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Extremely Loving and Extremely Detached, Like a Lotus #7

Become_an_Avyakt_Angel_7 Mohini_Didi April 7, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Becoming an angel is being able to be here every evening. When we are double light, as Baba said yesterday, that definitely helps. Does anyone feel lonely or bored? We have so many interesting stories of either self transformation or carrying out Baba’s task. Those stories could be Baba’s love, Baba’s cooperation, the family’s love and how the circumstances also become such. You have to keep writing those stories, like when we follow Baba’s shrimat how Baba comes forward to help us at every step in life. We find how incognito Baba is there and helps. Whatever is difficult, Baba makes it easy. What we think is impossible, Baba makes it possible. Our vibrations can change the attitude of others and create such a powerful environment. It can bring a lot of changes, that is why Baba constantly tells us to do mansa seva, but also for company. Baba says I am available in all relationships at all times. Whichever relationship you feel you need, you just think of that relationship and Baba will emerge in that. When Baba emerges then definitely He becomes very cooperative.

Everyday it's a different step and it’s one step at a time. The points sound very similar, but they are different. They have different practical experiences. One avyakt signal is: one who doesn’t have any relationship with the body or the physical world becomes an angel. What it means is connection. We all need connection all the time. The soul can’t do anything without a body, but my relationship with the body shouldn’t be because of the bondage of actions. It should be based on the fact that Baba has given us this body, I am trustee of the body and body is for the service. It’s a completely different relationship. Then my attachment with the body, body consciousness is bondage of actions with the body. As an angel there is no body consciousness. When there is no body consciousness then the awareness is that this body is for service.

You all have a lokik family, but we also have an unlimited alokik family, both are families. Baba says while living in the family always think that we are together for service. Baba has said many times to consider your homes to be service places, and Madhuban to be your home. Wherever you go to the Center that is your home, but you go home for service. This change of awareness is why I have this body, this body is for service. You shouldn’t be controlled by the bondage of action. That means you do certain things or certain things happen because of karmic accounts. Relationship is awareness, but in many circumstances, if I become aware and there is body consciousness then it becomes a different relationship. If wherever I am, whomever I am with, I always remember that body is for service, this will help you to maintain good wishes all the time. You will have compassion, you will be merciful, you will have good wishes all the time. This point needs some reflection on why when there is awareness of service there are good wishes. We like these words, we have faith in them, but we haven’t experimented with them. Baba repeats it so we reflect on that because we want each word to become real and practical. What Baba is saying is that when there is awareness that this body is for service you always have good wishes and you don’t have any other intentions. There are no intentions such as I will get more facilities, name and fame or recognition. There will be just pure feelings and when you have all these experiences you become like a lotus flower.

A lotus flower means you are completely above and detached. There’s just a little bit of lotus above the water, it’s not too long. When it’s above then it’s detached and also lovely because there is no garbage. Generally lotuses are in a pond and a pond is still water. Because it’s still water, there are a lot of leaves, branches and twigs. The water isn’t dirty, but full of stuff. When we are as a lotus, no matter what stuff is around, you are above and detached. You can remain lovely. That means it doesn’t touch you. When Baba says that as a lotus we are detached and lovely, there are the connections of the flower with the branches, but it’s just a connection. The water helps the lotus.

As Baba says it’s all for service. We are together not because of the bondage of karma, but because of service. It’s because of service, but some get in bondage. Sometimes attachment, expectations, certain desires come and when they grow then you are not above, detached or lovely. As soon as you find that you can not be lovely, you have to pause, make yourself detached. Then you think and then you speak. This is a kind of consistent practice, not only once a day, but the whole day. As soon as you are connected with any of the traces of sanskars, immediately pay attention, be detached, be lovely so that you become an angel. An angel while living in the family still remains detached.

Om Shanti


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