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Manmanabhav - Become bodiless #29

Manmanabhav #29 Mohini_Didi Apr 29th,2022

Om Shanti Everyone !

All treasures Baba has given are with us, that keeps us okay, content and blissful. Baba talked about the connection between loveful and merciful. When souls are suffering because of any reason, we do feel mercy. Baba is connecting with this interest and mercy. When I am merciful, is there a subtle form of sorrow? When we look at certain things which are happening in the world, especially innocent people who haven't done anything, civilians, one feels mercy. Then subtly there’s not only sympathy, but sorrow. Shiv Baba must be looking at what is happening. Baba has told us that this is the end of drama and there will be rivers of blood. Today we hear because of any kind of discrimination there is lot of lot of bloodshed. Baba has told us it will happen. There is what we call individual karma and collective karma, when a country or a city all go through something. Then because of one country, other countries and the whole world gets involved. Today, it was said that the war has reached the kitchen also, because there will be a lot of food shortage. Not only are laws of karma, but a lot of universal laws are being broken in our personal life and also worldwide. Baba is watching, is he feeling sad? Baba is not sad at all. I was looking at myself and listening to Baba about mercy and love and also there is disinterest and distaste because we have nothing to get from this world. We have to just be a bestower, not expect. This one should have done this with me, I should have got this. Little subtle desires to get from souls always cause some sorrow.

It’s coming out in the news, one country after another, no food, no medicine, people are dying. It's worldwide, that is why the topic which we have chosen for this year is spiritual empowerment for kindness and compassion. We have to look at the souls, it's not the body that suffers, the soul suffers through the body. For us also when we see all these scenes, then it's not the body's suffering but it's the mind which feels pain or sorrow. When Baba talks about love for the souls and being merciful, it sounds so simple. but it could cause sorrow. We also have to learn from Baba, every word that Baba speaks, we know that it's going to happen sooner or later. Some people ask me if I think that this is the end, what's going to happen? Baba has said, they have created so many bombs not to keep. We have to reflect on that and if we want to be Bapsaman, that will be a big quality. Once Brahma Baba saw little children’s standing in the sun from morning until noon time, they hadn't eaten anything because their parents wanted to take them back and they didn't want to go. Baba was standing on the roof, watching and smiling. I would have said, “Oh they are so thirsty what's happening to them? Can we send them some water?” Baba's detached observer and watching but he's giving something to the souls. That’s the mansa seva Baba talks about, even our remembrance and power of purity. Recently Baba said, He takes help from your power of purity. The vices and the actions done in the control of vices has created all these karma bondages and sufferings. My love and my mercy is based on knowledge, I’m still trying to figure out exactly how to have love and mercy and not sorrow, but also be able to serve. Either you suffer or you serve and we are meant to be serving.

As you all know in India now BK's have become known as rescue teams in these two years of Covid. All organizations were trying to serve, but BK’s were all over because there are thousands of centers everywhere, they have a good number of Baba’s children and collectively get resources to serve. They cooked food or distributed bags of grains, whatever they could do. Our life is to serve in whatever capacity we can, but not take sorrow, because then it becomes my personal suffering too. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes we find it's a little bit challenging, so we have to work little bit more on ourselves. Listen to Baba, then the practice of being bapsaman. I will have to reflect more to see from where this sympathy and mercy changes into sorrow. Let me watch it. How do I feel? What thoughts come in my mind? What I was able to achieve very quickly was a bodiless stage. When Shiv Baba was entering in Brahma Baba’s body, he had to be bodiless, giving the space in his forehead to sit together without differences. What awareness did he have? This is Baba's chariot, then Baba says, I am an obedient servant, I am an instrument. It's not only bodiless as I am a soul, but it is more than that. Incorporeal Baba, Avyakt Bapdada, with them I am also an instrument, I have to be in corporeal and avyakt like Avyakt BapDada. There has to be more inspiration than only being bodiless. When you are bodiless, you are carefree, you feel a lot of power and there are many personal attainments. Looking at BapDada, dadi’s or mama, what is it that motivated them to be bodiless and what are the benefits they saw for unlimited service to be bodiless?

One of the experiences in the bodiless stage will be a detached observer and that begins first with your own body. Dadi Janki used to tell me, “Today as a soul I was looking at my body and giving sakash to my body and I am talking to my body when there is a lot of pain.” That's the bodiless stage. First I have to take care of my vehicle. Even to be manmanabhav, you need to be feeling well or you can’t concentrate. Dadi Janki, many times said one of the bodiless stage experiences is that there is no suffering. When Dadi Gulzar was in the hospital, I used to conduct meditation on Zoom with those who were helping Dadi, because we had to keep their spirits high. They said that something happened and she was about to leave body. She was a master, she was indicating that she is going and she will not go because one of the main doctors hadn't come. She wanted to say goodbye and thanks in silence because she was not speaking. She had that much awareness of who has served me, who was the doctor who helped me. The doctor said we used to feel her pain, but she didn’t feel her pain because of the power of yoga. She has settled all karmic accounts, now what she was using was her bodiless stage. She was not going through anything. She was there to hold still and give the power of tapasya and silence to yagya. Until the last minute she knew whose hand to help, who helped her, who was serving her. The bodiless stage is where you're free from pain and sorrow and your presence is creating a lot of power. The bodiless stage will be needed for all of us so that when someone else is suffering, or your body is going through something, you are detached, giving sakash to your own body. I have to serve everyone, but first I have to serve my body. Only then it will work, I can use it. Soul has to have power but cooperation of the body is also very important. I always say to make your body as your companion. The bodiless stage is very important. We will need it more and more and the importance of the bodiless stage is that you are able to have your mind focused with one who is also bodiless and that is remembrance of One. One of the benefits of listening to Baba is deeper understanding, more clarity and more of what I have to do next and that becomes our reflection and also practice. We have to be like Baba and also be bodiless.

Om Shanti !

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