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Detached From Everywhere Else And Loving To The Father #15

Become_An_Avyakt_Angel_15 Mohini_Didi April 15, 2023

Om Shanti!

Is everyone okay? Happy? When I listen to Baba, He teaches us to have self-respect of soul-consciousness. When there is soul-consciousness, then the self-respect will be of our once elevated stage, or being a deity in the beginning. Baba is telling us what we are, what we have to do, is to just have awareness that I am a deity soul, a most elevated soul. When there is soul-consciousness plus elevated awareness of the self, the quality of self-respect, the experience, will become completely different. One is in an ordinary way to have self-respect, but another is deeply connecting with the awareness of being elevated and a deity soul that leads to having self-respect. The combination of awareness of one’s own self as an elevated deity, and having self-respect, will definitely be a beautiful experience. Let us take it as homework, how one feels in that self-respect, as we are moving along on our spiritual journeys, becoming angels from Brahmins. Avyakt signals are actually the directions needed when you are traveling. Baba is asking what would it feel like when you’re about to reach the stage of perfection, which is your destination. Let’s say we want to be detached, it’s a practice and an effort. Baba is saying that when you come closer to being complete and perfect, you will become detached. You understand one is I want to be detached, or that I am becoming perfect, so I will be detached. We understand that I have to become perfect, and when I am perfect, then I will automatically leave all my supports and dependencies. It will be very natural, so I will be very naturally detached and loving to Baba. Should my effort be to be detached, or to make myself complete? Detachment could be painful sometimes because you’re not ready. You’re trying to be detached, but you’re not ready for that. It could be your own attachment or others’ attachment to you. When you start experimenting with really becoming detached, that means you are becoming perfect. Also, you will feel loved by Baba. That is what we call lovely, then detached and lovely.

We are getting detached from all the bondages. We ask ourselves, are my old sanskars, nature, actions, coming from the bondage, or is it from desire? It is very natural. One of the ways to detach is to be free from all the bondages and all the attachments. Bondage could be from past karmas, past sanskars, and in relationships with matter. Attachments are very subtle, there can be a lot of love or liking. If somebody is helping you or supporting you, there can be subtle attachment there. Also attachments could be in the form of attitude. Our attitude also has to be one of detachment. So, it’s really very subtle, isn’t it? Our attitude of attachment has to be changed. My perfection is coming from elevated self-respect. Dadi said that if you say, “I have a weakness, and I will take care of that weakness later on, it’s only one weakness”, you have to remove the weakness now, because if you do not do it, it could deceive you in the end. The impact of that weakness may last long. You may not have the same strength as before, you are not feeling very strong physically, that is the weakness. There might be a lack of enthusiasm, lack of determination, internally you’re not very powerful or strong. So that means there will need to be a lot of elevated thoughts. Also, true service is to receive blessings and give blessings. How do we get blessings and how do we receive blessings? It’s only when we do something that gives enthusiasm, courage, and support. Something that could touch the soul, and that soul says I bless you. Let’s say we find someone who is very cooperative and helpful, you need that person, so automatically from your heart there will be blessings. If you are receiving, you will give. If you’re not receiving then you cannot give. Baba says that is the true service.

So the Avyakt signal today is becoming complete, and that means removing all your weaknesses. Baba is talking about all attainments in which Baba is saying what is required. We should have good relationships, all attainments, and for the soul to be powerful and healthy. So when the soul is powerful, then the body will also continue in a nice way. So I was thinking today, just keep doing what Baba wants us to do, that practice churning of knowledge, remembrance, whatever Baba wants. That’s the effort we have to make. When we make those efforts, we are moving towards destination, and moving towards destination is like becoming perfect, all powers, all virtues, all the knowledge. All the virtues, all the powers, everything. Complete means one hundred percent, complete and then perfect. So it’s very beautiful homework, to become an Avyakt angel from a Brahmin, that is, becoming perfect, and leaving all the corners free from all attachments.

Om Shanti


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