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Karankaravarhar - Conclusion & Experiences #31

Karankaravanhar_31 Mohini_Didi July 31, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Happy? Okay? Good! Whenever I listen to Baba, I start thinking. Baba explains everyday, it’s a new day, but you have to make it new. So, I was thinking what that means, to make it new. Baba said, “Your attitude should be different, your drishti should be different”. Baba is saying to make it new. So, tomorrow I have to make my day new, what is new? I was reflecting on the practice of soul consciousness, we call it ‘Atmic sthiti, soul conscious stage’. Then comes ‘adhyatmik sthiti’, which means you become spiritual. When there’s soul consciousness, the mind and intellect become very subtle. So, when the mind and intellect are subtle, then you keep going beyond everything that is physical, gross, temporary. Then with my attitude, first is that I myself, I am in soul consciousness and beyond, I am love, I am peace, I am pure. Nothing from here will touch me in soul consciousness, in my spirituality.

My realization about Karankaravan was that Baba makes it happen for me or makes me do, but we sometimes think Baba has to do. Karankaravanhar means He will do it, but who is Karavanhar? We will be Karavanhar. It’s so interesting that yesterday I went to Peace Village, and the family was very happy. Someone was saying that we have to keep doing it. I said that I don’t think we can keep doing it, but Baba will make us do it. One is of course Baba’s power, Baba’s love, Baba’s help will be there, but one of us will have to be the instrument. So, we allow ourselves, or we have to surrender, we have to be conqueror of matter, we have to be conqueror of many things. When we are conquerors, when we are victorious, Baba is able to use us. If I’m not free, I am still in bondage, Baba can’t make us instruments. So it is both ways: I have to prepare myself, and then Baba will get it done through me. The more this realization comes, the more I am able to say ‘yes Baba’ or increase my dharna, and make my intellect and mind very subtle. It’s not that Baba has to make me ready, I have to be ready. That means I can not just leave it on Baba. Let’s say if you have to play a part, you’re not ready, your costume is not ready, your expression is not ready. So, when I am ready, then Karankaravanhar can immediately use me. Like having an elevated thought, “Baba, I really want to be your right hand.” Then I think about being a right hand, and I try to prepare myself for being a right hand. Then Baba can use me as His right hand.

So, everyday I had been realizing a little bit, understanding more, and my final conclusion is that I have to be ready so that He can use me as an instrument. My fortune is created but also my experience, and then I have to be willing. I have to be ready, I need to have determination and then Baba can definitely make it happen. This brings happiness to everyone, and also we earn fortune from there.

Om Shanti

The Greatness of Purity - The Breath of Brahmin Life

Om Shanti!

Thoughts are the seeds for the action, and then the action is the seed for our experiences. First is the thought, the seed. Baba is putting this thought that what we have to do for the month of August. Baba said that you will need determination. So from this morning’s Murli, my yoga should be such that I am able to create the fire and burn the sanskars, and also, at present, experience happiness and power. So how important our thoughts are, because I will sow the seed. Then there is this whole experience of the sanskars being burned, sinful actions being burned. I remember Mamma used to tell us when we were young that if you have a long term sickness, you recover from that sickness, but the weakness of that sickness remains. I always relate with that because I know once I had typhoid, or even now people had Covid, and what they complain about until now is that ‘I am not that strong as I was, weakness is still there’. So, there are certain weaknesses, and those weaknesses emerge from time to time. Baba says that ’vansh and ansh’, that whole clan is gone, but a few little traces are left. Only I will know internally what those traces are. When we pay attention, we are able to change that. I always look at myself and say, “What can I change in myself? How can I progress, improve myself?” So, I immediately know from where this subtle kind of something just emerges. Also, in the Brahmin family, there is constant learning. Every time you feel that I could have done better, this could have been better, that is good. Realization is always good. When there is purity, you don’t feel guilty about anything, you don’t feel bad about anything, but you say, “Yes, that’s another learning.”

Purity is greatness, and it keeps you very light. Not only light, but also Brahmachary, happy hearted. Maintaining that happiness all the time is very important. Very subtle traces have to be removed. I always feel with people that one is deficiency, and the other is weakness. With deficiency, you need a supplement. So I have to look for that, and as many supplements as we take, definitely we become stronger and stronger. So, giving yourself those points of knowledge, I am understanding, I am learning. How to keep myself safe? Today Baba gave an example whether it’s circumstances or not, but He always says, ‘Maya’. Maya is so interesting. Vices, you can understand, but Maya is illusion, deception. There’s an example of a lot of praise, a lot of sound, so those who believe in evil, they say, “Oh, must be that right. There must be some evil spirits.” There are many examples of Maya. Vices we conquer, but Maya we haven’t conquered. Conqueror of Maya is our last stage, because it comes in such an illusive way, you don’t find any reason, but it does happen. Maya definitely will try right, but we have to keep a very good chart. So, we will begin our new homework of “purity is greatness” and feel that greatness.

Om Shanti

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