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It Is Nothing New #1

Updated: Apr 1

Become_a_Carefree_Emperor_1      Mohini_Didi           March 1, 2024

Om Shanti!

Baba’s carefree emperors. Emperors of the land free from sorrow. Baba’s every word feels like we have to think about it. Do we really have that experience? Are we really living a life with all the attainments from Baba? Baba is the Bestower. Baba is the one who creates the fortune, Baba is the one who really gives us all the blessings. So keeping this all in our awareness, what are my Father‘s qualities? It’s very interesting that if you are not aware, then there won’t be the power or the qualities of royalty which we should have. Otherwise, we will still have needs, and not the experience of all  attainments. Like being a carefree king and a king of the land free from sorrow.  Even when I am in this land and I am carefree, so many situations come. Sometimes we are concerned about situations of the past, sometimes of the present, and sometimes of the future. Baba is giving us a mantra that we all should always remember. That mantra is ‘nothing new’. Whatever happened last kalpa is happening now and whatever is happening now, will happen in the next kalpa. That is why Didi Manmohini always used to remind us, whatever is happening has happened before, so where should I focus? In the present, right? So, she always used to say that whatever is happening is beneficial, and whatever will happen in the future is also beneficial. For that, Baba is giving us one mantra, ‘nothing new’,  Drama repeats, and it is accurate, I have to be carefree. You are the ones who invoke the old world to go and the new world to come. So definitely there will be ups and downs. No matter what happens, just remain carefree. In the old world, and in the old buildings, the same things will happen, some things will break, and some things will fall. It is nothing new. All of this is to happen and is appropriate. We are carefree emperors. Looking at the world as the old world, Baba is creating the new world. So if that is in the mind, then if anything in the house breaks down, starts leaking or something is happening, we immediately say, “Anyway, it’s the old house.” In the world also, there are calamities. Anything that happens we immediately say that it’s the old world and ‘nothing new’. So we take this homework for today, we will pay attention to the situations, and immediately remind ourselves of ‘nothing new’ and be carefree kings. 

Om Shanti 


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