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I Am An Angel and So A Deity #30

Love_for_Solitude_30 Mohini_Didi January 30, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

We are all well and we are together. Everyone says how being with the family brings a lot of power and happiness. So thank you for making yourself present. Just imagine, we are able to meet everyone, see everyone, communicate, share our feelings. So the month of January is ending. Everyone made sincere efforts to create self-respect, increase concentration, and enjoy solitude. We could have done much more, but still we will say that yes, we did make effort. So, the aim really was to be in the Avyakt stage and to become Angel, double light. These days especially, the atmosphere and sometimes one's own thoughts can create some burden. Suddenly I start feeling heavy, but with these practices, we immediately think, “No, I have to create a body of an angel, because if I can get detached from the body and create the body of light, that's what we will need to do more and more. Baba is saying that we have to be constant donors. The easiest way to serve, Baba said, is to be an easy server, when you think that I have to give, I have to give. So, yesterday it was the image of virtues, whether becoming an image or a donor of powers and virtues. I've been thinking about how each virtue really works like a power. Wherever you need it, as Baba said, tolerance is the armor. You wear the armor, so Maya cannot attack. Maya will not give up, but I have to be victorious. Victory over Maya, victory over matter, but not through battle now. I think the battle is over. We are not on the battlefield anymore, but yes, some tests will definitely come. We are studying, so some tests come at the end. Those tests are not to defeat us or anything, but just to increase our power.

So, we have to be constantly making efforts and I think that this whole timetable, the discipline which has been created is necessary, is useful. Amrithvela, we all have to do. Traffic control, we have to do it. We have to listen to murli. The Brahmin routine is very important to follow, because when we follow the routine then even if there is fluctuation in the mind, with the routine, it comes back very quickly into a good stage. Sometimes because of laziness or carelessness, we are not able to follow the routine. Whether I listen murli or not, it doesn't matter, I can just read it. Look at Brahma Baba, how he properly studied for 39 years. I have to continue on the journey to become perfect, then you have to keep making efforts properly. Baba always says that we have conquered efforts properly myself, but sometimes laziness or carelessness overtakes. So I was asking someone, “Do you attend the evening Avyakti parivar?” “Oh yeah, I used to but then in between I did sometimes and sometimes not, but now I think I should do it every day.” So anything that you keep consistent with externally, it will help the stage also. Now Baba says that we want our treasures to be full. So then we have to keep putting in the treasures. Baba is asking us to have a practice. When we sit in meditation we all will create the body of light and then Baba says to have a practice to stop the traffic of the mind. Actually, we have to receive from Baba. We keep creating in the sense that our mind keeps working. So when you pay attention and say, “Let me stop.” Then you feel from Baba. Something we all want to do. Something new, new service, bigger service right, but that touching has to come from Baba. I was thinking today we have to do something big and consistent because of COVID, we haven’t done a lot of programs. Now we must do it as long as we can, because situations can change anytime.

So, we have to increase power in our thoughts, power in our words, power in our actions. This practice will help us, but we are doing actions and suddenly we should feel a pull from inside, and then we stop actions for a while, even for a few minutes. When I speak, even in the evening, when I am saying something, I also say, “Let me pause, let me feel it.” Let me feel what I am saying, because when we feel it, then it feels so real and that also becomes our stage. Angelic stage, detached stage, detached observer, lotus like. One is through intellect, the other is through words, and third is experience. Whatever we experience, that becomes our stage. The stage won't be just by thinking, and now very very soon, Baba says, you have to be a consistent donor, but also Angel so deity. Deities have the power of purity. Deities have love and harmony, very peaceful, loveful, but also, what is important is to purify the elements, make them satopradhan. So when the soul becomes satopradhan, the elements also become satopradhan. Nature has a big role to play in our lives. Look at the whole world, all the five elements and so many people. So that is why, we have to give through our vibrations, Baba calls it rays, rays of light, rays of love.

So it's very interesting, the service that we all will be doing very soon. You constantly have to be a great donor. Through words, you can get tired, but through giving vibrations, spreading the rays, you don’t get tired. Anything else, when it comes through words or actions, you cannot be consistent. You have to take a break. Whenever I think of Brahma Baba, I can feel he is in remembrance. Through remembrance, he was giving us power. So, whatever efforts we make will also give power to others. Baba says that we are helping others as donors, but that's only possible if I am in that stage. So, I like this very much, and I must say that each one of us to a certain extent is an angel. Sometimes, human nature emerges. There is very little difference now, we have to become perfect and then give Baba’s message to everyone. So let’s think about angels so deities.

Om Shanti

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