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Lightness in the Service #22

Stay_in_AvyaktSilence22                Mohini_Didi               January 22, 2024

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is Baba’s valuable jewel, sparkling all the time. We are royal children and Baba doesn't want us to carry any burden. “How will it happen? What will happen? Will it happen?” Baba says that you don't have to think at all, merge in Baba’s love. I noticed that if the intellect and mind are busy in remembrance, churning of knowledge, then service is definitely part of Brahmin life. I remember that when I started service, it was like introducing your father, so it was so easy. I have to introduce my Father, I have to introduce the home. Knowledge was not just intellectual, knowledge was a real experience of your home, of your family, and the unlimited drama. It was very nice and easy to share knowledge with others. Even now, I find that service is expanding everywhere, both ways, whether it is spiritual service or karma yoga. 

Service is really to sustain the Yagya. That means whatever is required at that time to do in the Yagya, one shouldn't say, “I can’t do, it's not possible, this is not what I'm going to do.” You think of all Dadis and sisters who were with Baba. Dadi Gulzaar shares her experience that when she was little and some others were given the duty of washing pots, the pots were so big they had to get in the pot to wash it, but they enjoyed it. Whatever they did, whatever duty they were given, they did it with great happiness. Sustaining the Yagya is doing whatever the Yagya needs. That is why Baba gave the beautiful name to “All- Rounder Dadi.” They used to do security and everyone was given turns at night, sitting on the stool with the stick. I remember when some Dadis were sharing that they used to keep talking, so that if anyone came, they would know that they were awake. They did everything. You don't have to do all these things these days, but it was happily done, double light. Service is not just giving gyan, service is taking care of the Yagya. We are sustained by Baba, but through the Yagya, whether offering bhog to Baba, or cooking in Baba’s remembrance. In the lokik world, we are in a family, we have grandchildren, we keep going. This is also our unlimited family, love for the family, care for the family.  That is service. 

Every action, every thought, every word we say is like service. Constantly consider yourself to be double light and continue to do service. You do it easily, you will fly and make others fly. Baba says to be double light while doing service, to stay in remembrance. This is the basis of success. No matter how much noise, or how much of a tamoguni atmosphere there may be, the power of silence will finish all waste by stabilizing in the stage of being the best. With this elevated stage, you will be able to experience rest at that time. You won't feel as if you did something, but that you were in a restful state of mind. It's very beautiful. Tomorrow we will practice this, check on our stage, then we will make our stage. 

Om Shanti 


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