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Maryada Purshottam - Higher than the Deity Souls #28

Maryada_Purshottam_28 Mohini_Didi September 28, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everything has so much connection. Our Avyakti point signal is about being a deity at the Confluence Age. Also we are celebrating nine nights of goddesses and of course you all are having a good time afterwards, having ‘garba’. When I was listening to just a few minutes of interpretation, explanation, about different symbols of every goddess, and yesterday when they said to invoke Parvati in you. For me, it is like every goddess is the symbol of some divine virtues, and that is why they are worshipped and shown with so many weapons plus decorations and ornaments. It's like they could destroy whatever is negative, they could destroy any obstacles. Baba said to be ever-ready, anything can happen anytime. So, the power to destroy through the power of yoga, but also bring divinity where you can transform yourself. Today, I was thinking that invocation is very important. Actually, any idol when they install it in a temple at least for 24 hours, some for one week, they invoke life in that. There are lots of ceremonies, a lot of celebration, and after one week they say that now it has life, that means your prayer will be heard, and your desires will be fulfilled.

So, a few days ago Baba said to drill the five forms. There has to be this whole feeling of innovation, like invocation of the goddess is happening. Within us also is invocation of that divinity, invocation of what Baba is saying, that your nature should be like BapDada. So it's very interesting to see the deep connection of nine nights of goddesses and our efforts of becoming that deity soul, or feeling the intoxication at the Confluence Age that I'm a deity soul. I am becoming a deity. I am Purshottam. That intoxication is important. So I think we can really do it and experience it, not just pass the day in an ordinary way. There is always so much to do in actions that we could keep ourselves very occupied, but we can practice in between. That is the aim, and actually, we talk the night before so that next morning, we have the Avyakt signal from Madhuban. That is what is meant by connection with the Yagya, whatever directions, whatever spiritual homework, whatever we get, we get clear directions from Madhuban. So it's not like we are doing different kinds of practices. I know there are some, they start doing different kinds of bhattis, but we have to do it properly, that comes from Madhuban. You are connected with a center and then you are connected with Madhuban. So, you are able to follow and then practice.

So, I think that when it comes to Shivshakti, it is not only female. Shakti is for both, for Pandavas also. It is for the soul, actually. Shivshakti is the soul, not necessarily the female form, it’s for everyone. We have to remember that I have to have that power. Every goddess has some weapon, different kinds of weapons are shown, and they are of knowledge, yoga, and divine power. Cultivating is also very important. So I think this whole thing of being divine, it's simple when I think that any virtue which we are using with purity, with the power of yoga, is a divine virtue. A lot of people in the lokik world have a lot of tolerance or they are very loving, but with us, it's the purity first and then every virtue. That is different, because our love is towards the souls, and this is spiritual love. Our care is also different from lokik care because in our care, we do a lot of mansa seva. Whatever we are sharing is also Baba’s love, it's not just that I love someone, Baba loves everyone, and because Baba loves everyone, I love everyone too. So, it's a kind of Godly love, spiritual love, which is generally different than lokik love. Our sharing, helping, everything is spiritual because we are doing it, not creating any karmic accounts, but rather we are doing it and creating a spiritual relationship. At the Confluence Age, we are doing both, right? We are settling and also creating. So, the best way to settle is through service. I remember when someone said, “Either serve or suffer.” Let's say you have a lot of waste thoughts about someone, it is something you’re settling. So, it's a suffering. I always remember when Didi said that through karm-yoga, you settle karma-bhoga. That means if your body doesn't want to, it’s tired or not too well, but when you start serving in whatever way, very simply, but just serve, and really you will find you are doing double. You are settling, and also creating something for the future. Then there is no suffering, because you know sometimes you say that today I can do anything or I can just go cut the vegetables. I know that many souls when they come to Peace Village, they feel so good about it, whatever is going on with the body, you’re able to do actions or karma yoga.

So, becoming divine has both powers; power to destroy and power to create. When you try to be divine or you’re divine at the Confluence Age, there is always a devil somewhere in some form. We know that when any kind of obstacles come, I have to destroy them. You cannot allow the obstacle to overcome you and make you do anything that is not right, whether it’s breaking maryada, or any kind of action which is not according to Baba’s shrimat. So, those obstacles will come while becoming divine, and we have to destroy them. They will destroyed because you have power of yoga, you have power of purity, you have power of knowledge, so many powers, all eight powers, right? So, that's what we have to look at; being, becoming divine.

Om Shanti

Question and Answers

Question: Om Shanti Didi. Nice to see you. Om Shanti everyone, Avyakti Parivar, it’s a pleasure to be back. Unfortunately, it's because Shireen has no internet and Florida is having this weather event. So anyway, sending good wishes to her. I really appreciate this evening and I really appreciate when it happened a few months ago that the Avyakt signals from Madhuban became our daily practice on Avyakti Parivar because it made me feel so close to Madhuban. I'm thinking our Murli class here it is so vibrant and so interesting every morning because everybody can come by Zoom, those they live far away in the region they're not stepping away from another center, they just would have been on their own, but now they can come by Zoom. I can see that and the connection to the Yagya I think is very strong through that because we're churning Murli, we're together in a very accurate way, but I can also see there's less of a pull to come to the center because the sustenance is so good on Zoom. Is that a problem do you think? Is it ok that we are finding ways to sustain ourselves and stay connected via these other methods?

