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Maryada Purshottam - Awareness of Babdada's Task #2

Maryada_Purshottam_2 Mohini_Didi September 3rd, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

Baba said, one of the main obstacles in tapasya is that we are not able to make, ‘past is past’. Somewhere that past has become part of either sanskars or attitude. That means there are such sanskars where you are able to retain the past. Pay a lot of attention and see which thoughts emerge based on the past. I have to think elevated thoughts. Elevated thoughts give me, personally, a lot of joy and power. Thoughts from the past are not elevated. It’s a very subtle checking, subtle attention. Do we realize how much the past is influencing my thoughts? That doesn’t allow me to progress. It takes you back, again you move forward two steps, and then you think you are at a safe place, because your mind, intellect are connected with the past. We know that the next moment has to be different. I have to make it different. My thoughts should be of my stage, higher, flying, close to Baba, elevated thoughts. There are many things I could say, “oh I couldn’t do in the past, but maybe I can do now.” I should not measure my courage based on the past. Have courage, Baba will help you. This is the only way we can move forward.

Now we’re talking about maryadas, avyakt signals from Madhuban. We are instruments with Baba for Baba’s task and Baba’s task is to establish true religion. He says now most ancient is our original deity religion. If I am the instrument, dharma, dharma means dharna. I was looking at something which Brother Ken is offering in October, it’s about dharna-based leadership. If I am an instrument, then what can I do and what shouldn’t I do? One time there were about 20 yagya nivasis or brother sisters. They wanted to leave yagya, because they wondered what would happen to their future, and they didn’t have money. They contacted their families and wanted to go and do some work, earn some money and lead their family. They all came to Baba. Baba said, “It’s ok. When you are going, do you need to take anything?” Very respectfully, Baba said goodbye to them. When they left, people were asking them in the lokik world, “Why did you leave?” They said we couldn’t continue because of our own weaknesses. No one said a single word about Baba or family. Whenever there was contact with them, they always talked about the love of Baba. It’s because one of the main dharnas is love, whether someone comes or not, or if someone leaves. If you maintain that spiritual love with the soul, I think when they think of us, they always have good wishes, good thoughts. There are so many examples of how much dharna-based my life should be. Truth is very important. Why do we leave our religion of truth for little things? Just be honest and truthful. That’s the power. With that power, the work will be done.

We had been talking a little bit, one was dharna, but the other was maryadas. They always say the life of determination and discipline make you accomplish the task. Even if there is sometimes carelessness or laziness, you will be able to overcome it if you do something consistently. “Today I am not well, tomorrow I have this, I am not able to concentrate, I am too busy.” No. We should have a fixed time, the right method. Wherever you sit it’s not “I am cooking food and I turn on Murli, I am listening to Murli.” Many have to rush for work, “I read Murli on the train or bus.” In London, Dadi always had one early Murli from 5:00- 6:00. It is important to listen to Murli properly, even if you have to do it early because you have to go to work. After amrit vela, take a shower, proper white clothes with the badge, unless you have to rush to work, then you can’t be in the white. Listen to Murli properly because Murli should be considered a study.

Do you allow your children to miss class? Do they miss school whenever they want? I remember there was a time when I was in India that if we couldn’t go to Murli, we would call our teacher to inform her that, “you won’t see me tomorrow because there is an emergency.” We wouldn’t just not show up. In schools, if they have to take a few extra dates for holidays, they take permission, they inform the teacher. That relationship, proper relationship, is of a student and teacher. I was really appreciative, from my heart, Baba, I said, “I will become the Teacher and teach you.” He became the Teacher, Supreme Teacher. Read Murli as a study. Lawyers don’t just remember some points, they remember all the points. If they don’t remember, they will take reference. It is the same here also. We have created “Murli search.” Any point you want you just search, and you will get those points. Sometimes we take different topics and need related Murli points. Also Murli is nectar. Nectar is for purification. Some nectars are like medicine too. Because it’s study, there will be a lot of tests, exams. For exams, you need to do your homework, create awareness, keep the chart of remembrance, look at your own virtue, dharna. Sometimes Baba says, “as you take a shower twice for the body, at least read Murli twice.” Listen in the morning, then revise. When you have to give a talk, you take points from the Murli and they are very powerful when you speak those points. I would suggest that you listen to Murli daily. Don’t miss Murli. In the beginning, it used to take 8 days for Murli to come by mail. When we reached Madhuban, Baba would say “go, read all murlis, they’ve come.” So whatever had been your past as a student life, that is past. From tomorrow morning, we will be Baba’s number one students, and respect Baba’s Murli, each version of Baba, because these teachings are the decoration of our life. The awareness we create based on teachings always becomes power or strength in our life so that when there are various situations, we are able to pass with honor. So pay attention, listen, read, and study Murli regularly.

Om Shanti.

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