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Embodiments of All Attainments #17

Elevated_Self_Respect_17 Mohini Didi June 17, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay? Yes. You can see that we are back here now, in Avyakti Bhavan. Whatever we hear from Baba, we look at ourselves, even when we have that stage, we have it but not 100%. Baba, everywhere, here, all over the state in India, has given us big retreat places. Once we are there, we are not in contact with anything of Kalyug. So Baba gives us time to be together in tapasya, and to be with the family. So, this month is about self respect. How do I know if I am in self respect? Baba gives us different points, like when you are in self respect, then you are embodiment of all attainments, no desire, nothing is lacking, full of all the virtues. Then you will also be a carefree king. Do we think we all are carefree kings? We are carefree, but once in a while there are some concerns, so we are not carefree all the time. If I am a careful king, then my throne is Baba's heart throne. For a few seconds we just look at ourselves. Am I seated in Baba's heart throne? Baba said, “In today's world, everyone will have some concerns, some worries, some extra thoughts, wasteful thoughts, but you children have to be completely carefree.”

We can only keep in front of us the example of Brahma Baba, of the Dadis. This is the month of Mama. When she was physically not well, she used to travel and we went to different places. She was taking her treatment in Bombay. So, when the doctor said that they couldn't help any more, Baba said, “Then come and just be in Madhuban.” So Mama spent whatever time she had in Madhuban. So, from time to time, the Dadi's would ask Mama, “What are you thinking?” She said, “Drama is fixed, drama is fixed.” So, when I think of that I immediately say, “Do we really say that we know Drama is fixed?” Once Dadi Prakashmani had to go for some surgery in Bombay. So, we all were sitting in a park and we were asking Dadi, “Tomorrow you have this, and what are you thinking?” She said, “What to think is all fixed in Drama.” So their faith in Drama, faith in Baba was there. Faith in Drama made them so unshakable that they did not have even a few thoughts, wasteful thoughts, about their future, about their body. So we all also have to have that attainment, that stage, where we are completely carefree. We have yet to reach that stage. We also remain in Baba's remembrance and soul consciousness. All the time we fit in there, merge there, then we know everything is fixed in Drama. Internally, when I'm not able to be in Baba's remembrance, then of course there will be some concerns, some things will bother us. So, I think we all need to practice a lot, stay in self respect, be an embodiment of all attainments. Then also it's important to be a carefree emperor and be seated on Baba's heart throne. We all will pay attention and look at ourselves, do the homework I am sure one day we will have that stage.

Om Shanti

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