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Love for Solitude Practise Concentration - I am completely egoless #3

Love_for_Solitude_3 Mohini_Didi January 3, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is well? Yes, very good. How much power or energy does the soul have and how much are we able to use it, whether it is the capacity of the mind or intellect? So as much as we practice solitude and concentration both, our capacities will increase. Baba wants us to increase our practice daily, all the time, whatever we are doing, not only our ability to do accurately, but better and better. Every time, I have new inventions, new ways of doing things, new ways of saying things, new ways of thinking. If you say something routine, it doesn’t have that effect as if you do it in a new way. This is a very subtle ability where you are reforming or getting better. When you are in this beautiful stage of concentration, then you will say, “Let me do it differently, If I am serving food let me serve something different.” You have a vision where you are seeing things differently and because you are seeing differently, you are doing differently. I think there is great joy for the self. Baba said that solitude, concentration, internally will bring the attainment of joy also. It's not that you look very serious. Yes introvertedness is serious, but inner attainment brings a lot of joy. What Baba wants us to be in the Confluence Age, is self sovereign. Baba wants to see things becoming elevated, not doing things because it is just from routine or out of duty. I feel that we all should experiment with using concentration and introversion.

Every day Avyakt signals come to us from Baba’s Murlis so that we reflect on that and also do something a little different everyday. Even if you are still, you feel you are ascending, you are going higher and higher. When I am underground, then whatever I am or I am doing is not influenced by anything, people's opinion, ideas, atmosphere. Internally as it is said, you are grinding your own and that gives intoxication. External atmosphere of any kind, any time, the whole day, whether you are in the house or going out or there is some kind of surrounding, how to remain safe from that? Brahma Baba was able to do that. You could see intoxication, cheerfulness, constant faith in victory was so visible on his face and interactions with others. His words give power to others. If you are saying you lost power then you can’t help others. Subtly you are accepting some doubt. It's a very subtle influence of the stage of others on us. I have to save myself from that. Whenever Baba talks about churning and reflection, I always say He is taking us to some height. You are always thinking, progressive thinking, reflective thinking, thinking which can create some more insight. You are thinking anyway, but should I keep thinking the same way all the time or should I go deeper? That’s your own self sustenance and this is what you share with others, then they are sustained. I hear a lot of people say there is no sustenance. I had to create first by myself and then I can help others. Also, when you share something deeper, everyone likes it.

So what Baba is saying is that when you are in solitude, introverted, you are able to churn, reflect and that also gives you not only strength, but happiness and a deep capacity to sustain. I don’t have to just depend on others. I have to sustain myself and sustain others also. Then there are obstacles of Maya. Maya is so subtle whether it is some conversation with someone, it could be elevated, or it could be Maya. Baba says to be careful of your company, depending on how you talk, what you say. It keeps happening. There are some who always talk about what is not right. They never can say what is right. We lose our worth and respect for the Yagya or some have the habit of going anywhere, will you sit and talk about your family? You go and talk to everyone about your sister and brother? Baba has given us guidelines. I am just giving examples, this is Maya, obstacles for your own self progress, and not good for Yagya and also for the family. Dadi Gulzar or Avyakt BapDada said that everyone’s weakness in the family is your weakness. So, if you talk about someone’s weakness, what you are talking about is family. Some don’t realize it. Maya comes and kind of deletes their accumulation of what they accumulated from good actions. These are very subtle habits, the influence of company, influence of conversation and I always when somebody comes and asks, “Can I talk to you?” Will I be able to help them talk? Not only because you want to talk, otherwise don't talk. Sometimes I hear and they talk because they know it’s alright. I will listen but not without purpose. Momma used to say somebody is throwing garbage and you go and pick it up. It’s garbage if it’s not positive, it’s not someone’s speciality. Everyone has some quality.

So how do we save ourselves from Maya? That means wasteful thoughts and energy. Then it starts hurting the self too. I think it's very good that before practicing Avyakti signals, we show our self respect, because that is most important. The biggest problem today is lack of self respect, and then we compare ourselves with others. This is why this practice of self respect, then of course we knew that Baba was so humble, the greatest. Baba was so elevated. Whether it was his dress, his walking, his talking, his interactions, no ego there. Also, he was not subservient about anything, total self esteem and egolessness. Our humility goes where I am even not able to use whatever quality I have. So, it is very important to have self respect and manage everything, yourself and whatever your task is. If I am only egoless I am humble but do not necessarily have self respect, self trust Everything starts affecting us. So, today I was seeing a lot of connection with self respect, solitude, concentration, it’s like combined, just one. So, first practice self respect. Like today self respect is I am bodiless, I am egoless, I am a soul, and then, mine is Baba. So, practice self respect quite a lot and then look at the Avyakt signals on the practice of solitude and concentration.

Om Shanti


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