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Tapasya #8

Tapasya_8 Mohini_Didi January 8, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

Everyone is well, okay? Yes? Spiritually, physically, mentally okay! Baba had been advising, cautioning, and giving directions to us, to have awareness of One for at least 10 minutes and that really is Tapasya. It’s not a question of sitting or not, but whenever I can. Baba is saying 24 times, but you know it's not practical. We are aiming at some more times during the day. Baba said that if not 10 minutes, then five minutes seven, eight, nine minutes, but be stable in that awareness, be consistent in that awareness. Let us say, my eternal stage is that of love, purity or peace. I take 10 minutes to be just in my eternal quality of peace, that means just experiencing peace. The thought shouldn't go anywhere else because if we have that awareness, it becomes our stage. Then whenever it is necessary we will be able to emerge that stage. If there is an atmosphere of peacelessness, I just have to stay in peace for 5-10 minutes because the vibrations will be very powerful. Those vibrations will create that kind of energy-atmosphere, and it can really do many wonders. We have to take it very sincerely and seriously and make the list. That is why we take one theme per day and that awareness can be connected with a quality.

Baba was saying that when a situation comes suddenly, I can't allow myself to lose my stage because my stage is my support, my strength, and my companion. If I lose my stage, there is nothing left for me. I have to create and keep that stage. This practice that Baba is giving us is really truly the need of the time. Baba says that if we hadn't been doing it for a long time then you won't be able to emerge that stage whenever it’s needed. I remember Didi Manmohini always used to tell us that if you lost your stage, you have nothing. Nobody can help you at that time, it’s your stage that has to stay with you. So, I think we all should look into that, have concentration and with determination create that awareness for 10 minutes. As Baba said, okay if not 10, at least five. Then we have to see that at the Confluence Age, whatever Baba says, we are able to make it practical and possible. We cannot say to Baba, it's not practical, it's impossible, no, we can do it. Keep the aim. Every day is passing in the month of January, so pay more attention so that we are able to achieve a long term stable stage, a stage which I can always use whenever.

I then need the royalty of purity. We gave the example of Brahma Baba as raj rishi and that position is almost equivalent to a king, because the king will always take advice. A king has authority, power, and a kingdom, but a rishi has many other powers that a king doesn't have. A king will consult about what action they should take and what should be decided. There are certain critical times, so they will consult the raj rishi of that court, and they sit around the king because the king needs them. ‘Raj’ is governance and Baba said that it begins with your own self, your own subjects, your own ministers, or whatever you call your organs of the body. The eyes, mouth, hands, feet, every sense organ is in order, and I'm the master. If I don't want to listen I can stop it. If I shouldn't be seeing something, I can stop it, but also my concentration should be such that what I want to hear, I hear, what I want to see, I see. Also, not only what I cannot do, but what I should be doing, that is really more important, as Baba said. When there is awareness, there are a lot of connections with our thoughts, our words, and our actions. As is the awareness, so is our quality of actions. Royalty here is this, a royal person is not tempted by anything, a royal person is not carried out by desires. That is where our concentration and determination are very important. For a few moments, just imagine for yourself, what is the role of a raj rishi? A rishi is considered to be not only a renunciate of vices, but also very wise. There are many levels of saints and sages, priests and scholars, but the raj rishis are at the highest ones, because they know not only all the scriptures, but they have wisdom. Whatever advice they give is beneficial not only for the king but all the subjects, the whole kingdom.

Baba wants to look at each one of us as master raj rishi. I remember one time I was telling all the instruments that, because they are called coordinators, I said “We're not coordinators, we are consultants. You don't have to do everything, you don't have to be in everything, you know everything, you can do everything. Whatever is needed you do, and rest of the time should be your Tapasya time.” We have to increase our level of spirituality, so it’s governance and also wisdom. One’s own personal life is guided by Shrimat, all spiritual principles. If I practice taking every step according to Baba’s Shrimat, what I do, think, and how I cooperate, it is a beautiful experience. You all focus tomorrow and think of yourself in that position of master or as a raj rishi. Raj rishi is considered to be higher than the king. The king will have law and order, but the raj rishi is respected in a completely different way. He has authority, not necessarily authority as a king, but authority that is very respectfully accepted. Have the royalty of purity and be master raj rishi. That's our point of awareness, practice, and stage. So, create that stage tomorrow.

Om Shanti

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