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I am a Soul Who has the Fortune of Happiness #9

Love_for_Solitude_9 Mohini_Didi January 9,2023

Om Shanti Everyone !

Is it because of fortune I am happy, or because I'm happy, I'm fortunate? We used to play Baba’s murli song, “I Have Come Having Awakened My Fortune”. Did I come with an awakened fortune or is it because I came, my fortune has awakened? It's both. I am fortunate to come to Baba, but after coming to Baba, I have to accumulate more fortune. The same is with happiness. Some people are sensitive so they sulk very quickly. Even if you give them everything they won't accept it, but if they don't get it then also they don't feel good. All of us have to observe in a very subtle way that my nature remains joyful, happy and remains feeling full. When you have this nature then whatever you do or say, you're creating the fortune of joy. It's coming to my heart that Bhumiben has a lot of qualities but one of her specialities is joyful. I like it because then the vibrations around me are of happiness and joy. If anyone who is around you is joyful, you also feel those vibrations.

Practice going into the depth of the Ocean, as far you can go. If you have half an hour in the morning or Amrit Vela, take Baba's quality of purity and keep taking those vibrations, not only will you feel pure, you experience Baba as Purifier and you merge into that. You start feeling inside all the impurities are being removed. Solitude is going in depth of one ‘Ekanth’. ‘Ek’ is one and ‘Anth’ is the end. That means the bottom, the depth.

When you are joyful and happy, very positive things emerge in the mind. You feel ‘yes, it's going to happen, everything will be okay’. If you are not joyful you are very negative. We feel ‘I don't think this will work’ and keep crossing the line on our own fortune. If I am joyful, I am always very positive, hopeful. Internally all the answers and the thoughts come which are very much full of love, hope and determination, everything comes from there. Why is it so important to maintain this awareness of your own fortune of joy? Baba said there is intoxication, but also practically, you see that when you are happy, everything will work. Otherwise, you are disappointed with yourself and others and in that you know we have to be careful, because we have to create fortune.

How is fortune created as a plus in actions? It’s so deeply like plus and minus we don't know sometimes. We have to pay so much attention to accumulate. “Oh, I created fortune. I added more to my fortune.” Keep saying it for life. Go in front of God with so much contentment, happiness. Let him bless you. You will always remain happy. Never go with sorrow, or a sad face. You will find that you receive many blessings. If you remain happy, it will be in your fortune. Some blame fortune for their happiness, but we should never make fortune unhappy with us. These are very subtle aspects. Sometimes we use the words, ‘It's not in my fortune’. Why not? It's my fortune, should I claim it or cancel it? One can cancel by saying, ‘I don't think I am fortunate enough for this’. Will you have first prize? I don't think it's in my fortune. Why not? It's in my fortune. I will claim it. Don't cancel your fortune or blame your fortune, but claim your fortune. ‘Yes, I am a number one soul. Baba had said I am victorious.” That is why Baba said, faith and victory. Deep within, when there is faith there is joy. I remember the character of Hanuman. He knew that where there is God there is victory. Whatever was happening, he was smiling. He knew there would be victory. Where there is God, there is victory. I also like this. Solitude means being with Baba. The more you are in the company of Baba, the more you will always not only be cheerful and joyful, but you know you will be victorious.

Whatever adverse, challenging situation, which you have to pass, if there is faith, determination you will claim it. I would want all of you to think about claiming your fortune of joy by being joyful. This is my confluence aged, beautiful life. God has given it to me, why should I not be joyful. Which other birth will I be joyful? This is the most auspicious one. That means if you do anything with Baba's love and bhavana as much as the percentage of love and bhavana that many fold you will get. Whether it's 100 fold or thousand-fold, it depends on the intensity of those pure feelings and love. Not only for Baba, but what you're doing, serving. Tomorrow you can experiment, when you are cooking or doing cleaning or any action you're doing just do with intoxication, lots of love. It’s Yagya seva, then you see how your joy multiplies and your fortune also. When you're doing it happily you will get to do it. If your face is like you are being forced. you won't get it. Maybe a time will come, you won't get seva. Every step as we understand on this journey, we accumulate our fortune.

When I came to gyan, to many I seemed fearless. Someone asked do we have any fear? I said, “Yes one, if I say no to God and then later on He doesn't look at me and doesn't offer me anything.” It's the only fear I have. I could say ‘yes’ to Baba and that is where accumulation happens at the right time, right moment. Baba remembers you, invites that child, thinks of that child, that child has been very good. If your stage has been fluctuating, your joy has been appearing and disappearing then Baba also has to think this soul is not that happy while doing it. Another one will get a chance. Baba’s task has to be done anyway. Keep the aim, if I say, yes to God, I am saying yes to my fortune. Dadi Janki always says fortunate ones at the confluence age are busy with service. They get enough service. Some keep asking, “Can I do something?” Joy and fortune have a deep connection. If we are happy, joyful our features are very bright, very beautiful and reveal Baba. As much as possible, whatever inner, external, physical situation is there, don't lose your joy. The more joyful you are, the more chances you will get to create your fortune. What I am saying from the Avyakti signal is that we all are very fortunate, because we are joyful and by remaining joyful we will create our fortune forever. Not only in confluence age but for the whole cycle. Then again at confluence age, we will be happy. It's not our fortune for one age or 21 births, but kalpa after kalpa. That was one of the strong lessons I learned. Didi Manmohini used to say, if you do great, then fortune kalpa after kalpa. If you don't do it now you won't be able to do the next kalpa. Let's claim joyful fortune kalpa after kalpa not only birth after birth and let Baba also be revealed through that. When there is joy there is some good power, good energy. When you are not happy you don't have energy. It's if you have energy you are happy. I would say, be happy and let energy come through happiness. If today, you don't have energy, at least be happy. The revival of energy will happen, it will come back. These are little subtle points. Let's claim our fortune of joy.

Om Shanti

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