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Love for Solitude&Practise Concentration-I am a Soul Who is Full of Good Wishes and Pure Feelings#7

Love_for_Solitude_7 Mohini_Didi January 7, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone okay? Very well, that's great! They say when God comes, He reveals the secret. One thing everyone requires is the feeling that I will be successful, and Baba has given us this birthright of success, but the secret is to donate, distribute, give. Donate, distribute and give, as much as you give, you used it, so there will be success. So if we all remember this Baba's great mantra, give, whether it is the treasure of knowledge, virtues, or powers. Thoughts are most valuable and also words, but in any way we serve the Yagya, when you give instantly, not only is there success, but deeply within you know that now I will be able to claim my birthright. If I say, “Okay, I want to give whatever I can, money or whatever is material, somewhere deeply Baba said that He guarantees that you will definitely get daal roti. Nature will provide for you because material things are from nature, whether it is shelter or food, whatever are the needs of the body. So, always remember you have to give to receive. Give and get is a common saying, and in the month of January, it's a month of tapasya. In January, we also like to clean, whether it is the center or your home. In the month of January you have to sort out and clean everywhere. We are doing it here and in Harmony House, because we have to decorate so everything should be clean so everything feels very pure.

So when Baba talks of pure feelings, first you have to clean. If there is anything about anyone from past impressions, you won't be able to give blessings to that soul. Even if you see the same mistake happen, you immediately forgive and have elevated feelings, so you have given that soul some gift. You will feel good about it, and when you feel good, you have good wishes. If you are not feeling good, you do not have good wishes for others, it's so deeply connected. So clean it with forgiveness, by thinking that the soul needs help, by cooperating, as Baba said, give through your thoughts. It's very beautiful actually if you have true love for the souls, how you feel souls are very elevated, very uplifted. They feel very inspired and they want to make more efforts, but if you make a soul feel that it is not worth anything, I don't think you can do it. I remember all of us have given up so many times, especially when you are corrected. First, we used to say that I don't think I can do it, I won't do it. So many times Didi Manmohini used to say that you are the one who has to do it. So, then internally, her words were like she was giving hope and courage, plus a kind of direction, that you have to do it and you will. One thing Didi always taught us is that suddenly she would ask you to give class. I would say, “it would have been good if you would have told me an hour before so I could prepare.” Didi would smile and say, “Are you ganges?” I said “Yes.” She said, “So ganges constantly flows, you are not a pond.” I won't forget those words. The way she encouraged us that you are not a pond where water is still, but ganges that is constantly flowing. I don't know how many of you have seen the Ganges, anyone of you? Maybe we will show you one time, it's beautiful music of the waves when water flows.

I remember one time Dadi Janki had to go, she had a program in Haridwar. She said, “You come.” I said, “Okay.” They went somewhere, and I said, “I will sit here near the Ganges.” So I sat there and really felt why they call Ganges a purifier. Definitely, there were such feelings, and all over the banks of the Ganges, there are ashrams. So there are a lot of bhajans, and spiritual songs are played all the time. So, what I am saying is that when you have pure feelings for the soul, your good wishes will give them power, and courage to do what they should be doing. It's very interesting, I don't know how many experience that our main instruments just keep giving us encouragement. That's what Baba means by pure feelings, you clean them first and make them elevated, looking at whatever is missing in the other soul. You want that soul to become complete, because the soul is powerful, but has shortcomings. That's where we have to make them complete, have pure feelings and good wishes for them. If your feelings are not elevated, you cannot give good wishes, it will be mixed.

So it's very beautiful to maintain that stage, just go beyond sound, don't play with small matters, it's gone, past is past, forget it. These days you don't want to use thoughts, which are your main treasures, on useless things. Even for a minute, something happens, you say, “Okay, it happened.” Just forget, even if you try to, you say that we don't remember. We don't want our feelings to be disturbed, to be mixed feelings. We want our feelings to be elevated. So, Baba is saying to keep increasing your capacity for forgiveness. This is a very good power. Baba is the master Ocean of forgiveness, just go beyond, when you are going beyond sound you are giving power to other one also. It's not that I won't reply, I won't talk, I won't communicate. No, not that kind of beyond sound, but getting merged in Baba's love. Baba talked a lot these days about spiritual vibrations. The vibrations I spread will help the soul. As I had mentioned before, if anyone is upset because of any reason, go into Baba's room, give that thought to Baba, and immediately the change will come in that soul. The soul will feel that I shouldn't be doing this. I shouldn't be upset, because Baba is working on that soul. If we keep doing this some karmic accounts get settled, some get created at the same time. Baba can help that soul, I can only have elevated feelings and good wishes, That much I have to do all the time. Just imagine that we all have to go together with Baba, if we all have to go together, we all have to have that elevated stage. So, this practice of self respect, all of us at the same time are helping us all to become complete, to be Bapsaman. We all are practicing at the same time, the same thought, and doing collective meditation. So clean and fill it make it elevated, the best I can think of this person. What auspicious things can happen to that person, so my thoughts will become powerful and have the capacity to give others good wishes. I am talking and I am feeling how beautiful and powerful this practice is of pure feelings and good wishes.

Om Shanti

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