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God Shiva’s Versions - Spiritual Surgeon #21

God_Shiva’s_Versions_21 Mohini_Didi February 21, 2022

Om shanti everyone!

We listen to Baba, we come one step forward and Baba takes us another step forward. Baba says to pay more attention to our thoughts and words. Especially the words because they are not only for the self, but connected with many others. We have to keep courage and maintain enthusiasm to move forward, because there’s the connection of forgetfulness and impurity. Baba says we are pure, but as your purity increases, your remembrance becomes more natural. Remembrance in a very subtle form. If you are cooking, the awareness is cooking for Baba, not for anyone else. Our dadi’s used to give an example to mothers that if your children like something and you cook for them, it's like you are very subtly remembering them. Remembrance while doing actions has to be based on relationship. Baba is the one who is sustaining me, so as Baba is sustaining, anything I do, there should be natural remembrance. The dadi’s were able to remember Baba a lot. That is why whenever there was any situation, favorable or adverse, they were very stable. I always look at Brahma Baba for my courage. We have to be natural. There shouldn't be any tension because sometimes there could be tension for effort. Baba says, full stop, drama. Move forward, don't stop, but don't feel bad about anything.

Today we are thinking of Baba as Creator. Baba comes and gives us the knowledge of the creation. We are Brahmin souls, very close to Baba, a direct creation. Then we go into the golden age, then gradually, the degrees of purity reduce. We are in this cycle of birth and rebirth, every birth alloy from the past sanskars gets mixed in. Gradually the degrees of purity reduces. There is a hundred percent soul consciousness in the golden age, that also reduces. Soul is using matter, nature and material things to sustain the body. We start losing the identity that I am a soul. These are very natural things, but sometimes the ego of intellect doesn't allow us to accept it. In the four seasons, it could be a mild winter, but winter time is winter. Baba said that it spins gradually. It's the Creator who explains about the creation in many different ways. One of the most important things is that now is the time to ascend. You sometimes go and then could slip back a step or two but it's a time of ascending. Ascending is very joyful, but it is steep. We have to be very careful. Deeply within, keep Baba with us. Baba is leading me. He is the one who is the Creator, He is holding my hand, that helps us to be consistent, calm, moving forward, Gradually you start seeing the transformation within you. We have to follow the directions of Baba, the Director of Drama. Someone asked me, “Is my part destined or based on my efforts?” Baba keeps saying make effort. Yesterday Baba said be introverted, accumulate. Baba used two words: use and lose. You have to use, but it sometimes becomes lose because of waste. It's Baba’s love and power which helps us reach that state because we are on a journey together with Baba. I always say Shiv Baba, Brahma Baba then all our ancestor souls, ascending together.

Baba is a Spiritual Surgeon. When I go to the doctor, if I’m not honest, how will he give treatment? You explain your symptoms, the diagnosis begins, then the cure begins. We have to go to the Surgeon to see how he can help us. We say surgeon because surgery has to be done. Dadi Janki used to talk a lot about heart surgery. If there are blockages then there is not enough supply of blood to your heart. If your bhavana and love are not increasing, there must be some blockage. Baba is a well known surgeon. If there is any kind of hurt in the heart, if you do feel subtle pain, tell Baba. I have experienced a lot of healing from Baba in many situations. Whenever there were any big situations, I felt I just wanted to rest, then I would dream about Baba and He would give me a big hug and when I woke up there was no pain. When we first came to the USA, we didn't have any insurance or doctors. If we were guests at someone's home we didn't want to tell them we’re not feeling well, because it's a burden. I would just lie down, go to Baba and see Baba calling me and saying, “okay child I will treat you.” All of us can experiment, go to Baba as Spiritual Surgeon, tell Baba your difficulty, and let him take care. This is something very subtle.

Sometimes there is fear. If there is subtle fear for the future, I become nervous and confused about the present. Every moment I say this moment is so good, everything is okay, I start living more at present. Otherwise there is so much anxiety these days. We help ourselves by taking help from Baba. I keep reminding myself, I am okay now and let me sustain that thought. Take power from that thought. I am planning to go to India, there could be a lot of anxiety about how it will work out. Baba will take care but today, I’m accumulating, remaining strong, is very important at this time. Always remember Baba is with us, Baba is our companion, Baba has put us on this path. You wouldn't have taken this journey, but the Guide himself showed us the path so we follow His directions with a lot of love, free from anxiety and worry, and keep moving forward.

Om Shanti!

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