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Merciful Bestower #13

Elevated_Self_Respect_13 Mohini_Didi June 13,2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay? Yes, Avyakti Parivar and vyakt parivar, those who are in person here. Do we keep ourselves well or Baba keeps us well? Both! Our Didi Manmohini, Sakar Baba, Avyakt BapDada, all used to say that a sensible person will keep oneself okay. Baba does take care of us, but He also wants us to have respect for Baba and use the knowledge. That means wherever there is fluctuation or whatever, use knowledge, the power of knowledge, light of knowledge. Knowledge is really power. If suddenly electricity disappears or becomes dark, an electrician will come and it will take one minute to fix. So any knowledge you take is power, the light and might of knowledge. Baba has given us the knowledge of Drama, but we don’t use Drama. Then we go to Baba and we say, “Baba, I need help.” You think Baba will help? Maybe one or two times, but we need to use Drama. That’s what I noticed when Shiv Baba was in Brahma Baba, Sakar Baba, Baba always used to observe us, are we using knowledge? Are we creating our stage with the practice of knowledge? So knowledge and yoga are both very important. When we went in front of Baba, Baba always looked at our faces. Baba wanted to see each one of us very happy, full of enthusiasm, and serving with love.

There was a time we had to take a group to Madhuban. Everyone went with a group because Baba said a gardener has to come with flowers, a bouquet. I remember, many years ago, there were 12 or 13 of us, and there was one mother who was holding a big thermos to get water. So, someone saw her and actually she was like a guest, husband and wife. So it was 9 o’ clock, and Baba called for me. Baba said, “Are you alright?” So I said, “Yes Baba, I am okay.” I wanted to know why he was asking. How come I was in the room and this mother was older and getting water? Baba was saying that because you are a guide, you are supposed to seek help or get someone to get water. So, as soon as you were not accurate in your action, immediately he would say, are you okay? And after that we realized, because there is a timetable for everything. So, if you are not following the timetable, then Baba came to know and called, “Child, are you okay?” So how does following Shrimat, following the timetable, using knowledge, using yoga, keep us okay? That means happy, enthusiastic, ever ready. As soon as you show a sign that you can't do it, Dadi Prakashmani would say, “Are you okay?” It is not physically, it is inside. This is something like they are unlocking from inside some of our strength where we could be ever ready.

So, whenever Baba looks at us, how should we be? Okay! Then you keep getting blessings from Baba. If every time He has to keep working on you, like you always have something, then Baba has to fix it, then you get the blessings. If you can do your homework, keep yourselves well, don't get stuck on anything then you keep getting Baba’s blessings. That’s what I experience, that in front of God, you always have to be okay. This time in the regional meeting, we talked about a new slogan, “I am full.” If I am full, I have everything. So, it's not only okay, but we have to be full, loveful, peaceful, blissful, knowledgeful, full. Now is the time we don’t have to have anything lacking, nothing. If you wake up at midnight, would you be thinking, “Oh, I am not able to sleep. What happens if I am not able to sleep enough, what will happen in the morning? I really need to sleep.” That’s not what the Dadis did. They had a chair and table next to the bed, and a lamp. So when they wake up, there is Murli or World Renewal, Gyanamrit on the table. They would turn on the light, start reading, one or two sentences and then start churning on that. In a few minutes, they would be able to sleep. Anytime you wake up, either just practice bodiless stage or practice soul consciousness. Also sometimes I feel some souls need Sakash, so just sit and give light and might. So you never get upset about not sleeping. Rather at that time you think, and you earn income. Let me go and sit next to Baba. You enjoy those few moments, and then you sleep well. So, keeping ourselves well and okay is our foremost duty and responsibility, so we can help others also to remain full and okay.

Now Baba looks at us. Are we in our self-respect? What is that self-respect? Our aim and objective is our self respect. What are we becoming? Laxmi-Narayan. What are we becoming? Deity. Angel. World servers. World transformers. You can keep adding. Take any one of what Baba is telling you you are, and stay in that self-respect. Whichever you like the most. You are becoming Gods & Goddesses.So which one? Whichever is needed. So being in self-respect, then you are a charitable soul, one who fulfills at the right time, right moment, the needs of every soul. In self-respect you are also merciful. This is something very simple, but why are we taking it as homework? So that tomorrow you can notice, “Did charitable thoughts come into my mind? Was I merciful?” Then you imbibe and reflect on that. Whatever seva anyone is doing, I always bless them, so that they can continue to do it. Blessings are required for those who are constantly doing a lot of karma yoga. Many things happen, whether it is a burn, whether it is a fall, or whether any kind of disability happens, what do we have to do? Blessings. So, Baba is connecting your self-respect with our capacity to give blessings. Then Baba says that that will help you more that you will not have any body consciousness. That’s great, because every little act and movement is done either in body consciousness or soul consciousness. How do I look, how do I say, what do I say? It depends on my consciousness and self-respect, both have a deep connection with consciousness. So our homework, our determination for tomorrow is to be a charitable soul, a merciful soul, and stay in self-respect of these two qualities.

Om Shanti

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