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Gift of virtue and power #19

Sweetness_and_Love_19               Mohini_Didi                  February 19, 2024

Om Shanti!

One of the very popular and beautiful traditions of Brahma Kumaris is to share gifts. I know that whenever we have a program like ‘call of time’ or any program, we give gifts and it's physical gifts, but also spiritual gifts. I know that once someone shared when they were in Peace Village, they say our attention is not on what food is cooked, but the way it is served so beautifully. Everyone with a beautiful smile looked at us and then gave us our plate. So, it’s a spiritual gift, beautifully, smilingly, giving food. So the feelings with which we serve are very unique, they're full of pure feelings, full of love and sweetness. So what Baba is saying is that anyone who comes in contact with you should get the gift of virtues or a power. If someone is feeling weak, discouraged or disappointed because of circumstances, when they meet any of us, they should feel like, “Oh I have a lot of hope and courage. I'm sure I can do it. I will make it.” So the energy will change with power and virtue. When it changes, automatically their thinking changes and they are able to attain what they want in life. So the homework that Baba is giving us is not just for a day, but for our whole spiritual life. That homework is to give the gift of virtues and powers.  On your face, let there always be a smile, and that smile is a smile of spirituality. Secondly, let there always be sweetness, and that sweetness is on your face. So smile and sweetness. In your mind and intellect, let there always be good wishes, feelings of mercy, and feelings of being a bestower. Follow the father at every step. Brahma Baba had a beautiful smile. Whoever comes into contact or in relationship with you, give the gift of one or another virtue or power. If you don't give anything else, definitely give them a gift of two sweet words. Let no one go away empty handed. Everyone also expects you know, when they're leaving, if you haven't spoken, they keep waiting and then finally they say, “Oh, can you say two words?” Generally one of the traditions is with the gift and the sweet which we share, we call toli. We also share a card of blessing. So, I always tell them to read this card and see what blessing has come for you. Then they read the blessing and mostly it is amazing and beautiful, and they feel very connected. “Oh this is for me, this is what I am.” So, even this card of blessing does a lot of service. So our duty is to keep sharing the card of blessing as a gift to everyone.

Om Shanti 


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