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Let There Be Easiness In Your Sanskars # 27

Liberation_in_Life_27                     Mohini_Didi               December 27, 2023

Om Shanti!

How is everyone? Okay? Well? Very good! Wonderful to see Avyakti Parivar. Everyone is happy and okay. Today, Baba was saying that everyone has to remain okay. Keep yourself well, keep your stage okay, and nothing is big. Dadi Gulzar always says that no circumstances are bigger than you. It comes, it goes, it can disappear, but what is important is to maintain your stage. We have to think about from where, what's the cause of problems or the situation? What's the reason? So, everyone works on one's own self. Like one of the stresses of the time. Some always feel they have less time, and are not able to be punctual, but you have to organise yourself in such a way that you can make it in time. Sometimes there is so much curiosity that you don't do what you're doing in the right way. You could have waited five minutes, two minutes. Then you get the news you did it wrong. So, I immediately said, “Okay, I know it was wrong, but it's not a big thing, it can be taken care of. When a solution comes in the mind, the mind gets very relaxed, mind gets okay, but if the mind is not easy, you find that no there is no solution. It's a big thing now. What's going to happen? So, I think internally, each one of us has to work on ourselves in such a way that we could remain double light. Always remain easy, but there is a lot of inner confusion, fear, uncertainty. So, just have patience, trust in Drama, the company of Baba, apply all that, and in applying what will you find? There is a solution, there is an answer. So, for tomorrow's homework, let us be easy, double light, then see how every problem, every situation is solved in a proper way. I think we have to believe it and do it and definitely we will find there are good experiences. When the mind is in tension, you see something and still you don't find it because of tension. When the mind is easy, you will find everything easy. What is it to be easy? To be light, to be double light. So, that's what we will do.

Om Shanti 

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