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Full Faith in My Insurance for Full Sovereignty #2

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Creating_Heaven_Inside_Ourselves_2 Mohini_Didi June 3, 2022

Om Shanti!

Is everyone okay? You have noticed that we try to revise Baba's Murli from Sunday to Saturday, just a few points. We read Murli on Sunday, and then it's good if we revise a little every day during the week. We are able to churn, practice, and experience. Just one point from Avyakt Bapdada’s Murli, putting that into practice, gives great power that will make you perfect. I really like it because some of the things we do are actually requirements of the present time. At present time, two things are happening, one is ending, another is beginning, one is old, and the other is new. The current situation in the world is leading to destruction, but look where we are approaching, where we are going, especially on this spiritual journey. When there is practice, you immediately feel empowered. I like when Baba said that knowledge is power. This practice of truth is connected to non-violence, total non-violence, whether it's verbal, or whether it's thoughts. It probably doesn't happen very often because we have practice of being positive and have good wishes, but sometimes you are very fed up with someone, a situation or behavior. At such times, Baba gives blessings to you, because that's the time some negative thoughts could emerge like “I’m tired of you, I don't think you can ever change”. So, that's a kind of violence. One time, Dadi Janki said that if you tell someone you will never change, you're not giving blessings, rather, you are indirectly stopping the journey of that person. I’m sharing this experience because when the situation or someone's behavior reaches an extreme, what should we do then? There are two possibilities. One is that you know things must happen somewhere, but how does it happen? Most of us have faced such individuals who have difficult ways, whether in family or in service teams. Is there anyone who is free from that? What I've found as I practice this, is that I have to see what I am creating within myself.

The truth is non-violent, so even the words that I speak, not only to that soul, but also about that soul, should not be negative. We know that one day, time will show us that if we maintain good wishes, things can change for that soul. So, this is creating heaven within the self, and also, you will not be deceived. I see that soul’s part in Drama, but I have to play my part, whatever my part is. We try to change, we try to do whatever is best, we try many different ways. Baba said that this needs a lot of practice, because with certain souls, there are still so many old sanskars, or obstacles, or there is an eclipse on them. So one becomes merciful, as much as we can do as an organization, as a sister. At least, I have to keep reminding myself that I want to create heaven within myself, and I want those sanskars in me. So, when I give that choice to myself, then I have more patience, I have hope, and I am still very sweet and gentle. Shiv Baba is alone and his army is the shiv shakti army. That army, the other army has some women these days, but a very small number. Baba's army has a large number of shiv shaktis.

I really felt how God comes and adopts us, all the mothers. Listen to their stories, those original jewels, the ancestor souls. All-rounder Dadi left home in the early morning, midnight, because everyone was sleeping. She put the bunches of keys on the bed and she just left. In those days, at midnight, if a woman or a girl was on the road, the police thought there was something wrong. So, they say, one policeman, another policemen, you heard the story, there were so many policemen after her, and she kept running. When you think of whatever they had to do in the beginning, their stories, we did show all of you some Adi Ratan. There is a whole book on that, but we did show you how at that time they were so strong and powerful. I think that I was not Shiv Shakti before gyan, but Didi Manmohini would say, “You are a world mother, have that consciousness, nobody will do anything.” At 15-16 you're coming home late, doing all kinds of things. There were such beautiful feelings this morning while listening to Murli. How many of you felt that I am Baba's helper, Baba's army? Everyone is part of the Shiv Shakti army. We have to remember that. Of course, we are non-violent, but still we are an army, and that means we have to be victorious.

So, Golden Aged sanskars are of fearlessness, total non-violence, 16 celestial degrees. In the Golden Age, they show all together in harmony, even the goat and lion are drinking water together. It's so interesting, generally with dogs, if they see the cat, they chase, but there, they become such good friends. So, it's beautiful within the family here, no one is superior. I have been given the part that I have to sit here, and each one of us plays our part. As souls, as Baba’s children, we all are equal. So, according to Baba's message, let's remain light but powerful, that is called shakti power. You all must have reflected, there is a situation now, not only for me, it's for the whole Yagya, but as soon as I finished my phone call, I looked at the practice for tomorrow, and I got the answer. So, each point of practice or knowledge immediately helps you with power. At least I can keep the mind light, not get confused or have a lot of questions, then I can think about how it will help me or the Yagya. I think this is what is creating heaven. I like very much that faith is your insurance, and how to remain a carefree king. This is how we will be in the Golden Age. We have to be here now, as Brahma Baba was.

Om Shanti


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