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God Shiva’s Versions –The True Guide #18

God_Shiva’s_Versions_18 Mohini_Didi February 18, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Each of Baba’s children has a lot of love for Baba, and love for each other. There is also purity in everyone. Purity in thoughts and attitude, but we need to change that into power to discern, to recognize, and to imbibe. I was thinking, how do we increase our power to discern? All of us make mistakes, but no one does it intentionally. Everyone wants to give happiness to each other accurately, but sometimes what we decide might not be right. Our point of purity is that my eternal and original religion is purity. Always remember purity, peace, and happiness, never lose them. Everyone definitely has purity, but sometimes we lose peace, love, and happiness. In the last murli, Avyakt Bapdada said that whatever happens, don't lose happiness. Then others will be happy, and everything will be okay. These are very simple points, but we need to practice.

One happiness of parents is to see that all their children have love for each other and are united. I remember that during Brahma Baba's time, souls had different sanskars, and they would have conflict. Baba was never very concerned. He said that if she cannot stay, it's all right, let another center be opened. Otherwise, how will centers increase? A second point is that Dadi Janki used to say, “Attachment is worse than conflict. When people are attached, then it's very difficult to make them detach, but if they are not getting along, it's all right.” I used to be surprised how they looked at different sanskars of each soul.

When I came to New York, there were a lot of challenges for us. We had very little resources and many used to ask because I came from a very big center in India, very good living, “Why did you sacrifice?” I answered that our life is sacrificed. When we sacrifice, we get an award from Baba. Today, look at what we are in the USA. I have to believe it must be God. Each one of us is sacrificing for God, whether it is serving through the body or with limited resources. Internally, we know why we came to Baba, and also why we are committed. We want to help Baba in establishment. The family is unlimited. There were 300 of them together. They would do things together, dance and sing, but Maya doesn't leave. As soon as everything is okay, Maya wants to do something. If your stage is good, Maya is watching. You think you are okay, then someone says something and we lose our strength. Something will happen. Maya sees that we are very peaceful, so she does something to disturb the soul to see how stable they are. Someone went to Baba and asked him, “Please tell Maya not to do this.” Baba said, “No, I will tell Maya to fight strongly, because that will make you strong.” We have to be careful, because it's a cycle: a day will pass peacefully, two days, and then something will happen. One time Dadi Gulzar said, ``It will come through someone's anger or mistakes. Maya doesn't have its own entity. Maya comes through the sanskars, our sanskars, and sanskars of others.” We should laugh at Maya, don't wilt or be affected. Don't lose peace, especially power. You might be having good yoga, and a few thoughts can make you powerless. That is the time when you have to remind yourself, ‘Who am I?’ Eternally, who I am, keep remembering that and that I am a student. You have such a good example of Brahma Baba. Whatever little time there is, listen to murli again, reflect on points and keep experiencing Satguru Baba's blessings, because we are at the Confluence Age.

The Confluence Age is very valuable. This is the time when the fight is on. Baba says, in the Golden Age and Silver Age, when there are deities, there are no devils. We have them at the Confluence Age. In the outside world, you cannot trust, there are frauds and a lot of greed and anger. Baba has told us that this will happen, but children have to be victorious. That is why, we have time to be just with Baba. Don't see or hear anything that is not necessary, because it affects the stage. Whenever these challenges come, we should just remind ourselves that it's okay. I have to be a victorious soul. Everyone will have different kinds of tests, but all will be tested. A good student is not scared of tests. Baba has said in the murli, that you have boxing with Maya. In boxing, they hit each other hard so we try to be strong. Maya says, “I am also strong, you are still in my kingdom.” Baba is with us, so we are able to take sustenance from Baba, but we still have to be very careful to not be affected by whatever is happening in the world outside. We are connected to only what is necessary, but do not follow anything because there is always a trap. You can keep getting caught up. Stay under this canopy of Parents, Teacher, and Satguru Baba, and this will help us.

We will take homework for tomorrow, Baba is my Friend. You can talk to Baba, you tell Him everything. Baba is the one who will help in anything, whether you have to hold His hand in one relationship or another, just keep Baba with you. Don't let Baba go, because our lives are different from other people. They can be without God's remembrance, but we cannot. When you remember Baba, the power to discern will increase. There used to be a tradition when I was going out for service and coming back, we would go to Baba's room. When you sit for a few minutes in Baba's remembrance, anything you have forgotten to take, you will remember. Baba protects us from getting into the wrong things: where to get affiliated, or go for a talk or not. That's why when I came, Baba told me to keep your line of intellect clear, not to engage, so that Baba can touch your intellect. We have to depend on Baba when it comes to discerning, not under fear, pressure, or worry. When you sit with Baba, you will find that Baba has helped you to decide. There will be blessings, and it will be smooth. Everything will be easy. Dadi Janki always used to say, “The most important thing is to keep your feelings clean, then your discernment will work.” If you decide based on feelings, that might not be right. Baba as Friend is a beautiful experience for tomorrow, and we are remembering all the relationships, Father, Mother, Teacher, Satguru, Friend. Baba is my Friend, but am I a good friend of Baba? Baba doesn’t need anything, but we have to also always look at Baba and ask what we can do. In one murli, Baba said, you say “ji hazoor”, Baba says “ji hazir”. Yes, I am present. Also, this is a very incognito, loveful, soul conscious relationship with God. It's only at the Confluence Age that we have the privilege to play this part as a friend.

Om Shanti

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