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Manmanabhav-Rememberance of One #16

Manmanabhav_16 Mohini_Didi April 16, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Okay, it is the time of spring, right? Flowers, and also in India when it is time of spring, they have everything yellow, because the field of mustard on the top is all yellow, and looks very beautiful. So, we got yellow flowers for Baba. In the Golden Age, we are expecting everything to be ever green. Do you think Baba is making it easier for us to be Manmanabhav, or making it difficult? We have to be free from attachment, we have to remember only One. I like what Baba said, that Baba and I are under the canopy of protection, two of us there. Even in the lokik world, they always say that one comes alone and goes alone. I cannot ask anyone to join me when I am going. I am not going alone, I am with Baba. Instead of thinking I have to go alone, I say, “No, I have to go with Baba.” He will be with me, so it is easy, comfortable, and I am not alone. This is a practice we need to have now. So, in Manmanabhav, be with Baba alone, only you and Baba, at least I have a companion with me when I am going. Can you imagine Baba going with me to Paramdham? So, I think Baba actually is making everything easier for us, comfortable for us. He knows what we are used to.

There are certain principles, certain governing rules; every soul is an individual soul, eternally imperishable, and is always alone. Whether it is nature, or karmic accounts, the journey of life is with One. We like company, and Baba is happy to give us company, but when it comes to bodily connection, or any kind of attachment, that is not acceptable. So, have spiritual love with everyone, lots of love for everyone. Remember that when you have an aim to keep remembering Baba, automatically you don’t think of souls, only Baba. You know with Brahma Baba had so much love for us, when we were leaving Madhuban, our eyes were moist and Baba’s eyes were moist. We would say, “Don’t forget me.” Baba would say, “Well, how can I? I have to remember Shiv Baba, not you. Then he said, “I will not remember you, nor will I forget you.” That means that a relationship has been formed, so there is always love, but remembrance at this time has to be with One. All my relationships have to be with One. That is why Baba wants us to be free from all attachments, and not to have fear, because when Almighty Baba has all relationships with me, what else do I need?

If we keep reminding ourselves of what we are receiving, then what we have to leave doesn’t seem big. When I think about what I have to leave and not remember what I have, then of course there is fear, there is attachment. So, I love the way Baba is not only teaching us, but He is making things happen for us. I am in an unlimited spiritual family. So all those who are in a limited family will be part of that, but if I say that this is only my lokik family, then I am very limited. What about the other souls then? So, have this unlimited intellect, and unlimited attitude. All belong to me, and I belong to everyone, but internally I know that I belong to Baba, and Baba belongs to me. It's very beautiful to churn on that, reflect on that, and find that Baba is making it very easy for us. In the path of bhakti, many people don’t worship Shiva because they say He always asks for sacrifices and they cannot do it because they are in a family. So, then the path of Shankaracharya came, and they worship Shiva, because they left the world anyway.

Baba will transform everything and give us back the new world, new relationships, everything imperishable, no sorrow, no worry. Baba says,”Here you have many technical tries to go, but there is so much fear, accidents can happen, crashes can happen, but in the Golden Age, this will not happen.” Sometimes, I see they show so many vimans crossing, but no one is colliding. Baba says that it is accident proof in the Golden Age. So, think, listen with trust to who is telling us. Baba says, “How can a Father give you something to do that is difficult?” A Father will always give you something that is easy. Internally, talk to yourself in this way, and you will experience everything to be easy. I have to have my intellect with only One, to become like Him, to burn the past losses. Baba says there are a lot of losses that you have to recover, and the One who is always with you will not deceive you ever. He is the only one who will really be with you at the time of crisis, at the time of difficulty. When something is difficult, Baba will say, “I will make it possible.” So, listening to Baba makes us feel that He is showing us the path free from obstacles. “Just follow me, follow my Shrimat, do according to Shrimat, and there will not be any obstacle or obstruction.” Wonderful Baba!

Om Shanti

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