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God Shiva’s Versions –The Supreme Father#15

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

God_Shiva’s_Versions_15 Mohini_Didi February 15, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay? Are you Holy swans, aware of your powers and your specialty? I was thinking that Baba has such a high vision of each one of us. Every time Baba starts murli, I say, “Let’s see how He is seeing us today?” Today He saw us with all the treasures. So, do you also see yourself as Baba sees you? That is all the effort we need to do, is to look at yourself, not what you are at present, but How Baba is looking at you. What is Baba’s drishti on me, how does Baba look at me? Sometimes as lotus flower, sometimes holiest, sometimes highest, sometimes richest. We tend to look at ourselves in an ordinary way, or the way others look at us. Even if someone says that you are so and so, I say, “Baba didn’t say that to me. No, I am not that.” I don’t allow their opinion to affect me. I immediately look at Baba. Baba, how do you look at me? Think about this for a moment, we can make an effort just to look at one’s own self, and also others, as a family, that we are holy swans. Today, Baba said that we have all the treasures. Do you all agree? So, from today on, you will make an effort to look at yourself the way Baba is looking at you. You will see how Baba is giving extra help for transformation.

Shiv Baba told Brahma Baba that this is what you are going to become. After that, Baba never thought about whether or not I would be able to do it. When many people said so many negative things, it didn’t affect him. He remembered what God had told him. God is the Fortune Maker, my Parent. The Father of the soul is telling us, “Children, you have all the treasures.” So, look at yourself as being full of attainments. I have so many attainments, and wealth of knowledge, and it’s not ordinary knowledge. As soon as we heard the knowledge, we came to Baba, we received a divine intellect. Our thinking changed completely, our journey began, our aim of life is completely different, and our task completely different. I am not part of destruction, I am part of construction, and always positive.

Someone asked me, “What is it to be merciful on the self?” I said, “Look at yourself the way Baba looks at you.” Baba doesn’t look at us with mercy. Baba looks at us with so much dignity. We focus on little weaknesses, and we keep thinking that this has to be changed, that has to change. I have to look at myself with love, and this will keep us always happy. It is such a simple way to reveal God. Baba says that your face should show that we have all the treasures, and we have contentment. When we listen to Baba, we should apply what we hear immediately. Today, Baba said that we have the treasures of knowledge and yoga, then dharna (all virtues). He didn’t mention service. Many called me, and we were chatting about it. This means we have to value time very much. This is the only time to make ourselves elevated, to create fortune, to serve through our minds. This is valuable time, and also auspicious. During the day, keep the awareness of Baba’s drishti on you, and your own drishti on yourself. So that level of purity in my attitude then purifies all the elements. I have a lot of experience with that.

You must have experimented with Baba as the Comforter of Hearts. Today, I keep thinking that we have to be like Baba, that is, to comfort the hearts of others. It really works wonders. We also have to become a bestower of blessings, ‘Vardani’. Just keep sharing the blessings. First you receive that blessing, then others will get it. The heart is completely healed. Look at Baba, He gives comfort, courage and strength. My relationship with Baba is to bring His qualities into my actions.This divine birth, that we take through knowledge, the inheritance, that we receive, there is such a contrast of what I was and what I am now. If I was not Baba’s child, what would I have been? All mothers would have been sitting around with grandchildren, waiting with attachment. You are not waiting for them to come, you have a lot of respect, but Baba has given us the task of remembering Him, we are busy with our efforts, and our aim in life is different now. In Sakar murli, Baba spoke about inheritance. Baba says that our inheritance is Baba’s qualities. I should keep the aim during the day to at least use one of those qualities. When anyone calls, I say with a lot of love, “Om shanti, are you okay? Do you need anything?” Do this with a lot of love, and you will see what the other side receives. Even when I am busy, I answer without a rush. I take time, make it full of vibrations of peace, Baba’s love and remembrance, and many beautiful things happen.

In the lokik world, there is so much fighting and quarrels for inheritance. Here, Baba says to take as much as you want. No one has to fight. Remember Baba, not only when you sit in yoga, but the whole day. I always say that whatever I do is my fortune and my karma, in the form of giving love, giving respect, and trusting others. Whatever others do is their karma. I always keep attention to not respond or react the way other people do. It is my karma, I am creating my destiny. It is my thoughts, I have my good wishes, and good words. Let me sow the seeds, break the bondages from the past, and create elevated sanskars. Just imagine, if we didn’t have different sanskars, we would have been like puppets. Everyone plays their own sanskars. I have to play with my sanskars, and I have to sow the seed of elevated actions, elevated thoughts, and elevated words. In this way, we maintain good vibrations, good attitude, and we are able to change even the elements, the atmosphere. There is a new brother, and I was asking if he needed anything. He said, even before I think, I get that. My need is fulfilled even before I express my need. I say that's the true relationship with Baba as a trustee. Just keep your heart pure, loving, truthful and every day, and keep seeing the wonders of God. Only that awareness is necessary, don’t forget. Once awareness is there, it definitely works. It is powerful. So, tomorrow we will spend time thinking of different qualities, and be with our Supreme Father.

Om Shanti

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