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Karankaravarhar - God and the Fortune #12

Karankaravanhar_12 Mohini_Didi July 12, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Is everyone okay, doing well? When we listen to the Avaykt Signals on Brahmachari, then the highest stage or the great stage of Brahma Baba is explained; our intellect should not be pulled, and all different points. Don’t think it's a very high destination, I think maybe you all are already there. We have to pay attention while doing actions and having interactions with others. One good point is that we don’t let our intellect get engaged in little things. We have to improve, we have to progress, we need to be together, we have to do all that. Just practice past is past, let go, move forward, make it a sanskar of not stopping everywhere. The scenes of Drama, and the parts of the souls are so much. For me, when I see not only little things but even big things, I immediately give it to Baba, “Baba, it’s Your Yagya, Your family, Your children.” I can only have good wishes. There could be so many things, so should I start resolving them, improving them, or I just say, “Let me keep my stage, and from there I can help.” If my stage is gone because I am disturbed, I can’t help. Even if you are not happy and say something, it does not work. We need to stay in a very loving, good way, good atmosphere, and good relationship. One thing I always do, I just keep a very loving relationship, because then one day we will be able to help, otherwise not. Many ask me, “How can you do this?” This one is doing this, or saying this. I say that it’s their karma. I will try my best to change, improve, be better, but not get affected.

Tomorrow, our churning or practice is about the intoxication and fortune that I have received from God. So, some people say, “You are lucky, you have such parents, you are very fortunate.” So, they use the words luck, fortune, and some call it destiny. So, I am very lucky, I am very fortunate, and all success is destined in my fortune. There is a song:’God, what did You see in me that You love me?’ Take a moment to think about what I have that is so special that Baba loved me. That is your virtue. That’s the quality I have that God looked at and wants to make me not only worthy, but worship worthy. You know recognition of Baba and Rajyog; it will happen worldwide, but India at this point is highest. Whether they are saints and sages, or politicians, they are amazed how much is being done. Not only that, but the atmosphere that is created, even here, I know for inauguration people came, it was so peaceful. Someone said, “It’s a living energy here.” In Hindi, one of the ministers was saying, ‘urja’, it’s like living energy. You feel that energy when you come.

So, Baba says that the time will come when you won’t have time for yourself, because there will be unlimited service. Like today, I got some news and I had to think about it. Immediately, I just said, “No, I can't put my intellect here. I will hold on and see at the right time, I will do it.” So, as Baba is saying, there will be a lot of big things and little things too. It’s a big family! What kind of actions do I have to do, where do I spend my time, where do I have to spend my thoughts? I am fortunate because God has adopted me. He is sustaining me, and as I said, He decided not to send us to any school or college, He opened a college for us. He decided not to send His children to another guru, He became the Satguru. Then, with the biggest thing of settling karmic accounts, He said, “Let me also become the Supreme Judge for that.” Just imagine that, when I am thinking this way, feeling good about it, I am repeating that my Father who adopted me. God didn't want to send me to school, but opened a school, and that’s what really happened. I love to say Satguru Baba, and then where else will we go? The same Baba is the Supreme Judge. Every night when I say good night to Baba, I say, “Baba, thank you for what you are. Thank you for being Supreme Judge, thank you for being Supreme Teacher, thank you for being Satguru.” The next morning when we begin our day, it’s very light.

So, how do I multiply my fortune? Through my thoughts, through my words, words of blessings, words of love, whatever is not right or weakness of someone, never say that to that person, never. That leaves a scratch on the heart, and then they can never give you that much love. Bring out a virtue that the soul needs, and talk about that virtue. That’s how Momma sustained everyone. Like someone gets impatient very quickly, so what does that person need, your comment that you are impatient? Instead, say that patience will be very valuable, let us use that quality. If you really want your fortune and respect from others, think about what virtue that soul needs more of. They have it but are not aware. You will see how beautifully it works. First, you become that image, with a lot of patience, observing, then we talk about things, and it gets better. If you change, that one must be changing, because we all are making effort. So, creating fortune, great acts, or charitable acts, are called giving blessings to someone. I always look at everyone and say that this soul has so much beauty and love and potential and sweetness, but Maya creates certain obstacles. That’s okay, we have to be victorious. So, it’s really beautiful to look within the family, this will help the energy. We are all helping to uplift each other.

This year, the topic is spiritual empowerment for kindness and compassion. Our kindness towards each other is not to see weakness, but to see the strength of that person. I always say that if Baba has chosen the soul, I have to keep loving. I have to see that soul as an instrument, but certain settling is happening, and as soon as that is over, there is expression of love. So, do not react, it’s all right, it’s that soul’s karma, that soul’s part. I have a lot of good wishes, just being more sensible, more stable, and giving more blessings. If you can’t give sometime, then use the card and read that out. I say that only God can give blessings, but I have good wishes and want to share that with you. Then, I read the card. I always keep some cards of blessings with me. So, keep increasing fortune, 100% fortunate. I am the heir soul of God, not only soul, but heir soul. That means that we are the ones who sustain Baba’s Yagya and do unlimited world service. Okay, so tomorrow this will be our practice.

Om Shanti


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