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Ignorant of the knowledge of Desire #16

Elevated_Self_Respect_16 Mohini_Didi June 16, 2023

Om Shanti!

I am thinking about when Baba says something, we look at ourselves. Today Baba is talking about the Ocean of Love. Not a river of love, nor pond, but Ocean, that means unlimited. Baba says whatever happens never get angry, forceful or upset. How many of us can get this certificate? Yes, we can pay attention. Being Baba’s child, Baba is the Ocean of Love so we all have to be master ocean of love. We all have to look at ourselves. Baba says in the murli that children should be very sweet, but when there is love there is also care and care brings the feeling of belonging.

One of the homeworks Baba has been giving us is to maintain self respect. What is maintaining self respect? Yesterday Baba said you all are the trunk of the tree, all the branches of all the religions are part of the trunk. That means founders of different religions all from the sanatan dharma, they are also branches from the deity religion. It’s true because when you look at history, the patents are from the deity religion. Baba says you have to sustain them, give them love and respect to everyone because when you are in self respect you will get respect.

Baba is taking another aspect, if you are in self respect you will never have desire to get respect. Dadi Prakashmani used to share a story that Baba used to look at when he did something, how many got wasteful thoughts. Baba would give dhristi to everyone, but wouldn’t give dhristi to Dadi or toli. Generally one who doesn’t get that would internally ask why Baba left me out, why didn’t Baba give to me, but she would keep smiling, knowing that Baba was testing her. Dadi said she would look at Baba as if she didn’t even notice what he was doing. She was in self respect. She knew Baba loved her, she is a worthy child and has a good part to play. She had to take care of the Yagya. One of the things we have to see is any little thing, sometimes a lack of recognition and you get a lot of wasteful thoughts. Why is my name not mentioned or I want to be in front, are subtle desires. Whatever part you are playing, do it properly. We always think of other people’s parts. If I play the part I have accurately, not only will there be respect, but I will be able to maintain self respect. I think you all can look at your journey. When I think of my journey, I always just wanted to be behind, but it never happened. Whatever part Baba has given, I have to play accurately and happily. If my eyes are always on the part of someone else, it’s lack of self respect. Baba is saying that when there is self respect you will get respect but also give respect. Not only what I receive, but I have to give respect. Baba is saying that if limited desires arise or wasteful thoughts come, that means you are in body consciousness there is ego of the body.

Yesterday when I was offering bhog to Baba it was such a beautiful experience of the soul going beyond the awareness of the body. The body is of five elements so I am different, I am separate. These are big unlimited elements I have to go above all that. Then I enter the element of light and just find Baba there as incorporeal or angelic, but that requires practice. It should not take 1-10 minutes to go beyond, to be near Baba and get signals. How will you understand signals unless we go there? Very quickly, it should take a half a minute or less to go beyond the body, because the body is of five elements and the soul is separate. It’s a very good practice to keep observing.

One way definitely, to have self respect is, we are Baba’s heir children we are Baba’s worthy children. We don’t waste thoughts nor do we have any limited desires. That’s our homework for tomorrow. Just remember that maintaining this awareness will create a stage and that stage will help us to pass with honor in all circumstances.

Om Shanti


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