Mohini Didi : Baba's home has very powerful presence and vibrations of Baba and after a long time when souls, Baba’s children, start coming, they really feel a lot of power by coming. So, I would just suggest that as many times, maybe you cannot go every day but at least you know Dadi Janki always recommended at least twice a week, Thursday and Sunday. On the weekend, one should make an effort to go to the center, to be in the gathering, with the family and the vibrations of the place and also you get Brahma Bhojan. So, I think it is necessary to create that physical presence. I know that some are very far these days, especially like in the USA we don't have centers in all the cities. So wherever the center is near, one should really take advantage of that. There was a time, people used to drive 45 minutes, one hour to come. So they might feel less keen on driving, but I think it is worth doing it because when you go there, the love, the family, they are together in the gathering doing yoga. I think there are many benefits. So, I'm sure that every Baba’s child would love to and should make an effort to reach Baba’s home, sacred space, to feel those vibrations. There will definitely be a difference from being on zoom.

Question : Definitely, and even Avyakti Parivar is sustaining as it is; it's an addition to our regular center life, which puts us practically in contact with each other. So we're actually in the family, not watching the family.

Mohini Didi : Actually, we had been encouraging people also to go to the center, it's very important to go. Avyakti Parivar is additional sustenance in the afternoon, but in the mornings it is always good to listen to Murli wherever you are connected. This is something very important.

Question : This little place of Halifax, we only have one Hindu temple here and I remember when I first visited the temple I saw all of the deities together because they have to live together. There's only one temple. I remembered that this is our memorial. So they feed all the deities there at the same time and you know each night they have a different puja of course but they're all there in the temple together. So I really like that. Today's Murli you know Baba made the point that you have to go through Brahma Baba and even though in Raja yoga it is about our direct connection with God with Shiva, it's not only about our direct connection with Shiva. It's also about our direct connection with humanity and with our deity family. Can you speak a little bit more about how significant Brahma's part is in connecting us practically to the Yagya?

Mohini Didi : The connection of intellect is soul with Supreme Soul, but when Baba gives the knowledge because at the Confluence Age, it's important that Shiv Baba is giving knowledge through the mouth of Brahma Baba. So, we are actually his children, the mouth born progeny children, Baba’s children, Brahmins. Not only that, but when it comes to taking drishti, how can you take drishti from a Point of Light? So, we take drishti either from Sakar Baba, Brahma Baba or we take from Avyakt BapDada. Then when it comes to implementation of that knowledge and becoming deity or Brahmin, we need to follow. So, Brahma Baba’s action and Brahma Baba’s directions are the clear pathway to follow. What Baba did, I have to do. Now Baba was in the family, he's surrendered but then what did he do, next step, third step, how did he become a trustee? So every step in life for us as Baba’s child, as Brahmin, as BK, we need to follow them. When Baba says you cannot do without Brahma because then how are you going to follow Incorporeal God? So the Murli is spoken through Brahma Baba, right? Then directions are given by Brahma Baba. The karma-yogi life lived by Brahma Baba, I have to follow. I don't think we can just say, “Ok, now I have no connection with Brahma Baba.” The Yagya was created by Brahma Baba, right? We eat Brahma-bhojan, and not Shiv-bhojan. So, that means that whatever contribution people put in Baba’s box, but then it is cooked and offered and then it becomes Brahma-bhojan. We used to ask Mamma, and Mamma said, “I cannot separate them because Shiv Baba speaks through Brahma Baba, and Brahma Baba speaks of Shiv Baba. So it's like they are together.” So they are together, and that's why we call them BapDada or MatPita-Mother Father-BapDada.

Question : So unlike the prophet souls who were middle men before us between God, Brahma is more a practical demonstration. He doesn't interpret God for us. He shares his direct experience, and we follow him practically. This is very different, but it takes us into close connection with each other, because even though he surrendered his family, he created a family, a huge family. So it's always about being in the family, isn't it? How would you advise about coming close to the seniors, especially now this late in the Confluence Age? We have the fortune, like I don't see you physically very often, and yet I feel very close to you, but there was a time where we could see each other quite often, less so now, and the Yagya is so big. What's the best way for people to come close to the seniors?

Mohini Didi : We have to communicate. Sometimes people say, “Oh, I don't write, I don't call, because you were so busy,” I feel it is important to communicate and then also in life, one is taking direction to kind of confirm what you are thinking but also the blessed things are also very important. So communicate, these days like through e-mail, Jayanti Didi was there, and she said, “Oh, I have 165 emails to do.” Even if it is two lines, we reply. So, I think that connection is also very important, not only through the mind but also practically. When that connection is there, then also in life you have a certain time when you want to make some major decisions. So blessings are important, and also if you have a in regular connection, it becomes very easy to understand where you are, what kind of help you need, what answer to give. So it has to be consistent, whether it is about the center, or your own personal situation, major things, or anything we are planning which is big, it's always good to involve seniors there. I think it works very easy, your mind will be light and you will know I got the blessings, I got the clearance. So, it does definitely help and as I said that we are not able to meet, but I know now so many souls, it is such a connection that you can immediately answer and know what help they need. So, at present, it’s basically through email, not but if we can meet once or twice either in Madhuban or Peace Village or somewhere, that definitely helps also.

Question : It's really like in any relationship, just keeping it open, keeping the door open, keeping the flow of energy going, so the soul gets that support. Thank you Didi, appreciate. Om Shanti.

Mohini Didi : Om Shanti.

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