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Love for Solitude Practise Concentration - I am a Soul Who Spreads Spiritual Vibrations #4

Love_for_Solitude_4 Mohini_Didi January 4, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Okay, is everyone well? Very good! Able to do some tapasya? At least some attention, some thoughts are there and, if we pay more attention, there will be a lot of contentment. Not only tapasya, but the homework is also very powerful is “Solitude and Concentration”. Do you know why we are doing tapasya, paying attention the whole month? So that it becomes our nature to love to be inside. Thoughts bring us out, right? Introversion is a very beautiful quality. Baba had been talking about it, whenever we have a few minutes, half an hour, ten minutes, even two minutes you have to just go in. Generally, we sit and we kind of ponder over what happened, this shouldn’t happen. Thoughts are always towards what happened and what should be happening. We say Drama, it happened, whatever is Drama will happen. Baba is saying that it's for your own benefit and also for your own transformation, it is important to be in solitude and have concentration. So I think that it might come little by little, but if we really pay attention, what is the aim of doing tapasya? So that I become, my nature becomes like that of solitude. That means that I just go with Baba or in soul consciousness and then also find that within a few seconds I have a lot of concentration.

Baba had been talking about so many benefits of introversion, everyday He is talking of one or two benefits of concentration. People talk a lot about presence, oh, when you are present, it happens, when you are present we are happy, when you are present. Presence is what? Vibrations, right? Vibrations are coming from where? Your attitude. There are some people, whether they are there or not, doesn’t matter. We don’t even notice that so and so is not there, because their presence and vibrations are not spreading. There are some individuals, they are missed a lot. That’s why I liked when Baba said that when someone has a lot of enthusiasm, and when that person is around, you like it very much. All the energy, the atmosphere, has so much enthusiasm. There are some, they don’t have, even when it comes to celebrations, or they don’t celebrate much, what is there? You are in a challenging situation, but you just maintain your stage. That means you are using knowledge, changing into power. From the way it is created, it changes into power. So, each one of us we have to see, I know everything, knowledge, can I use a full stop when I want to? It depends on your power. As soon as resources are thought of, changes, technology, all that has become power. So the same is with knowledge. Every point of knowledge should become power, and that is where I become Master Almighty. Baba is Knowledgeful, so He is Almighty because of knowledge, right? This morning also Baba said in Murli, all Drama, you don’t have to worry, this one should take knowledge, you can’t force anyone, you have to give and then you have to observe and see who is taking, who is not taking.

Baba wants every point of knowledge to be applied. I am introverted, and Baba said when you are introverted, the external atmosphere will not influence you. Like today, I noticed that whatever someone is going through or saying, my virtue shouldn’t reduce, my love and respect shouldn’t reduce for anyone. So whatever I have, it reduces because of the influence and because of extrovertedness. When I am introverted then I can listen and not be influenced. Supporting, helping is one thing but influence is where your patience doesn’t work, you are not tolerating anymore. Whatever qualities I have, they won’t function, they should grow, not reduce, that is called experience. I have a feeling that if we want things to happen, our needs, the more we go to Baba, never reach a point where there is irritation, frustration. Then Brahmin life, this joyful Confluence Age will not be experienced. I was very touched when Baba said, “Don’t get confused at the Confluence Age, it does happen, and that is Maya. Maya is really something that happens and then you are affected by that. We are practicing, I am a peaceful soul, I am a loveful soul. So think about your attainments, your power to discern, who has given you this power? So everything actually Baba gave us, Baba is teaching us. Don’t think that I renounce this, I have to sacrifice this, no, you have attainments, what are you going to attain? That attainment is very important. Baba is calling us His child. Baba says that when you practice your first lesson, keep reminding yourself, and you will become the conqueror of Maya.

January is the month of tapasya, so what should we practice? Be in the stage, your eternal stage, your original stage, even for a few moments, it has so much power and whatever is happening in Drama, I have to keep increasing my powers, keep increasing my inner capacities. The right thought at the right time, and whatever one does, even if you make a call to someone and that person says, “I really needed this, it really changed my mood, I am feeling so good.” We are checking and changing, checking if “Am I holding something for someone and that shows in my attitude”? Why are you so interested in one person, not another? Both need love, right? Both need attention, both need a feeling of belonging. So your attitude shows in your drishti, your interaction, even your smile or sometimes you don’t look at the person and share drishti. With some we keep sharing drishti then even we want to hold the person’s hand but some we don’t. So that is called attitude. That means all the time my behavior, my love, my words, interaction is sharing my attainments and my experiences, no difference. Like Dadi Prakashmani was the example of love. She had love for everyone, that is why she was so much loved by all of us, because of her love for us. So, I think this point of self-respect I like very much, and definitely we will look at this tomorrow. We will create and see self-respect as a child as attainments and clear all my attitude so that there is constant fragrance of love, of peace, of friendliness, of sweetness, humility. So that is for self-respect.

Om Shanti


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