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Make A Diary Every Day And Do Everything According To That #9

Increase Your Account of Accumulation_9 Mohini_Didi March 9, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

So, how is your savings scheme going? How much are you saving? How much you are earning? How much you are spending? For how many of you, it's easy for you to keep accounts? Let me see hands. How many of you can easily keep your account? There was a time when our main administrative person was Didi Manmohini, and she taught us to keep an account every day. Of course, whatever comes in Baba’s bhandara weekly, whosoever is responsible will do the account. Each one of us, whatever department we have, will get money for that. So, if I got hundred dollars then how did I spend 100 dollars. She always liked each one of us to keep accounts daily, the bills, the invoices and whatever was there, put them together, put a pin, and create a file and keep everything, because we have to account for it. Whether small account or big, keeping an account of money makes you aware of what you got and what you spend. If I don't keep an account, then you say that you will do it every month, it becomes difficult because then you have to read all the bills and invoices. So create good habits. Some are very accurate in accounts. In every country, we all have to submit accounts, because if you do not produce an accurate account, there is a possibility of losing tax exemption, and possibility of audits, possibility of taxes, all that could happen. Here it’s different, we also have to check, did I put anything in savings or just spend? Did I earn enough today? Check our remembrance of Baba, giving Baba's introduction to the souls, doing any elevated karma yoga, there are so many types of accounts to check.

I had been thinking about what comes in avyakti signals about the budget of the intellect. It's of course the budgeting of thoughts and words. Now create a proper budget of the intellect or budget of your words. Today, Baba is talking about creating a budget of our intellect. Baba is saying that an easy method for saving, is saving up our intellect, and then of words and of actions. Baba is not talking about the thoughts today. The soul has two most important abilities, one is the mind, other is the intellect. Whatever the mind thinks, the intellect has to discern and then decide. So, the power to discern and power to decide are very important powers. Sometimes some people take very long to discern and decide. There is over thinking like, “Should I do or not? Is it right or not? Should I say anything or not?” Baba is saying that you have to save the power of the intellect. There are always two ways to save. One is to practice, that means you accumulate by practicing, and second is using a full stop as often as possible. When there is any confusion, the internal feelings are not good. Then I have to see that I am not wasting the intellect on trifles like, “Why did this one do it? This one did that because of this.” Why do I have to think all that? Everyone is playing their part. Everyone played beautifully. Everyone is responsible for one's own use of the intellect. Each one of us, because we have our own personal account. I am responsible to look at my dharna. If you speak loudly and I also become loud, that’s not right. I should keep my gentleness, sweetness, and humility.

This is what Baba is saying about saving in actions and words. Saving in words means you speak only as much as is necessary. Sometimes people don't clarify, and sometimes they clarify which becomes a little long. Clarification is important. When it comes to words and actions, we have to be very clear. I remember one time when I was in Ahmedabad. I was really young, but I had been very good at accounting since I was young. Once Baba gave 500 Rupees. These days 500 is like 10 Rupees. We needed a carpet, we needed a few pots, but first we kept aside 50 rupees for any emergency. I still remember that we were able to get everything with 450 Rupees. We set up and then naturally when new students come, they see Baba’s home, what it needs, they automatically bring it to the center. So, have the habit of spending according to the budget. Everyone has a different scheme for their own energy. Like I know I have very limited energy for speaking, so I say whatever, whenever it's necessary but not all the time. So, every morning when you wake up, plan your budget about words, about actions, about intellect. Then, Baba is saying that you will be successful in saving. Now when there is saving of words, the quality of words, words which can inspire, words which can serve, will be increasing. That is called success. You have to say what has to be said, but what words you use, how you say it. Did it Inspire anyone, or did you just say it? So, we have to look at the quality. The more you save, the more your words will have an effect. Less words are always powerful. So, create a scheme, and I'm sure you will experience saving. That is success, and that means an increase in the quality and the influence of your words.

Om Shanti

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