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God’s plan for TRUE unity dissolves limited human plans #10

Creating_Heaven_Inside_10 Mohini_Didi June 10th, 2022

Om shanti everyone.

One of the sanskars of the golden age is harmony. We use the word unity, but it is more like harmony. The first step of harmony is between one’s own mind and intellect. Are they both working together? Sometimes intellect accepts what mind says and sometimes it doesn't. We sometimes have this internal argument or dialog. You could feel it inside. There is a saying that war begins in the minds, but peace also has to begin in the mind. When we sit in remembrance of Baba, mind and intellect have to be in harmony, so there is concentration, focus, creativity, and deep, deep silence. Harmony creates waves of sweetness, very fragrant and sweet. When that harmony happens, there is harmony between soul and body because the whole interplay in the drama is of soul and nature.

The soul adopts the elements which is called birth and takes the body. In the golden age the soul is comfortable in the body and the body is very comfortable with the sanskars of the soul. Generally, what they say about disease is you are not at ease, in the sense somewhere there is a deep conflict between what you are thinking and doing, or your aim and attributes. When we meditate there are very beautiful feelings when the soul is in harmony with the body. All the thoughts are not only going towards the brain, but also the heart. All the cells of the body, the nervous system, everything of the body is very deeply connected with thoughts. When we sit in meditation first we create harmony between mind and intellect, then we create harmony between soul and matter, soul and the body, and then it becomes very easy in that harmony to connect with One. This harmony is great strength because you are not wasting energy, time, or thoughts. The soul is not only very restful, but also feels powerful. Didi Manmohini used to tell us, your mind, intellect, and hands have to be together. When your mind, intellect, and hands are together you will be efficient, accurate and fast and there won’t be much tiredness. All three things are working. It's a very beautiful feeling when all are together: mind, intellect, and the organs of the body. We don’t realize but sometimes very subtly we are doing things, but internally you are not comfortable. Either the mind or intellect is not satisfied, or the body is not at comfort. When the body is not comfortable, it is sending vibrations to the mind and intellect. What should I do? I select mind and intellect in meditation and create harmony, so the discomfort of the body will be minimum.

I recently had an experience,I was having a medical test and I had to be very still for quite a long time. I was finding it very difficult with the neck and back, but I just took my mind and intellect into deep silence and with Baba in soul consciousness. Then I remembered what Baba said about the bodiless stage. After that I found that even at that time, it was difficult, but there was no effect after that. It's very interesting to think about this kind of harmony or bodiless stage.

I can say in my life that when there is a lot of love for each other and harmony with each other, it is joyful. Even if there is a little bit of conflict you can see the whole atmosphere is not joyful. That’s what yesterday’s blessing was about. God’s plan is to create unity. It starts from within, then with the body, then with everyone else, and then we take care of everything we have. Dadi Janki was mentioning she had twelve or eight sets of clothes for so many years. She would gently wash them, keep them, and take care of them. Baba said eknami and economy. That means we are remembering Baba and taking care of everything we have. It’s good karma, because we’re not wasting anything. There are some whose things get torn, they are everywhere, not orderly, or in good shape. It’s something deep within the self. It’s from inside when you are sorted out, orderly, in harmony, that everything, whether with the material things or with other people is also in harmony. I think that’s what Baba is mentioning in the golden age. Not only elements, but in the body, and everything else. Dadi Janki said, “Truthful, but also clean”. One day we wanted to do a survey in Peace Village. Some rooms were so beautifully kept, but in others they still had their cup from the morning tea or a plate from lunch. It’s so cluttered you can’t believe that a person can sleep in this room, but that soul is comfortable. Whatever is in us very subtly, will be visible. Whether you are in conflict or confused inside, it will be visible. Whatever golden aged sanskars are at this time, create this beautiful harmony, remain very clean, and use whatever you want, but there is minimum wear and tear of that. Everything just lasts forever and we get blessings from that because we are using less and still doing Baba’s task.

Harmony is created with understanding. When we understand, there is a higher understanding of all secrets of the drama. Everyone has different parts, different sanskars, and on the journey, everyone has different experiences. With our love we help our co-travelers. Baba gives us a very high spiritual concept that you all are souls, you are children of one common parent and you are eternally together. You will play parts together for five thousand years. We have to create a very loveful and harmonious relationship with everyone.

Om shanti.

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