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God Shiva’s Versions – Beyond Birth and Death #2

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

God_Shiva’s_Versions_2 Mohini_Didi February 2, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is well, okay? Baba keeps us very well here in Avyakti Parivar, all very happy, very full. At the Confluence Age, time, energy, and thought are very valuable. Every moment there are side scenes, and I should only listen to and see what is useful for me. So, it is a lot of effort, there will always be scenes of Drama, and we all have to pass with honors. We have taken these points so that we have a clear introduction of Baba, not only clear, but a full introduction, an accurate introduction. So, whenever I want to connect with Baba, I am connecting with that total introduction. Brahma Baba’s remembrance was very powerful. His awareness had power, and it was also becoming consistent. That is the final stage, when you are embodiment of awareness your all attachments finish.

Our Baba is World Benefactor, Point of Light, and beyond birth and death. The soul enters in the womb of the mother and we call it birth, and when the soul leaves the body, we call it death.The cycle of birth and death. Why is it called a cycle? Baba has explained to us that there are 84 births in the cycle. So, let us start at the Confluence Age, which is a mouth born, pure birth. Shiv Baba speaks through Brahma Baba, we listen to knowledge, and I understand that I am a soul and this is my body. Recently Baba mentioned that a whole new, alokik and Godly life begins for me, like a new birth. So, it is important to remember that I am in this Godly birth, spiritual birth, and then we claim inheritance from Baba. At Confluence Age, a lot has to be done, settle the past, and create for 21 births, for present and future.There are so many old sanskars that have certain habits, certain ways to think, so that is why Baba talks of transformation. Every moment something can emerge from the past, but I have to clear it, settle it, and remind myself what I want to create. Baba uses the words detachment and lovely; detachment while settling, and lovely while creating. When I talk with love, express my feelings of love, I am creating Golden Aged sanskars, and I have to be detached while settling. Baba says that this is the first birth out of 21, the birth of jeevan mukti. Baba is the Liberator and Guide. What does He liberate us from and where He is guiding us to? I always say, “Baba, you are the Liberator from sorrow and the Bestower of happiness. You are guiding us towards the land of peace and happiness.” So, based on all these elevated actions, we settle the past karmic accounts, then have a new birth in the Golden Age. We experience liberation in life for two ages, then when the Copper Age begins, because of the body consciousness, vices start emerging. Then we experience jeevanbandh, or bondage in life.

For Baba, we celebrate Shivratri or Shiv Jayanti. Baba’s coming into the world is very unique. Actually, no other soul can come and go from Paramdhan. Once we come here, we have to go through the cycle, then we return Home, and then we come back. Shiv Baba comes, uses the mouth of Brahma, the eyes of Brahma, gives us drishti, speaks knowledge, and doesn’t stay in the body of Brahma all the time. This is a unique incarnation or divine birth. He is not born like us, because He is beyond the cycle of birth and death. It is very interesting when I think of the two of them together in the little space of the forehead and with no conflict. They really lived together. How much did Brahma Baba have to be with Shiv Baba, and follow the dictates of Shiv Baba? Baba says that we know we want to follow Shrimat, but the powers are not there. At least for me, there was a lack of capacity, so I kind of resisted, but then I realized that, “No, I have to do it.” Then when there is power, one does it. So, look at the relationship of Brahma Baba and Shiv Baba.

Now for the subtle deities in the Subtle World, they have a very different way. The form they adopt from incorporeal, and then they come to the Subtle Regions. Brahma-Vishnu-Shankar are the subtle deities. There is also something special about the prophet souls. The messenger soul comes from above, enters in the body and both of them then play the part differently. Once whose body was used was purified and every prophet soul has to do a lot of sacrifices. You know about Christ, He started talking and the established religions were not able to accept it, so he was crucified. Someone asked but why do they have to go through that? There are two things; that soul has been there, so complete purification is required. They settle, and then one becomes the king and one becomes the head of the religion. So, religio-political powers are divided in the Copper Age. In the Golden Age, they both are together like Shri Krishna and Narayan, they have kingdom and also religious authority.

When I am looking at Baba, one of His qualities is that He is ever. We say ‘sada Shiv’. Only One Soul could be the Ocean all the time because He is beyond birth and death. There are many who want total liberation, we call it ‘moksha’. Baba gives us the aim of liberation and liberation in life. For us, we reach 16 celestial degrees, 100% purity, but because we come in contact with nature, one of the laws of nature is that it changes. So, because Baba is beyond birth and death, then the law of nature does not apply to Him. Baba was saying that according to Drama, there has to be One soul who has to be beyond, and then we call Him the Supreme Soul. At the Confluence Age, we Brahmins never say that someone died. We always say that they left the body. I am immortal, so I don’t die. That has to be deeply practiced and engraved in the soul that I am immortal. That means there shouldn’t be sorrow, fear, or worry. As Baba said recently, I really remind myself that the most important treasure of Brahmin life is happiness. To keep ourselves happy and make others happy, is also very important. This morning, when I looked at Baba as the Point of Light, I saw that He was smiling. He wants us also to be incorporeal. Remember Baba as Point of Light, He is conscient, He interacts, He smiles, and gives us signals. So, tomorrow at Amritvela again, we will look at Baba as the World Benefactor, Point of Light, and the One who is beyond the cycle of birth and death.

Om Shanti

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