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Master Almighty Authorities #13

Embodiment_of_Solutions_13 Mohini_Didi September 13, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay? Everyone is well? Everyone has everything? Yes. All the power is actually in thoughts, and all the weaknesses that emerge are also thoughts. So, this is very important, especially when we have faith. We all have faith as Baba said, but to change faith to power, that's what takes so many years. I have faith, but still some fear. I have faith, but still some worry/ I have faith, but still certain things I am not sure about. So, many ask me, "What does faith in the intellect mean?” That means, whatever you are deciding, whatever you are thinking, your judgement should be based on faith. Even any task you start, it’s going to happen, it's going to work out, it definitely will be successful. One is when we start with, ‘I am not sure if it will work out, I am not sure if it will happen.’ Then we already started with doubt. When we start with total faith, because faith will bring power, that's what Baba is calling ‘Master Almighty’. So, sometimes we don't know or we are learning how to apply that awareness to become the embodiment. In the whole world, one of the deceiving factors is, ‘I know, I know’, but if you see it in their practical life, that power is there. Baba is our Father, He is our Teacher, He is our SatGuru. He wants each one of us to be worthy, to be perfect, to be successful, to be victorious. Not only to glorify Baba, but our own life should be such.

One of the important things is intoxication. I remember one time Dadi Gulzar came to New York, the first time was in Queens. She went to Baba, it was bhog, and Baba said that everyone was sitting on a ‘viman’, everyone had their own viman. So when Baba said, “Fly”, some of their vimans couldn't go, they were sitting in the viman. Baba said that those who had intoxication just flew, and those who didn't start thinking. So one is thoughts that come in the mind, one is that we create thoughts, and the third is in Drama. Drama is very powerful. Drama’s direction, wherever whatever drama does, is appropriate at the right time. Even when the theme is chosen for Avyakti signals, I really like it because I feel that maybe this month we had to face a lot of things. So, our homework will prepare us to face that, to prepare ourselves. I always see that Baba looks at the needs of the soul, and whatever is needed, Baba will provide. So as soon as you find there is a thought that is making you weak or not feeling good, that affects our stage, affects our body. For me, I immediately change it and make it very elevated, very positive. Sometimes maybe one or two thoughts come and I immediately say, “No way”, and then instantly change because it will have an effect. It could reduce intoxication, it could weaken the soul in some way or other. We don't want to be weak, we want to be Master Almighty. That is why at this time, some people say the seriousness and the sincerity of effort is to do it, not only that I understand, I know, I have knowledge, but do it. We think based on knowledge, use the power to discern based on knowledge, do actions based on knowledge, have relationships based on knowledge. That means that you are sensible, you are smart.

Knowledge is like treasures. As much as we use it, we become very wealthy and successful. So this thought or the awareness of Master Almighty, just see what powers we ask for from Baba. Baba, give me power to tolerate, give me the power to adjust, or whichever power. Baba has all those powers because of what? Baba said detached observer then He said ‘Trikaldarshi’. So that's the power, every day it becomes so clear who God is, what God is. Whatever He is making us, asking us to do, that's what He is. So, every Avyakt signal actually is God's introduction because that's what He is, that's what He does, and He is and He does with His children. People sing the praise but in a completely different way with different sense they say, “Oh God, you are Almighty, make this happen, make that happen.” We don't say that, we just remember, so that my thoughts become powerful and everything also works very well. So now Baba said, “Recognize Me.” What is recognition of Baba? It’s what He speaks. No one can ever give to you the way Baba gives us the titles. Someone asked me about the worthiness of the soul. I said that it is purity, but every quality is worthiness. So we have to increase that worthiness so that Baba feels very pleased with us, that we are using what He is giving. Otherwise, we take it but we have to also use everything.

So Baba is saying, “My children are Maharathi children.” Baba always gives examples of elephant Maharathis. So what will a maharathi do? Anything small, just crush it with the foot, that's what an elephant does. right? Baba is saying that becoming the image of solutions is with the awareness that I am Master Almighty. No problems can come to those who are Master Almighty Authorities. I had mentioned to you all about the Dadis, when they started service, when asked, “Oh, how will it happen, who will provide you?” They said, “Almighty Baba.” They had just one slogan, who will do it? Almighty Baba. They said it so innocently and it used to make it happen. It used to happen because Almighty Baba had been invoked. So He must do it right! It's not only saying it, but it's in practical. So Baba says that would an ant be visible if it comes under the foot of an elephant? These problems are also like ants in front of you Maharathis. Consider them to be a game and a toy and you will remain happy. No matter how big something may be, it will become very small. You know they sing this song that our difficulties are not bigger than God, right? So when you say Master Almighty then whatever your difficulties, Baba will help you to solve them.

Om Shanti

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