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Make your account of blessings full #10

Give_Blessings_Receive_Blessings_10 Mohini_Didi November 10, 2023

Om Shanti!

Is everyone happy? We are only happy if we give blessings and we receive blessings or receive and give. Today I was thinking why generally we say, ‘God bless you’ or ‘bless you’. Why is there a difference between ‘God bless you’ and ‘bless you’? They never say, ‘I bless you’ they say, ‘bless you’. I never thought much about the account of blessings. Baba wants our account of blessing to be full. I think there are so many things in life we are able to do and have done because of blessings. I remember when I came in knowledge and I decided to live a life of purity. At that time many will say it’s a blessing of God. One of the priests said to Sister Gaytri at the UN, even to have a thought to live a life of celibacy is a blessing from God. He said only those who are blessed can live the life of purity. The first important blessing we all have been given is that we love the life of purity. It has become very natural for us to live the life of purity. I came to know there are 40,000 surrendered sisters, who live at centers and only do Baba’s service. The first blessing is a blessing of purity and then if someone is very sweet in temperament, talks nicely, sweetly, they immediately will say that this one has God’s blessings. Because his nature is so polite, it must be God’s blessing. In today’s age a lot of people have wealth, but there are certain things they don’t have in their lives. If you have those things, they will look at you and say, “it must be God''. Some people have very good specialties, a very beautiful voice to sing, people say, “Oh God must have given her voice, it is so beautiful”. Actually there are many that have specialties and as soon as you look at those specialties, as soon as you look at anything extraordinary, you are always reminded that it has come to you because of some blessing. Look at your stock. Maybe you have a lot of blessings. Make a list of blessings in your life and don’t ever let go of them. Baba is saying make your account of blessings full. Continue to receive blessings from BapDada, from all your service companions and souls of the Brahmin family who come into connection and relationship with you. We all have a lot of blessings already in our life and now we have to accumulate an account of blessings, make it full. Every step in life actually allows us to live the life of blessings. That means you don’t have to really labor, work hard, because you can use the blessings and feel life free from obstacles. Very interesting to see that you live an easy life and an easy life is a life of blessings. You have to accumulate a lot in this account of blessings. Now make your account of blessings so full that from the copper age onwards everyone continues to receive blessings from your image. Some images are such that people will say if you see that image your whole day will go bad. If you are very dear at confluence age, you look at the images and they are so blessed, they look so pretty, that you will say that image has been given by God. Baba says that from the copper age onwards everyone continues to receive blessings from your images. Anything which reminds others of God, must have given this blessing, so it’s easy to give blessings and take blessings.

Om Shanti

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