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Look At Everyone with Regard #05

Elevated_Self_Respect_5 Mohini_Didi June 5, 2023

Om shanti!

I see you all everyday, so I know, you all are well. Everyday listening, doing homework, brings a lot of realizations, changes. Someone wrote a beautiful experience about how sometimes just one word can bring a lot of change. If we are stuck we cannot move forward, because I am holding something or there is some resistance. As you notice where you are stuck, you find that you are making good progress. It could be just one word or a few sentences from Baba that can help us sometimes feel freedom or whatever is needed by the soul.

From childhood we are taught to give respect to everyone. Love and respect are very important. Always remember that you have to give then you receive. Everyone has their own sanskars. Everyone has their own way of reacting but what should I do? At the centers or big places some help as receptionists. How do they answer the phone? A lady said once that there is a person who responded at your place and when she responded, I felt something deeply moved in me, touched me. That means even on the telephone, people’s attitude and how they respond does a lot of service! I talk with a lot of respect and a lot of love, even if the other person is strong or forceful. I find within one hour or within one month, there are a lot of changes in that soul. That’s what Baba is saying, it's not just through words, giving advice or corrections that people change. You have to donate, give cooperation by donating virtues and powers. You enjoy that seva because transformation is immediate. It's not always transformation from negative to positive but transformation can also be that good qualities emerge. How much service we can do through our drishti and attitude! One is speaking with respect, which should not only be as manners but as virtues from the heart.

Today Baba is giving us homework in a beautiful way, one is self respect, other is if you are in self respect, what will you do? If you cannot give respect, it is because you are not in self-respect. One has to work on one's own self-respect all the time. Momma used to teach us that if you don’t give respect to the younger ones, they won’t give respect because they have not experienced that. Real sustenance within the spiritual family is to give respect to everyone. Baba says even through drishti. Why do we like to take drishti from Baba? The way He sees us, our stage of perfection, lovely children, Bapsaman children. Baba sees what he wants us to become in His drishti. You should give respect to those who never give respect, who don't know how to give respect. I find that if any soul has any difficulty in giving respect or being loving, I create a lot of friendship with that soul and share without making that soul aware. I find that gradually that soul is able to understand what love and respect are. Otherwise you reject and don’t realize what we are doing. That’s not service. Baba is saying that one who knocks you off or sometimes doesn’t give respect or give you a place, you should show the destination to that soul. Within the family even if one doesn’t feel settled then everyone has some effect on that. Because of misunderstanding, different nature, whatever reasons, some don't get settled easily. We try to help that soul and as I said you feel a lot of satisfaction in that. Some are expecting something you are not able to give, so they start talking things against you. So what should we do? We still have to respect that soul. If you are able to do that, it means you are giving respect to everyone because of your self-respect.

Yesterday, Baba said you are a world emperor, I said yes because we are world servers, one who serves will become emperor. We are serving the whole world. Wherever you sit, you are peaceful, loveful, you are serving; creating an atmosphere, serving elements. Every minute we serve. That's why we are careful not to have wasteful thoughts, wasteful conversation or waste anything. Feeling I am a world server and looking at others that way. I think we should do more of this service. This service can be done anywhere. Baba says that if you give respect to everyone like this, what will you receive? Love, respect, amazingly from everyone’s heart you get blessings and good wishes. I see that so much.

I have been realizing that whatever we have in the golden age has to be experienced at the end of the confluence age. We carry the sanskars. It's not created in the golden age. Golden aged sanskars have to be experienced in the confluence age, so when we are transferred to the golden age, that’s what we experience. Someone said they will be very happy in the golden age. I said as much happiness you have here, that’s how much happiness you have in the golden age. You have to be happy no matter what the nature of someone is and that will help others to be happy. If you are light, others will be light. Out of past, present and future, present is very important, not the future. The present will create the future and the present will become the past, so past, present and future, all will be good. Baba is teaching us to be trikaldarshi. We have to be real now. What we want to be in the golden age, I have to be now. Don’t think it’s a big thing, it’s just paying attention and keeping that aim. We have come to Baba for that and we will become whatever percentage is required. Be in self-respect and give respect to those who don’t give you respect or love. It's a very beautiful feeling and also a very good service. That's our homework for tomorrow.

On Shanti!


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