerge the form where I am able to bestow, I am able to give blessings, or fulfill the pure thoughts of all the souls, or remove obstacles and sorrows. All of us definitely are ‘isht’, that means personal goddess. Like some believe in Krishna, some believe in Vaishnu Devi, some believe in Saraswati, and they call that my ‘isht’. Like I always invoke Brahma Baba as my personal angel and I have a deep relationship with Baba, and also trust that he arrives, he helps, that angel will come for me. So, the same is true when it comes to personal deity. If we practice first a few times a day, maybe 10 minutes, whenever it is practical, we sit in that stage of perfection and a very divine intellect, divine love, divine eyes. So, this practice of being a goddess, being a deity in an emerged form, so that means all your divine virtues and all your powers are at work, you can bestow them. So, we can take one form or another. Sometimes you can be that image of Saraswati, sometimes Durga, sometimes Lakshmi. What will happen when you are in that emerged form, so that even when you are merged, the virtues and powers are there.

I think we realize, but Baba is making us realize more, that the whole world, all the souls want something or the other, and you have to be a bestower. It’s like Baba is saying that each one of you has to be the bestower. Since Baba Himself is the Bestower, He is filling our aprons, making us full. He wants us to do it. What He is giving us, He wants us to give it to others also. Today I was thinking that one is bestowing, but when you are merciful, you will become a bestower. That is why Baba wants to see our aprons remain full. Yes, this is the return of service of God. We are receiving so much from Baba, many of us, I think the majority, Baba has made us free from so many things, useless thoughts, worries, and problems. Many of us who don’t have to work from nine to five just to earn a livelihood, how to take care of family responsibilities. For many of us, Baba has set us free. I really think that it is such a beautiful life that God has given us. We are being sustained by God from morning until night, we have everything that is needed. We don’t have to make any effort for that, so at least we can save. Baba says to have eight hours of remembrance. There are eight hours in a lokik job also. So eight hours is if we divide 15 minutes, 20 minutes, half an hour, but the stage is that we have to serve now. From which stage do we have to serve now? It is so nice when every day we listen to very few words of Baba, and we practice and they are connected with the homework of a bestower. So, practice tomorrow, or before sleeping today, just for 10 minutes, 15 minutes tomorrow morning, tomorrow the whole day, just in between and deeply within.

Yesterday, we were talking about liberation, and actually Baba has liberated us externally, but internally also. Just imagine otherwise, you wake up, you have to wear the clothes, you have to go to a job, the whole day, you have to meet lokik people and here we are like angels. We are really internally and externally free, so what we have to do is to serve. Service is happening. We are busy, but Baba wants us to serve from emerged deity form. You know these versions also indicate the closeness of time, the closeness of becoming that image of perfection, and also the next step of the future of the world. Of course, very destructive things are happening. but also a new world is emerging. There are so many nuclear threats every day, all those warnings, all the time. Baba had said that they won’t keep these bombs, they have spent so much money, they will use them. So we can see, but before all that happens or even for us the power that we have to witness all that, without fear, without getting affected, just bestow. It seems like Baba is preparing us to face this. Not only to face, but to play our parts, so He is telling us to practice, bestow, so that in that fearsome future, any kind of devil, any kind of devilish act, goddesses destroy them. So, that has to be our stage where we are preparing for a new deity world, but also the destruction of the devilish world. Beautiful homework and love of Baba and hope in us, that’s what we can do. Giving cooperation, giving help, giving power to the weak souls, as we know that souls don’t have powers.

There was a soul, a very good effort maker, but suddenly things happened differently for her. I said, “What you needed was some more power,.” She didn’t like that, she said, “You mean, I am weak?” I said, “No, you need more power to be on this journey.” Then, I realized you cannot make anyone aware what their needs are, but through your thoughts, through your vibrations, you know this soul is going through some storms, settling some karmic accounts. Very quietly, just give saakash to the soul, so that the storm or the settlement that is happening, becomes easy for that soul. I think it is a very subtle service, it only happens when we have mercy or yesterday Baba said, selfless love. Love from the heart that you are able to serve this way. Medical doctors will do, or nurses will do, but they do it on a physical level. One thing I find these days is that whether it is their training or their nature, they are very lovely, they are very careful, kind, caring. You don’t feel sad when you are in their clinic. They keep you so happy with their kind caring generous nature, because they know patients are already suffering, they already have so many fears, so they make them comfortable. We are also spiritually caring for others, and taking care of others. We expect so much. We give the course, we are instruments, when we say they should be punctual, they should come every day they should do that, but they don’t have power. So, not only to create discipline in teaching, but also empower them, give them strength so they are able to do what they should be doing. So, we have to share that it is very subtle, but it is very important whether it is within the BK family or contact souls, there are many whom we have to serve. So, be a fast effort maker, but also emerge the deity form which is the form of a bestower.

Om Shanti

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